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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 09:33 PM
Number of posts: 494

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Fake President Working Overtime Today







Good point just made on my local Rethuglican talk radio

Basically, whether the firing of Comey remains the top story or not, it has splintered his only possible coalition in the Senate. So he can kiss his agenda goodbye.

Mensch: indictments are either being prepared, or presently exist, sealed, against the AG Sessions

Jeff Sessions: Attorney General, Suspect

There are rumors within the intelligence community that indictments are either being prepared, or presently exist, sealed, against the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. One source reports that Sessions may be arrested, or a case against him announced, later today, Friday March 12th. Although I cannot find another source at this late hour to agree, the RUMINT is interesting enough that I am passing it on to readers as an update to the below post, originally published on the day Sessions was confirmed as Attorney General.

Just leaving this here for reference later in the day.

The Real Storied Buried Today is the Plan to Steal 2020

Trump put a voter ID hawk in charge of his 'Election Integrity' group

Over the last decade, Kobach has emerged as one of the country's most influential immigration hawks and a crusader for stricter voter identification laws. He has clashed repeatedly with voting rights groups and is currently stuck in a contentious court battle with the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed a lawsuit claiming his office sought to turn back Kansas voters in violation the National Voter Registration Act.

He's the man behind CrossCheck, which impacted the 2016 election as much as anything.

The Election was Stolen - Here's How

Sorry it's not as sexy as Russia.

BREAKING: FBI raids Maryland GOP consultant over 2013 Virginia race

From Washington Post

FBI raids Maryland GOP consultant over 2013 Virginia race

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — FBI agents raided the office of a Republican consulting firm in Maryland on Thursday in connection with an investigation into the 2013 Virginia governor’s race.

The FBI confirmed it served a search warrant in Annapolis, Maryland, but declined to elaborate. Kelley Rogers, president of Strategic Campaign Group, told reporters the investigation relates to work the consultant did for former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the GOP’s 2013 gubernatorial candidate.

I want it to be true more than anyone. But Mensch, Schindler and Taylor are hurting our credibility

We need real stories and sources before we can get excited about possible arrests and impeachments. They are click bait, teases, letdowns.

His supporters will never accept his impeachment

They're too far gone. It will be ugly. He can have his mass following from federal prison.

McCain, Graham, Collins vote with Dems to block overerturning of Obama-era drilling rule, 51-49


WASHINGTON (AP) — In a surprising win for environmentalists and Democrats and a blow to the fossil-fuel industry, the Senate on Wednesday failed in a bid to reverse an Obama-era regulation restricting harmful methane emissions that escape from oil and gas wells on federal land.

The vote was 51-49 in the Republican-led Senate with three GOP lawmakers — Maine's Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona — joining forces with the Democrats to block efforts to overturn the rule.

Let's move on to President Mad Dog Mattis, though Shulkin would be ideal.


Olbermann: On Russia, Let's Follow the Money

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