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gay texan

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: texas
Home country: USA
Current location: texas
Member since: Fri Jan 27, 2017, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,236

About Me

Fabulous liberal hell raiser stuck in the state of texas....

Journal Archives

Looks like the anti-masker in San Angelo died

Blind stupidity and free-dumb claims another. How'd that work out for you?


So, yours truly was nearly reduced to a bawling mess today (warning: salty words)

I'm notorious for putting things off especially when there are projects i really adore.

My lawn was a jungle, so i decided to mow it with your typical American gas powered push mower. As I'm mowing my jungle, something brown and small darts out and my mower suddenly stops with a violent chopping sound. WTF?

Well i find the small creature and its a baby wild bunny about 5 inches in length.

Oh no, OH FUCK NO, motherfucking hell i just found a baby bunny nest with my lawn mower. Mother fucking HELL NO!!!!!

My heart rate is up, emotions running high, adrenaline has 100% kicked in so i literally THROW the lawn mower with one hand into another part of the yard. I can feel my throat tightening up thinking of what i will see. I just know this isn't going to be good and i JUST know i'm going to bawling like a baby.

The lawn mower was stopped by a rock. A big one

There were a lot of baby wild bunnies, all of them huddling up near my deck with no place to go, scared absolutely shitless.

So i moved them. They are amazingly soft by the way. Four of the six were reasonably OK with me handing them. Two of them squealed. I had no idea they made sound!!! As far as i know they are safe.

So i broke the lawn mower and i'm ok with this. The lawn can wait for today.

Anyone been over to Free Republic?

I went over there. They are crying in their Old Milwaukee's tonight!

So, I need to vent

Yeah, there are casualties of the MAGA.

I lost an important member of my family today. Hes alive and well, I suppose, yet he unfriended me on Facebook. Not just unfriended, but blocked

This was a cousin who I thought, hung the moon. He fixed my shortwave radio as a child at my grandmother's house in central Oklahoma. It was this moment that i knew that i wanted to be an electronics technician; I wanted the skills he had. He always had the best country music in his tape collection. Christ he took my brother and I to see 3D science fiction movie in 1982/83 ( I would appreciate some help with this as I cant remember the name of the flick, it was a space adventure) at the Hornbeck Theater in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

I know that we disagreed on politics, yet however, this person took things to far. Once trump got into power it was all or nothing.

Well here we are: this cousin is 62 and I'm 47. This person has blocked me as if I dont exist. A person who was so instrumental to my younger years, a person I looked up to. I suppose that's the part that hurts the worst.

Reagan started this bullshit with him in the1980s. I saw it consume him and change him.

Its vile what these people have done to obtain power.

Thanks for letting me rant...

Well, looks like we have another superspreader event in Tulsa

More proof that evangelicals are really fucking stupid.


Right now, there are no ICU beds available in OKC or Tulsa, so the best thing to do is to hold a maskless concert indoors with 2500 people....

For my 1000th post

(warning i might be slightly drunk and incredibly fabulous. In all reality, this genuinely is probably NSFW)

Here we are. Biden and Harris have won. This has been an emotional ride. Right now i am celebrating, a celebration that all of us have earned thanks to our commitment and hard work.

To all of the volunteers of the B/H campaign, I thank you!

To all of the people who donated money to the B/H campaign, i thank you!

To all of the people who I've argued with, chatted with and have cried with here on DU, I love each and every one of you.

To the admins of DU, you are loved. In 2016 i was a lurker, one afraid to come out of the closet. When DU went down i was heartbroken. Here we are are stronger and better than ever. You guys kicked ass.

And finally, to Donald Trump:

Fuck you, you fucking pile of fast food human waste. You are a vile piece of shit. I mean you're a rotten vagina belch in the truest sense of the phrase. Fuck you. I mean really, fuck you. You are the lowest form of a shit stained human being. You are a bully that just got his ass kicked in front of the popular people in the high school lunch room in his senior year. I take great pride in laughing at you. I take absolute great pleasure in your downfall. Bullshit artists have their day, and, well guess what, it arrived to you while you were cheating at golf. Genuinely, fuck you, and your expensive hooker tart of a "wife". May your spawn be the head of a Wal-mart in a right wing town in deep red Kansas. May Ivanka take one of her ugly shoes and shove it up her ass. May your followers be ridiculed beyond belief in the trailer park/meth lab. May your flags be landfill fodder, may your stupid cult following be graced with fucking bad luck for many years. I mean seriously, i wish you the worst. FUCK YOU TRUMP.

That being said, let's not forget where we came from and how we got here. The USA cant afford another mistake like trump.

I love all of you,
Gay Texan

My prediction is

Saturday night live and Doonesbury are probably going to be pretty good this weekend

can someone talk me down about PA?


Oh Noes!!!!

They got Oklahoma! Curses and drat!


Looks like we took Ill

According WaPo
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