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gay texan

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: texas
Home country: USA
Current location: texas
Member since: Fri Jan 27, 2017, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,231

About Me

Fabulous liberal hell raiser stuck in the state of texas....

Journal Archives

If Biden wins, i will......

Here's a fun game to take our mind off of things before tomorrow.

If Biden wins, what will you do for yourself or would like to do for yourself? Pampering is mandatory, wish lists are acceptable!

Me? I've had my eyes on these


Just got an odd fundraising call

An outfit called GFI raising money for the democratic party. Wanted me to use them instead of Act Blue.

Wanting credit card information, naturally.

Smelled fishy. Anyone else had this?

I need a cigarette after that speech.... n/t

Damn Mr. Clinton is hitting it out of the park!!! n/t

for those of us off road minded

maybe this will help...

So i have never posted to this particular group

But i feel it necessary to recommend a book that has moved me as of late.

As an awkward teenager i really dug the rock band "Rush", and since Neil Peart has passed, i decided to read a book by him called "Ghost Rider: travels from the healing road"

It's helped me through a grieving process for him and a dear friend that i lost in October. If anything, this book has inspired me, especially for those of you who ride motorcycles.

I hope you guys will enjoy it and be inspired by it as much as i have

Intresting archive of Trans history

Found this today, thought i would pass it along


Neil Peart

It's roughly 8:15 CST, and I've had a few.

Rush played a big part in my life. I was never able to see them live as i was, and still am, deathly afraid of large crowds of people. Their music spoke volumes to me; "Exit Stage Left" was a constant staple in my life.

While i am sad, Neil, you lived your life on your terms and i am extremely thankful for everything you did.

Rock on......

well, I'm in it for Joe

Right, wrong, or indifferent. Just made a campaign contribution

I have to admit

That head boops from an adopted calico is pretty freaking cool
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