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gay texan

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: texas
Home country: USA
Current location: texas
Member since: Fri Jan 27, 2017, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,231

About Me

Fabulous liberal hell raiser stuck in the state of texas....

Journal Archives

So, yours truly was nearly reduced to a bawling mess today (warning: salty words)

I'm notorious for putting things off especially when there are projects i really adore.

My lawn was a jungle, so i decided to mow it with your typical American gas powered push mower. As I'm mowing my jungle, something brown and small darts out and my mower suddenly stops with a violent chopping sound. WTF?

Well i find the small creature and its a baby wild bunny about 5 inches in length.

Oh no, OH FUCK NO, motherfucking hell i just found a baby bunny nest with my lawn mower. Mother fucking HELL NO!!!!!

My heart rate is up, emotions running high, adrenaline has 100% kicked in so i literally THROW the lawn mower with one hand into another part of the yard. I can feel my throat tightening up thinking of what i will see. I just know this isn't going to be good and i JUST know i'm going to bawling like a baby.

The lawn mower was stopped by a rock. A big one

There were a lot of baby wild bunnies, all of them huddling up near my deck with no place to go, scared absolutely shitless.

So i moved them. They are amazingly soft by the way. Four of the six were reasonably OK with me handing them. Two of them squealed. I had no idea they made sound!!! As far as i know they are safe.

So i broke the lawn mower and i'm ok with this. The lawn can wait for today.
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