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butdiduvote's Journal
butdiduvote's Journal
February 10, 2017

Are investigations into whether Russia stole the election still ongoing?

Or has the ship sailed on that front? Are they just now looking for ties that would violate the constitution in other ways, warranting impeachment trials?

February 9, 2017

There is no way this is sustainable for FOUR YEARS

We can't have four years of the media and the White House taking turns provoking and trolling each other, four years of a new outrage every single day and a new protest every single weekend, four years of waking up wondering what childish tantrum he had on Twitter while you were asleep THIS time. What do you predict will happen? The media will give up and just report on all of the absolutely not normal stuff as normal? The outrageous behavior and claims stop once the novelty of their new shiny government toys wears off? The GOP grows a spine, admits tRump's presidency is too destabilizing and unhealthy for the entire world and impeaches him? The resistance gets tired and retreats to focus on things that aren't politics to preserve its collective sanity?

There is no way the next four years of my life can be like this. I don't think I would survive...literally. I wasn't old enough to really care about politics during the GWB era, so maybe I just feel this way because this kind of sustained, relentless outrage is new to me.

February 8, 2017

Confession: I want something bad Trump voters can't ignore to happen

As much as my rational, sensible self knows it would be best for the country if this administration finds some way to get its act together, a big part of me just wants Trump to cause something to go so catastrophically wrong that his moronic voters won't be able to deny they were conned and made a mistake. I'm not sure what that something could be. I don't want anyone to die. I think that something like gas prices or food prices soaring would be too easy for them to ignore saying "lalala" with their fingers in their ears. It wouldn't really be something going "wrong," but evidence that he paid for abortions might make the pro-life voters realize how easily duped they were. Even then, I'm sure they'd resort to the, "He's repented for his sins," argument.

I just really want to see these assholes eat their words in a big way.

February 5, 2017

Honestly, how much more of this incompetence and nonstop international distress do we have to endure

Just curious how many, if any, of you think he's on his way to impeachment? Are we really stuck in this state of perpetual fear and outrage for another 4 years? Is there really no hope of admitting we messed up and ending this nightmare before the damage becomes greater and longer-lasting than it already is?

I admittedly am not that knowledgeable on the subject of impeachment, so I was hoping those who are could help give me some perspective. Do the lawyers coming out against him have any power at all beyond stopping each destructive action he takes after he does it? Do they have no say in determining whether he is unfit for office and should be impeached?

February 2, 2017

Are calls for people who care to just "run for something" misguided?

Ever since the election, I've seen friends telling me and others to run for office almost to the point of guilt-tripping. The message I'm seeing is all of your marching and posting on social media is pointless if you're not willing to yourself seek a position of influence. I understand this sentiment, and believe me, if I thought I was at all equipped to effect change through governance, I would love to get involved directly. However, I think, no know, I would be terrible in any position I managed to obtain if I even got that far. Yes, I have opinions on issues. No, I don't know the first thing about working within the system to solve problems related to those issues, nor do I know everything there is to know about every issue. I don't even know how I would get to a point where I could be competent at any political role. Hell, I don't even know how to do my own taxes. I think the same applies for a lot of people who are currently being told to run for office if they're so concerned about what is going on. I don't see how guilt-tripping people who don't understand the conplexities of the system to run for office because they happen to feel passionately about certain political issues is productive.

February 1, 2017

Anyone else having a mental health crisis over this administration?

I've gotta admit, a big part of why I so desperately wanted Hillary to win was because I knew I wasn't mentally healthy enough for the level of persistent resistance that is required of us now. I was barely holding it together with anxiety and depression under Obama's presidency when life was "easy," and now every day is a constant battle just to keep the country's collective head above water. Not that I thought Hillary's presidency would be perfect, and I could just lay back knowing everything was puppies and rainbows in my government, but I could trust her to use good judgment and protect my and my fellow citizens' freedoms to her fullest potential.

I don't know what to do. I'm not just upset and angry; that would be normal. I feel like my entire body is shutting down. I can hardly think straight. I'm having nonstop migraines. I sleep through my alarm because I don't have the strength to force myself to get out of bed when I need to anymore. I tried going to a therapist last year post-election, and she dismissed my concerns as pretty trivial (I can't try finding another one now before anyone suggests it b/c mental health costs are higher under my new insurance plan that went into effect the beginning of this year). No one understands how much this election meant to me. It seems like it was "just an election" to everyone, including that therapist I went to, so there's no point trying even to talk to people about how it's affecting me. If anything, the second the election comes up, family and friends jump on an opportunity to tell me how terrible of a candidate Hillary was and how naive I was for supporting her, and I'm just thinking, "You have no idea how much her campaign meant to me, and you're shitting on one of the few things that gave me hope the past year to my face. Thanks."

I feel guilty every time I don't participate in a protest or don't read up on some new disastrous news story. Yet I feel like I can't participate in everything or even a lot of resistance efforts without literally dying. I felt like I was dying in the parking lot before I marched the day after the inauguration. I dunno, I just really feel like I won't survive fighting this shit for four years. I want to do my part in resisting normalizing, but my body and mind won't stop fighting against me. I knew this would happen if he won.

January 31, 2017

Fuck every last fucker who voted for this monster and international embarrassment

...and everyone who didn't vote for Hillary, for that matter.

When do I get to stop being so pissed off and disgusted by everyone around me? It's bad for my health. Yet every time I try to let it go, he pulls another stunt, and I'm reminded that, unless someone finds evidence of the election actually being rigged, HE didn't give himself this power. WE as a country handed it to him.

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