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Current location: Sacramento CA
Member since: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 2,067

Journal Archives

Since "Sharknado" worked, how long until SciFi comes out with "Gatorcane?

Horribly inappropriate, too much hurricane coverage, need to take a break

Art to make a point: Trousers-down minister statue protest

A larger-than-life statue of New Zealand's environment minister, fashioned from horse dung, has been left outside council offices in Christchurch.

The work by artist Sam Mahon shows minister Nick Smith with his trousers round his ankles, genitals on display, defecating into a glass of water, the New Zealand Herald reports


Whaddya think? Does Scott Pruitt deserve the same treatment at EPA? Rick Perry, missing some parts (oops)? Cheetolini made from Cheetos, anatomically appropriate?

So he stared at the sun. What else is a sitting president immune from?

I'm thinking, visiting the core of a nuclear reactor, because radiation doesn't affect sitting presidents. So he has a special dispensation from normal safety precautions.

Modest proposal.

The eclipse needs a soundtrack

I think "Ain't No Sunshine" works for starters...what else we got?

I want four things

National Guard, in Charlottesville, with all possible speed.

The statue of Robert E Lee has to come down immediately. Before today it might have belonged in a museum as a silent reminder, but now it has to be destroyed.

Immediate condemnation of racists and white supremacists, coming from every elected official from school board to Senate. If they don't, do not stop until they're recalled or voted out.

And Congress needs to make it clear that no unilateral preemptive military action of any kind that Twitler dreams up as a rally-round-the-flag diversion will be met with anything other than immediate impeachment. The impeachment going on now is in slow motion as an airtight criminal case builds, but we need to demand a fast track option locked and loaded.

Trump: The Musical - songs for Act I

Act I would be, say, from the Correspondent's dinner referring to that old feud on the pitch in Kenya, up to his deer-in-the-headlights speech when he came out ahead on election night.

Maybe start with tantrum-y cover of Charlie Brown, with an angry tweeted "Why is everybody always picking on me"?

Narcissistic president songs

he certainly is self-centered enough...what do you think he sings sweetly to his reflection in the mirror?

I Light Up My Life

I Am My Sunshine

What a Man

Baby I'm a-want Me

Nobody Does it Better

I Am So Beautiful to Me


Which cartoon character is Trump?

I keep going back and forth between:

Garfield - Orange, tiny hands, lives on high-cal food, overweight, low-energy, and mean to his loyal sidekick Odie


Elmer Fudd - brags about his wealth, mansion, and yacht, if you did put a gun in his hands he's liable to shoot himself, and demonstrably less intelligent than a rabbit or a duck

Any other suggestions?
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