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Why Champagne and Fried Chicken Are Perfect Together

This wouldn't have been an obvious pairing to me. Actually sounds more like fuel for a 3AM tweetstorm - but I'm thinking, New Years, and if you're doing the good kind of fried chicken, it could work!

When Champagnes are made, they go through a process called autolysis, during which the wine spends time in contact with the lees. The French phrase is sur lie, which is a beautiful way of saying the wine was aged on the dead yeast thatís leftover after fermentation ends. The liquid in each bottle eventually takes on the flavors of that yeast ó which is to say, the bready, toasty, briochey notes that come through when you smell and taste good Champagne.

Those bread flavors just so happen to align perfectly with the crunchy, golden goodness of nicely fried chicken. In fact, as a Kentucky native, Iíd go so far as to say that the Colonelís Original Recipe is the chicken you want to try. The spice blend is packed with savory, umami-driven pleasures, Champagneís natural acidity plays very well with chicken grease, and the wineís bubbles amplify the crunchy effects of the skin and coating.

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