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Member since: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 1,474

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How many people still think

72 million wouldn't STILL vote for the lazy lying steaming pile Hump?

A lot of questions about how this could've happened

The reason this happened is because they were white. It really is that simple

Virginian Gov Northam is calling the Guard

The DoD didn't call the Guard b/c those DC units would become under control of the president.

The DoD has hesitated to call the National Guard for a good reason

If the Guard comes in they would be under the control of the lazy lying steaming pile Hump not the mayor of D.C. We need DC statehood now.

Protesters in wheel chairs were arrested

when they were allowed to be in the halls of congress. This is an invasion approved by the president and the capital police do nothing.

Democrats have to get and retain hold of Congress

if for no other reason than the lazy lying steaming pile Hump cannot have an airport named after him.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about a

presidential race being called.

Just because the media calls it does NOT mean votes stopped getting counted.

Once the votes are tabulated they are then sent to the electoral college. In December the EC states how many votes each candidate received. In January congress accepts the ECs tabulation and later in January the new president is inaugurated.

So calling an election does not mean people can contest that not every vote was counted. It doesn't mean that disgusting shallow repukes will not cry and moan about fraud. Hell, the lazy lying steaming pile Hump won in 2016 and he still whined about how much fraud the election had. It is in his M.O. from day one to undermine the election process and repukes, in march step formation, went right along with him.

Be very proud of having won this election. Know that we overcame gerrymandering in congress, voter suppression, and the undermining of the USPS to deliver ballots. Take solace that good people worked to overcome the authoritarian white supremacist dictatorship repukes want. There is still a long way to go. So I will end with this. Never forgive and never forget what repukes want for America. Get out the vote in EVERY election.

Being nice to republicans is a waste of time

This does not mean spit on your neighbor or kill repukes dogs. It means STOP worrying that pushing a Democratic agenda will piss of Republicans and result in them retaliating with their own legislative agenda.

HELLOOOOO??? Where have people been? Republicans shoving their own agenda down our throats has been going on for decades. President Clinton was compromising with repukes then we got Bush and the fiasco that that was. President Obama was compromising with repukes and LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED!!!

Don't for one second think a compromise with repukes will result in a benefit for us. It may help you sleep better at night but it won't help minorities get better lives. It won't help LBGTs have better lives. It won't protect Americans healthcare. It won't keep babies from getting ripped from their parents arms and thrown in a cage to live in their own filth. It won't protect single women from being forced into single motherhood.

Don't forget the lessons of Obama's first election win and the subsequent loss of congress and state legislatures in 2010. Keep your butts on the front lines and continue to vote like your lives depend on it.

One election will not rid us the repukes. They must be ground into the dust until they disappear or nominate decent people to the courts and for elected positions.

Taking the high road just means we hit the ground harder when pushed off it.

So what the fuck happens to the election?!? Genuinely confused/scared

He never told his racist supporters to stand down like he just said he would

this debate is a total shitshow.
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