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update good news on my Son

So my youngest son who had a Bilateral Vertebral Artery Dissection on Oct 26th and I had so much support from you guys. I just wanted to fill you in on the latest.
He got to come home today! Hopeful as today is also get out & vote and he got to get out! that it is a sign of good things to come for both him & the country!
Anyhow he is currently going to stay at Mom & Dad's at least this week (he kept saying I think that is what Mom would like me to do )
They still don't know exactly what caused the VAD stroke to happen so he will go to the Univ of Wash later this month to see a specilest hopefully they will have answers its possible we may never know for sure.
I have my theory but then I am not a doctor (i keep saying but I play one at home - all Moms do I think )
He is walking pretty good in fact wanted a cane instead of a walker so we bought one today. Got a temp disabled parking tag, his meds, an eye exam with a new eye dr because his was long time eye dr was booked until March looked pretty good but you can see the lazy eye back but possibly that will continue to improve) he did get a new prescription but the dr thought is was a normal change for the better and not the stroke. So we ordered those all in all we had a busy day. I think I am more worn out than him as I am going for hip surgery next month and I moved around slower than him. But I did put in ribs for his Dad & him to have for dinner tonight.
Anyhow we got through everything so far with great well wishes prayers hugs etc from so many here and so many others had us on their radar I can not thank everyone enough and we did it all with only pissing off two people my brother - in - law and his very evil wife
Here is to an awesome evening for all !
Posted by thinkingagain | Tue Nov 6, 2018, 07:19 PM (6 replies)
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