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thinkingagain's Journal
thinkingagain's Journal
December 19, 2018

Update on my hip surgery

First I want to thank all those who responded to my call for positive thoughts, prayers and information
they really helped I pulled them up as I needed up till I had to give up my phone😊
As you can tell I made it thro the surgery
Fine anesthesia was fine only downside so many others doing same missed the PT who would evaluate me going home today
So here I lay might be a good thing as I have history of blood clots so they can monitor that closer but I think it will be fine. Down fall for the nurses they have me on I’ve fluids and it makes me have to pee a lot 😀 and since they haven’t had me up for therapy to walk it’s bed pan time
But I guess between the nurses and me if that’s the worst then I’ll take it.
I guess I will reevaluate after the trip home either tomorrow or Thurs ( probably will stay line more day at sisters house in case any problems and to let it settle more before a 3 hour car drive over the pass
Hope for good roads!!! What ever day we travel
Thank you all again

December 17, 2018

Could use some positive thoughts prayer and info

Tomorrow I will head across our mountain passes to have hip surgery on Tuesday.
I chose a doctor on the other side of the mountains because he was much more approachable than the local surgeon I met with.
So the fact that I am not a good traveler (sometimes have to take xanex just for the trip as the passenger of course I can't even drive on the coast at all. It stresses me out . tells you how much the decision to go that way means. I am fairly young for the surgery (55)
I have done research and know that hip surgery ( I am having anterior) generally goes well. But still I am nervous. Such as what if I have some unknown health thing that would effect the anesthesia?
So much has gone wrong lately I feel like I'm under a black cloud. Such as my youngest son had a stroke, then after not catching multiple colds etc this year even when family and co workers where dropping like fly's. Just when I had to go in three weeks ago and start the tests to ok me for surgery I caught a cold just getting over that and the stomach bug that came in the middle and a few other things that have gone on. It feels like something is saying "Don't do it"
So I could use some positive thoughts, prayers, and for those who have either had the surgery or had loved ones that have is this normal anxiety ( mostly I know people that have had the hip surgery say they wish they had not waited so long) I haven't talked to them about the pre-worry thing.

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