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thinkingagain's Journal
thinkingagain's Journal
January 13, 2019

How about we take the money Trumps wants for the Mexico border wall

and instead use it for a “internet Wall” I swear I remember Obama saying something about cyberterrorism being our biggest threat. Although I am sure he was talking about “the big guys” I think in reality “cyberterrorism” hits all of us in one form or another
So going with the fact very few if any people in this country have not been effected by some sort of internet hacking for example banks, emails, possibly the election etc. From foreign countries.
Can’t see why anyone would not support a “wall” of internet protection from these types of invasions.
It would take a lot of money to build into our american internet protection from foreign interference.
Of course the democrats can’t say the name Obama because that instantly would not allow any money for this. But if we interchange the word Mexico border wall and insert something like
“internet cyberwall” it might work. If not we could probably sell most Americans on “have you ever had to change your email password because ” Or have you gotten one of those letters that say “ Our system was breached and your personal information may be accessed” or “ We will send you a new credit card due to information possible at risk?” or some such. It gets to the heart of everyone FEAR that their information is at risk or has been used already. HE can BUILD his “wall” and America will be better protected from the bad guys.

I guess if nothing else we can all send him a lego and tell him to build a wall with those.

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