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thinkingagain's Journal
thinkingagain's Journal
August 28, 2019

Today settled it my cat is weird

First in the past year and a half there has been a uptick in creatures in my house.
Bats, mice, small rats, birds sometimes alive when never had the problem before sometimes dead sometimes laid out in parts in what looks like a strange ritual paying homage to the television. This is possibly because I have seen her she watch Law & Order SVU.
Anyhow in the past week or so I have been finding dead earthworms on my back deck puzzling the ability of these worms getting on to my deck has been interesting as I live in a split level home the deck is pretty high up. This morning I found a very large half alive earthworm on the floor near the spot she likes to leave her dead catches.
I have never heard of a cat “catching earthworms (night crawlers?). I am astounded.
Now if I could just train her to gather these new catches instead of the others on a schedule that works for me I could possibly rent her out to a fisherman. 😊

August 12, 2019

Got Kinda ticked off today

Took my young grandson to lunch today at McDonald’s live in mostly a conservative area so used to Fox News being on its irritating but I never thought much more beyond we will eat and leave.
Today for some reason it irritated me. I think I thought “really you cater to kids and you put that” Anyhow after looking around seeing a fairly good mix of ages in the restraunt I asked if it was possible to change it. The young girl came back and said “they said NO! they’ve been through this before and it’s a legal thing”.
That ticked me off! to her because it wasn’t her fault I said “ Seriously maybe they should put on something like animal planet that shouldn’t offend anyone” she said “yea”.
Then I went and sent McDonald’s an email complaint and said much of the above but also added basically this “seriously a legal thing” unless Fox News is sponsoring the tv time in McDonald’ and if they are then that should be clearly posted.
I would suggest either animal planet or you tube videos if puppies and kittens. a local restraunt has something like that playing and it’s relaxing and people of all ages can enjoy unless they are cruel and heartless.
I await there reply.
Knowing the area I live in I probably would of been ok if they had said something like most of the patrons prefer it ( elderly conservatives drinking their coffee) but to say it’s a legal thing I can’t think of any reason mcdonalds would legally have to put on Fox News over some other channel unless they are paid to do so so the answer pissed me off.

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