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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,857

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Why don't vegetarians moan during sex

Because they do not want to admit a piece of meat makes them feel happy.

Do you remember the candy root beer barrels.

My wife just asked me now that is candy from childhood that I forgot completely about. so now weíre trying to remember items from the 70ís such as well I brought up neco wafers disgusting, my wife just brought up the TV dinners for kids she was a fish sticks fan I loved the pudding.

Just got a promotion in Antifa

Iím now lead soup can pitcher

No room in bed Grandson two goldens in bed with my wife and I

No room in big bed so I headed over to spare bedroom to sleep in twin bed ,yea the grandson and the golden pup follows me I heard pap move over 😂 then the golden pup getting into bed flopping down to do a sleeping cuddle mr pup is touching us paws muzzle it is secure for him. Grandson is now asleep stretching out like he did in big bed sideways maybe Iíll go sleep on couch 😂

My sleep number is after a long night of working

A plate of roasted turkey succotash stuffing mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast.

So my wife asked, what is the difference between a new dog and a husband.

After a year the dog is still excited to see you, and a dog only takes a couple months to train.

I don't need google my wife knows everything

Morning Du having coffee with MRS Duncanpup and at this moment we have two golden retrievers and chocolate lab trying to Jedi mind trick the man into giving up peanut butter toast , yes I know never watch the empire strikes back with the dogs.
Be safe and to those you love.

Covid recovering ,Pabst beer and cigarettes for a old goat sergeant major.

Iím laughing old soldiers.My friend is on the upswing from Covid , I received a text this morning after I woke up from a night shift nap. I heard my wife as I was making coffee she said unbelievable I asked what as she was reading it on my phone , look what ray sent you.

Now ray is retired army I met him maybe 98 at airborne association dinner and we been friends ever since.

Sgt major - Hey can you do me a favor and pick me up a case of PBR and carton of cigarettes. Iíll leave the cash in my mailbox and the beer on porch Iíll get it after you leave.

My wife saying I wouldnít do it he doesnít need alcohol or cigarettes he is 70 years old.
Iím thinking my wife is absolutely right then yet he was vaccinated it was a breakthrough case. and he is thirsty for beer so he is on the upswing , Iím thinking the north Vietnamese army could not kill him at ripcord and Covid didnít take him out, yes Iíll do it why not I just find humor.

If mooching bacon was a competition in sporting dog class

I think we may take home a ribbon or two, I told the guys this morning on the two golden retriever floofs and the chocolate lab. Look at the intensity all three of them have locked on to their prey bacon watching every bite you take from your breakfast plate. I ask the furry domestic wolves who in the hell invited you three to breakfast.

Talking with a nurse practitioner about the Covid vaccine

I stopped yesterday to pick up negative Covid results that the school needs for our sixteen year old son to return today. And the nurse practitioner in us talking commented in remembering her childhood, when they came to her school to give the polio vaccine she either mentioned vaccine in salt or sugar cubes. She said that nobody complained the parents were ok in what she remembers and today we have mass ignorance.
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