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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,927

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What do you call a cougar with a hearing aid

Def leopard

Primary day in Pennsylvania I'm ready to my duty so are the three dogs

And this is our oldest son first time voting, I was going to train as Poll worker yet then I thought after my wifeís bronchitis in March she is unfortunately immune compromised i thought maybe no on Poll worker.

I have bacon in oven and will put in the frozen pillsbury butter biscuits later, so yes the three furry domestic woofs are ready for their civic duties to for democracy mooching.

Yet I tell the furry boys that egg bacon sandwiches are not written into the constitution by the way Du community the kitchen floor is wet from woof drool.

Vote furry boys get bacon

I was telling the boys how cool I was in school this morning

In Fourth grade because I had the space 1999 lunchbox and thermos, I peaked that year itís been all downhill since.

Was at laundromat I ran into Oscar the dog he loves watching clothes dry.

Been busy week for us all work the boys In school beginning of week in class PSA reviews so the laundry built up. So instead of doing five loads at home taking all day my wife and I went on a date to do laundry and we had the pleasure to meet Oscar a yellow lab who loves to watch the laundry dry going round and a round.

Tail wagging barking tippy tapping running from dryer to dryer jumping up dog smiles with his tongue hanging out watching the clothes go around the owners were like is he bothering you if so we can put him in the car. I said no not at all it was just Oscarís family and my wife and I then I proceeded to explain that we have three special K-9ís in our life after Oscar and family left the place was kind of boring.

Went out to look at pre fab homes other day a ramble

Surprisingly very nice reason good possibility that with my wife will eventually be confined to a wheelchair, weíve had this colonial for 27 years yet down road it will be to much fortunately we do have handicap bathroom downstairs. So on a whim we looked at a 55 plus retirement community three bedroom two handicap full baths 1400 square feet one level around $85k to$100k in prices.

With the taxes and HOA fees will still be saving on taxes compared to our home now and they do lawncare and snow removal youíre allowed three dogs cool nothing to vicious and yard can be fenced.
I like the place problem my wife finds with it is 100 miles from our kids Gettysburg area itís back close to where I grew up in western Pennsylvania . Plan was to retire from teamsters 35 years and out next year at 57 that now is on hold until my wife can qualify for SSI and the insurance so I have what another nine maybe ten years I can do that standing on my head sheís upset over that yet I told her not your fault and besides my pension will grow as my hourly annuity contributions.

And my company has a terminal 20 miles away that I could transfer in on. I checked with road driver that comes to our terminal and I could hold yard jockey slot I donít wanna run road anymore.Decent hospitals and a pool of doctors and services for my wife. The place or homes available and the park or community is nice full sized pool full gym two ponds loaded with bass and pan fish, a major lake nearby and streams for fall trout fishing and river for bass

Trying to point out to the evangelical christofascist that they fell short for the master race

They fell short on helping to supply babies well pure white babies for master race. My point is yes you both are saved again why not a night shift goes by with out you giving us all testimony in how white jaysus loves us yet your asses still smell.

The first one his wife left him six months into the marriage because he gave her chlamydia he denied messing around on her , go figure she was upset about that she even hired a divorce attorney , I told him fuck she got on antibiotics as you then went through a panel of STD testing thatís kind like marriage counseling right.

The second one is like a cross between Jim Jordan and Joel osteen a former high school wrestler who has embraced the christofascist cult.

I said you two better step it the fuck up if you wanna be members of the white Christian fascist club.

? On 401k

Iím 56 under a defined union pension plan yet the company is now offering a 401k on top of defined pension so can I open up a Roth IRA and 401k separately.

What Iím thinking is the match is free money I think they said 5%and if I can dump in I figured $200 week in Roth and 401k combined and if so do you think treasury notes say ten year maturity is good idea.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Excuse me your religion is not one of the three branches of government

Evangelical abortion nuts when I have to explain the first amendment to them.

Read this other day so fitting

2000 mules the magats actually feel this movie is the proof

That the election was stolen Dinesh DíSouza directed
Overheard two people talking standing in line at the bakery.
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