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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,182

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The boog

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Hey kid I'm out of Covid isolation pick me up some hooch.

I received text from our mom this morning on way home from Brooklyn terminal around 05:30 on I 78. She lives in assisted living nursing home her own apartment. Shes needing a drink or quite a few I laughed. She was in nursing home ward riding out a Covid positive test. So Im to call her leave the two bottles of claymore scotch outside the security door and she will grab them.

Duncan pup a one dog furry mob

In these days of darkness I want to give Du community a smile. As I sit at kitchen bar having coffee. So far Duncan has dragged a empty plastic hamper thru the kitchen to dining room stopped after he realized I was having dark rye bread and cream cheese to mooch. Tried to attack boog with a rubber maid container ( Boog the chocolate lab chewed his ass) dammit kid Im sleeping. Pup has tried to hump my leg as I was making coffee and then walking to bar to sit.

Duncan the golden pup makes boog the chocolate lab

Text I received from my wife as I was at work last night . Duncan the golden retriever puppy makes boog the chocolate lab ( Look like the law and order candidate) . Duncan at 9 months old tried to fight with my wife last night as I worked they went to bed. Lady sticks branches are allowed in bed I chew Im a pup. My wife text me saying not happening Duncan I told my wife Duncan is brat. My wife said no sticks in bed young man.

This morning I talked with my cohort boog he said man Im a traditionalist in anarchy. The pup is total anarchy as boog and man sat on couch I was rubbing his ears. The pup gives him gives us all a run for it and I love them all furry kids.

Lunch and 05:00 day shift feeding a fellow vet chili maga

Two huge container of chili I brought to work for friends and I. Deal is when you clock out grab a bowl eat some. They are large Tupperware bowls so I came to lunch and 05:00 shift is shaping up. And a young kid on day shift who always wears a trumpig 2020 hat said man that smells good you have any extra. Maybe two bowls left in one container I said here finish it off.

Personally I like the kid why hes a vet Afghanistan like our one son in law. He was infantry USMC he asked me once was I ever under fire as infantry army. I smiled and replied I was lucky bro no never.

Im leaving the other container and sour cream and shredded cheese for him to eat today later. He usually buys lunch off the roach coach. Even with his political views I like the kid he doesnt talk stupid I think hes republican cuz his parents were. Well son shine I think this is not mom and dads repigs party anymore.

Sinclair Lewis

When facism comes to America. Yesterday on tv we all saw the flags and crosses. These pigs attacked our republic congress reps senators their orange messiah in Oval Office and the mob. They all need to pay for their sedition.

No logic my head hurts sarcasm

Im ranting over this treason. For 140 repigs congress and 12 senators No fraud in their wins yet fraud on trumpig election. It was same election

I just got off phone with my congress traitor office. I asked politely to explain this logic.

Mess hall is open it is Sunday brunch

Our sons friend is heating up stuffed pork chop mashed potatoes sauerkraut. The other troopers are having steak umm on bagel eggs cheese. The furry troops are all tactically deployed in mooching formation. Im having coffee no furry boys trying to mooch off of the man.

So how's this work on positive Covid sarcasm

So mom tested hot for Covid. And in my pissed off sarcastic way. I called my repig rep and asked if he could hook up a chopper ride to Walter Reed for her I mentioned there is a huge field near her nursing home. A bird could get in and out no problem I added she has worked as a nurse all her life paid taxes. Much more than the $750 the trumpublican orange messiah has paid.

I talked to our mom yesterday shes holding her own she was laughing and joking. Perhaps she will beat it been like six days. My kid brother who is diehard trumpig supporter is losing it. I mentioned hey weve lost close to four hundred thousand and now you are upset because it is in our range. Personally it was a tight spot mom is in , living in nursing home. They have had staff test positive and other residents truly theyre trying their best with no federal assistance.
Like many others we now just wait hoping for the best. Yet understanding that this could go sideways. And it has destroyed so many before us so now were in it in it hard.

Update thank you in advance for the great replies. This is our reality as a nation were all in this together. And unfortunately with these evil pigs in charge it has turned into genocide.

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