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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,142

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The boog

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Trying to drink coffee with fifty pound pup in my lap

Got home from work around 05:30 headed out to porch to have my pipe and coffee. And apparently we had monsters surrounding us as Duncan the golden retriever pup started barking hair up on his neck.

And sitting on bottom step not paying attention to pup , he came flying into me and jumped on my lap spilling my coffee mostly on him so I washed him off. He smells like pup wash. Sun is up now so were ok standing down on stand to. Its like the infantry whats that noise what do you think fire a flare or toss a frag or bark from the mans lap.

Union Safety training today I wore my satan 2020 ball cap

Yea I heard from some union dudes I work with. Biden and Harris are satan. I walked in with my yogurt muffin and coffee sat down and asked my trump co workers whats new on the voter fraud front fellas. And that immediately got them all worked up about voter fraud, I said calm the fuck down one delusional trumpublican trumpig at a time geez. So they told me how Wayne county Michigan 100% voter fraud. I replied gop voter fraud
Purging voter rolls
Shutting down polling stations
Fuck the post office
The dude from Erie post office fabricated evidence under oath.
We have rudy the ghoul litigating in our Pennsylvania courts pissing our judges off.

So then the safety training lady came in and looked directly at me. And said thank you for getting everybody in bad mood.
I replied mam its my pleasure as Im a veteran a husband a father a Union teamster for 34 years your welcome.

The 2020 word of the year

My wife read this morning over coffee is


I used to coach my supervisor in little league had to explain we're Union old grouchy men

Shes good kid its her second week in training, shes been hired for yard manager slot. I came back after two months FMLA over my wife. This morning I was surprised to see her she went to school with our youngest daughter kindergarten to graduation. Was sitting at picnic table for lunch with her I ordered us Chinese, talking with her she makes me smile as she brought up. This is so different than her previous job. Shes not used to the games in union shop the ill fuck you ok Ill fuck you back mentality. Labor and management we are polite courteous but were adversaries.

Her question was you guys are nice yet very direct in dealing with management. She worked last week in dispatch and she said she saw seven grievances filed shes not used to organized labor and management hostilities I smiled. She will be assigned full time to yard control now. She said in linehaul road drivers everyone seems so angry and hostile. I told her yard is relaxed its my move to retirement in maybe 8 years. I explained to her a lot of us rode down other decent Union freight outfits that went under.

I told her relax will help you out. And remember your dealing with truck drivers I ran road 30 years. And majority of us are fifty plus in age were used to our old ways were dinosaurs. And I told her UPS eats young managers alive. So when a teaching position opens up hop on it like most fast. Shes single mom with child trying her best and I passed word to my fellow grumpy old men help her out shes a good kid. I remember first time she connected with a pitch batting she was in shock. I said Katy go run she was maybe ten years old. Lunch is over in five minutes have a good day. I have to go break down and hook some trailers.

My boys are trolling repug magats on parler

Walked through kitchen both are on laptops theyre both laughing.
Dad - What is so funny fellas
Boys fifteen and seventeen- Dad were fighting with magats on parler.
Dad- Ok carry on fellas.

Stop the steal yard signs in my part of trumpublican Pennsylvania

Saw two of them on way to get Sunday paper. Dante popped into my head abandon hope all ye , your orange messiah lost. How these last four years have made me bitter.

Found a Eastman SB 59 I wanted to adopt ,it needs a good home my wife said no

Eastman has entered the solid body market with these SB 59s google them . I never knew and yesterday a friend of mine called me. And said you need to stop around my shop and check this out so I did. It is sweet mahogany body mahogany one piece neck thru. It has lollar humbuckers. Oozes tone even unplugged it is a consignment sale.

So I told him let me think about it so yesterday in other words I have to be a grown up and check with my wife. Yesterday I obsessed about it keeping it to myself trying to find that moment to bring it up. My go to is my tokai Les Paul reborn bought it in 85 army west Germany. and after a good night sleep I woke up this morning totally over the guitar I thought and I realized I wasnt. So over coffee this morning I brought up the Eastman needing a good home. Showed my wife the specs online and she said NO!

So then I made my wife a second cup of coffee and asked how about now still no. So after I made her a bagel with cream cheese I asked how about now. She knows Im now playing and I got a KNOCK IT OFF! so I said maybe Santa will hook me up.

ACA is today in front of supremes I'm nervous

For those of us who think as I it is a blessing. And once again I hate all who are just idiotic who feel it is a oppression on them same crowd who thinks wearing a mask is a violation of their freedom. As a country were saddled with Fox News inbreds. Get out of my face idiots. Your orange messiah received 1.8 million in Covid care. And only paid $750 in taxes in 15 years , where my cousins wife with Covid was told after diagnosis good luck.

Humor Called my brother then uncle in Vietnam wish them USMC birthday

I love them both we all have sense humors. And they bounce me as I am former army birthday we share with trumpig. They are still brainwashed from Paris island I remind them that theyre both LEGS army leg definition is lacking enough guts to jump never airborne infantry and it is all in jest.

I joke with my younger bro he got same dad speech in 85 as I got in 84. Our father was two tour vet Vietnam the herd he lost leg second tour with 173rd airborne. Our father after medical retirement worked as union electrician for 31 years. And my bro and I were straight Union Im teamster bro is Union steam fitter our uncle worked same steel mill as our father. The dad speech was you asshole I told you not to enlist in infantry our father smelling of PBR Pabst blue ribbon.

Years later I now understand what our father was worried about. It was real to him and he did not want us to suffer the shit he suffered. My brother and I were young we could not think two steps ahead. We had this stud type thinking will be men it will make us men. Our father or uncles who fought from Korea Vietnam never talked of their horrors.

Not to go off on memories after I called my bro. I called my uncle who now lives in Vietnam. After his wife passed and he retired on his pension he traveled and ended up living in Vietnam. So the plan is after vaccines on Covid my one bro the marine vet other bro a physician and I and my boys. Were flying to the Nam to fish as were all avid fishing weirdos. Were gonna go on hunt for huge catfish, and stay with our uncle a former marine infantry tour in 1967. And meet his new wife shes 66 a doctor as well.

Happy birthday marines

I hope the SDNY attends President Biden Vp Harris inauguration

And then gives trump his Miranda warning
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