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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,182

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The boog

Journal Archives

Fuck it Dennis Rodman won North Korea talking friend on twitter

I was sure Rudy would have won. As Iím a member of tuck your shirt in laying on the bed and the junk falls out party. The only thing I can figure is newt as a third party candidate took votes away from Rudy. Ok I gotta get busy and scoop up dog shit in backyard.

Long night no sleep I'm surrounded by hairy legs and boxers

On the back porch having another endless cup of coffee and my pipe my mind is racing. Boys made it to see trumpig declaration of victory they were disheartened. I said relax itís not over fellas heís spewing propaganda bull shit he has no legs to stand on he is terrified . Now theyíre out on couches catching zzzís , hairy legs hanging over edge of the sofas with their furry brothers cuddling with them.

And when they wake Iíll give them the news our guy joe is ahead in Wisconsin I need to give them some good news. And here in Pennsylvania we have around two million mail ins to count from heavy democratic areas. And once again explain to these fellas itís not over yet. The seventeen and fifteen year old have become so engrossed in this election. Truly am proud of them as in they understand what is at stake and I am disturb that as a nation. That we are a living among facist racist pigs what have we become as a republic.

Up and ready to vote in one hour taking our sons , then Election Day snacks

They cannot vote yet two of them will in next election. Iím taking them with me as I vote as their so into this election they can stand with me as I vote for President Biden and Vice President Harris it is our duty . Will be up late tonight I explained to them the results will be coming in late tonight and they plan on staying up with my wife and I. I plan on giving them off cyber school Wednesday to recover from our late night . Then will stop at the store and pick up Election Day snacks after I vote.
Hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls
Sweet sour meatballs
Chicken tender tossed in corn starch fried then covered in vidalia onion sauce with snap peas broccoli. Was gonna do dad chili and tenders received more votes. And dad cannot do voter suppression.

I am voting as loser vet
For the kids in cages
Our Covid fallen

I'm thinking of trading Duncan the golden retriever puppy in on newer normal model

I found new born golden retriever puppy 8 weeks old so we paid $650 for Duncan no papers. Duncan is 22 weeks old pure bread so Iím thinking on trade in Iíll probably get $5 dollars value on this pup Duncan as in trade in , Duncan is humping my arm tearing at my long sleeve t shirt at this moment Seriously as soon as you drive off the lot depreciation happens, I told Duncan seriously nothing personal I got stuck with the boog he was free. You lunatic fringe golden retriever puppy I paid cash for. Alls man wants is a normal dog like lassie not a Manson family pup.

Alls I get in response from Duncan sitting on couch is happy Grrrs ok mister weíre playing I love you. And Iím gonna rip your shirt sleeve off. He is so sweet you know I wonder if my wife would notice if I got Duncan a brother from new golden retriever pup pack.
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