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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,142

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The boog

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Thought my car got stolen

After my doc appointment this morning I walk out and Iím like where is my car. Itís not here as I walk around the parking lot looking for it getting freaked out Iím getting ready to call the police. Then I realize I have my wifeís car and then I try and not look suspicious or absent minded. As these two elderly ladies waiting on the bus and they were watching me wander aimlessly around the parking lot.

Tuna casserole yuck

Wife loves it the kids love it

Army navy game 15:00 today

I hope army kicks the shit out of those squids 15:00 is 3 pm for our fellow sea going personnel.

trimmed my beard up I asked the boys

Hey guys do I look 49 and not 52 I lined it out keeping the length. I just got looks and smart ass comments Iím glad these boys support dad.

I'm spending my morning with two elderly ladies

I love our neighbors they are fine ladies I was sitting here having coffee and knock at door they came to visit not to see the chocolate lab menace of the universe or me but grandson. And they were bearing spaghetti sauce we wanted to drop this off they make me smile as I invite them in oh the baby is here your grandson.

I told them if you watch him Iíll go over and load up some firewood for you ladies oh go ahead, he is sleeping on couch with furry boys. And my wife is smiling over the sisters as she was getting ready to go to court today and king knuckle head the chocolate lab touched her with his paw and her pantsuit and got mud on it and she went to change. Awesome neighbors theyíre in their eighties they survived camps as young children in Germany they are just so sweet their truly loving towards others.

Kettlebell workout with former Russian soldier

I signed up for this class at our YMCA tell you vets I feel it in my body. I never knew you could do so much with this the Soviet army designed a awesome program to build strength and torture, I feel it after 45 minutes and Iím like wow it is awesome to change up your exercise routine itís remind me of army infantry circuit PT on steroids cardio and weight resistance training. When your done you and muscles feel like rubber all loose and fatigued.

And this class is not even max torture on PT Iím 52 always been into exercise after army running or strength training but I enjoy it I feel like wow Iím to quote my wife Iím a human border collie always have to be active doing something but I was just letting you all know.

Practicing dog law attorney my client individual # 1

I had to hit the ground running this morning as a attorney of dog law.

My wife - Boog get down from there stop eating the cat food as she was standing at the keurig

My wife- telling boog to drop the old family size stouffers family size Mac and cheese container he liberated from the garage out of trash can as he was carrying it through the house heading upstairs to enjoy his treat.

Boog the chocolate lab AKA individual # 1

Went thru the ATM and he sits up so he can be noticed as the bank tellers know him from credit union. And they hook him up with a dog biscuit today he sat up looking so happy oooh were at the dog treat place. Head hanging out rear window tail wagging, And the ATM just gave man cash he looked what man no biscuit I almost felt sorry for him he doesnít get Sundayís.

Ok catching shit from my two teenagers cuz dad believes in Bigfoot

Yup Iím the object of ridicule this morning over oatmeal. The boys are telling brad yea dad is weird yesterday walking out from trout fishing the old man stopped and did some wood knocking and guess what we heard. NOTHING not a thing in my defense how can people have all of these sightings and experiences and not be truthful,I myself have never had experience but Iíd love to experience it why where we were fishing they found footprints years ago and took pictures and cast the prints. You gotta have a open mind I tell my two boys I just get smiles.

Have Epiphone firebird will travel our son a new friend

My son comes walking into family room

Son- can brad come over dad

Dad - who is brad

Son - a kid I meant in guitar class

Dad - ok when is he coming

Son - he is riding his bike over now

Dad - Go upstairs and tell your mom this so she knows to get dressed and no bathrobe.

Doorbell rings I answer it and I see brad at like 07:45 in morning his bike leaning against the house and his epiphone firebird in soft bag case on his back. Come on in kiddo, would you like some breakfast. As of now Iím hearing some la Grange coming from family room how fitting teenagers jamming about a house of the ill repute I find humor.

Wife making coffee says so who is brad I said he is in our sons guitar class thatís all I know.
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