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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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Fall trout fishing Saturday with the boys

I took the boys out as weíre located near some awesome streams. We find it enjoyable as the season starts in April and by now all the die hards are done. No pressure we have it to ourselves we walk about half mile in off this dirt road and we walk and fish up stream to a old quarry from turn of the century that parralels a state forest.

We have good luck by this old narrow gauge railroad trestle the fast water breaks to a slow current and the trout hang in the deep slow water conserving energy,We use ultralight gear as we fish yesterday we caught I think eight between the three of us in about two hours. But then it started to sleet and I said letís wrap it up guys. Ice and branches falling is a concern, I smile when I see my guys catching a nice rainbow or brown trout.

I hear locals that tell me years ago this stream that we fish was loaded with natives brook trout. I remember catching natives in the 1970s and 80s back home in Appalachia. Today they are just stocked trout that wash down from the lake in state park. Iíd love for these guys to be able to experience catching native brook trout. And we head out to the car in our chest waders weíre having casual conversation perhaps about a trout that we turned and we didnít set the hook man dad that thing had to been monster huge I think it was a brownie I smile and say yea I saw you fighting it.

Thank goodness for closed captioning on tv

So Iím catching up with Rachel and now Lawrence ari is pinch hitting for him but yea I have hearing aid. But it is great watching and understanding with the caption as our one son is figuring out Iron Maiden run to the hills on guitar. A whole house and he sets his amp up in family room.
Son - hey dad check this out

Dad - awesome son shine

I love our two teenage trash talkers

Especially when it comes to working out definitely competion with dad. This morning we pile into the car heading to the gym and it is closed they had a fire in a Office but will be open again tomorrow. My point in this ramble is now the boys their old enough to lift weights or use natilus and it is a common theme letís outdo dad. Even in middle school at gym class they have been working on upper body to try and match this 52 year old on pull ups or climbing the rope.

I always give them words of encouragement come on candy asses get your bum up that rope. Then one or both will puff up and give me a bump like you want some of this dad, and truthfully nope because if they both gang up on me Iím in trouble but hey I can still run my gums.
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