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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,182

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Tell me the one special talent that you bring to your relationship

My wife telling me the commode is clogged again yup Iím aggressive as shit with a plunger.

I told my wife I definitely married miss right

I did not know her first name was always

I suck ass as a semi pro dog collector , Boog Duncan looking kick ass

I walk out grocery store and I hear barking at that moment I knew it was my two dogs. As I climbed into Tacoma Iím asking my two really ass clowns you both running your gums at a German shepherd puppy in next car.

I couldn't find the ice scraper to clean my windows.so I used a discount card from store

It did not work very well I only got 20% off.

I do find humor Duncan and boog flailing and playing tug of war wife's bra

They snagged it out of dirty clothes basket , I saw Duncan earlier flailing himself growling yet I didnít have my glasses on. I thought it was toy then sitting in kitchen having coffee.

Boog the chocolate lab and Duncan golden retriever pup came thru growling playing tug of war and it was my wifeís bra. So I came clean and mentioned it to my wife and she is now ordering a few more unmentionables online.

Isn't it nice to give fact on president Biden compared to facist GQP bullshit

Almost sixty days into Biden administration we were told 100 million shots in first one hundred days and we already surpassed this. The other guy promised us one hundred million vax by end December two million were given. And he failed to secure more vaccines total incompetence.

A now a relief plan for America to relieve the suffering caused by the other guy. He didnít cause the virus yet the other guy and pence and GQP dereliction and smoke and mirrors allowed it to rage across our country.

What is next I said to the trumpublican this morning by text. Your always worried about stock market and itís doing ok.

Now the Biden Harris administration is going to do infrastructure.
Then I added did you see the DNI report you and Rudy and millions of other trumpig supporters were useful idiot for kremlin.

Sedition tracker a website insurrection January 6

Just letting you all know my wife showed it to me.

You ever talk for your dogs I do , Boog the chocolate lab or Duncan pup

Boog - you know man we love sardines and mustard Iím drooling here
Duncan pup - ok Iím trying to look so cute like the best dog ever
Boog and Duncan- oh my god man is putting sardines on a cracker oh shit two crackers is the man gonna share like he always does ( SCORE)
Boog and Duncan- ok we just scored sardines and crackers now back to mooching again.

Central pa Covid vax vaccine- schedulerpennstatehealth. Org

Hershey Pennsylvania location is booking appointments 3-16-17-18-19 I know they have dauphin and state college locations as well.

Lasagna or lumpsagna for breakfast , our boys always the smart asses

My boys heating up my first attempt at lasagna ever, the other day I headed to the kitchen. Did not follow any directions on amount of ground Italian sausages or burger. So I ended up with two 9-13 pans froze the other one. So this morning the second lumpsagna is what my boys call my lasagna is getting demolished.actually they started on second pan yesterday for cyber school lunch.

My boys - itís good dad yet moms stays together when you spoon it out. Yours dad is a mystery it just comes out as a lump.

Dad - knock it off you turkeys you are going to upset me.
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