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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,155

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The boog

Journal Archives

Our dogs the randy Newman song you got a friend in me

The boog the chocolate lab and our Newfie and golden retriever. Just make me smile as they cuddle our sons on the couch their both thirteen years old. Both boys are on Zithromax and getting over strep but dog love and dog cuddles beat antibiotics in healing. It just reminds me of the randy Newman song you got a friend in me,I love our furry boys as they get our boys healthy.

I missed riding my fellow union trump supporters

Layoffs over and I punched in and headed to yard wagon. I been here about hour and already once again explained over yard radio,why in the fuck if your a union member why do you vote repig I値l tell you why cuz you rate with imbeciles morons idiots brainwashed mothers. It is a hobby I feel I need to educate these younger members.

Quoting my wife on morons Easter egg hunt speech

I知 in the kitchen And I hear my wife. He is talking to children about a military budget. He is a FUCKING IDIOT UUUUUUUUUGH! Dear could you please bring the vidalia onion dressing for my salad.

Definition of Daca

It is (Donald acting crazy again) I just read it on twitter. Just tossing it out so that we may find some humor in this fight we find ourselves in for democracy.

Mystery solved thanks to the polack mst sgt our very own senior Nco

To me it has been a mystery as to why After a trooper hits E-8 they have no sense humor. And the mst sgt informed this former corporal that if you take the Nco academy via correspondence then you retain your sense of humor. But if you attend the academy in person it is removed and you can I quote our polack mst sgt(you will be able to crack walnuts with your ass cheeks end quote.) after reading that I was like wow glad I never made it a career.

So my point I know two senior retired Nco痴 both made E-9 my great uncle Korea and Vietnam. And then my friend sgt major Vietnam and the gulf war first gulf war. Now yesterday we all went out to a steakhouse I知 buying so come on guys let痴 go eat. So as the nice young waitress is taking our order these two now remember I知 buying lunch. They get a attitude as to ok we ordered the soup and salad bar but your still charging us 1.85$ for the baked potato with our steaks.

I want to talk to the manager my great uncle tells the kid. I知 thinking look we got the vet discount knock it off I say. So the manager comes over and short of putting him in flex cuffs and water boarding by my uncle and sgt major. We got the upcharge on salad bar and the baked potatoes on the house. I left the waitress the difference on salad bar and the potatoes in her tip. She did ok I always tip above and beyond. But in the car on way home I told them both that the Easter bunny is bringing them walnuts so you two tight asses better start cracking.

Saw my friends band last night

I saw them at a local pub it was their first gig. And they sounded awesome they even invited me to sit in on some covers of ZZ Top and zeppelin. Had a good time and I really enjoyed their original material. It was a young crowd mid 20痴. But Katy is awesome guitarist I met her through friends several months ago. She needed work done on her strat, and being in college money is tight. They pointed her my way as my labor is free. And since then Katy and Our one son and I have sat around jamming.

Katy is a natural I been exploring the fretboard for 41 years. And this young lady just has it , when it comes to guitar. Their all in graduate school but really talented. I was probably no I know I was the oldest guy there last night in the crowd. Drinking my water as I had to drive. And after I sat in with the young ladies why the 52 year old bearded guy was cool. After the show I took the girls out for breakfast at the local diner their playing again tonight. And she wants to borrow my one Les Paul for the zeppelin covers I said ok. I知 just happy for them to me they sounded tight. But then I do have a hearing aid.
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