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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,168

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The boog

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From the greatest Generation to a generation of degenerates

We all know that our grandparents great aunts uncles. They saved the world from facist asshole pricks. They sacrificed going off to fight getting killed or wounded rationing at home. My great aunts left Appalachia to work building bombers.

And they my great grandparents lost two sons one in Africa the other in the South Pacific. I only knew them my great uncles by photos hanging on my great grandparents wall and stories I was told about them they were fine young men.

Not to be sick , once drinking beer on our back porch with my neighbor who was a World War Two vet when we lived in western Pennsylvania. He only ever spoke once about his war once I never asked him. We were buzzed and he told me of looking over and seeing a soldier trying to stand and run. Run away on two bloody stumps our human instinct drives us to survive moments before that man had legs.

So my bitch is yesterday I was at local store. And ran into my wifeís cousin and her husband. They were so proud to inform me that they went up to Harrisburg and protested the lockdown. Now these two know me I am liberal I always vote democrat Iím a veteran a union dude.

They were protesting facist Tom wolf oh fuck me they cannot go to the bar why even the shooting range is closed. I call it the rod and bottle itís a club where you also can drink. Oh and they cannot go to the movies for The once a month Saturday dates. I really didnít wanna fight verbally with them I said I gotta get busy and shop.

They are fucking degenerates in their way of thinking and actions , the whole confederate flag waving brain washed trump cult. Who thinks that by protesting a virus holds any morals or values or personal gain. By gathering at protest you will not win against coronavirus in their minds these sacrifices are to much to be asked of . Thank you for letting me rant Du community I have to head out and get my wife her mom and aunt hair color and wine. The coloring of their hair buzzed is something I enjoy watching them do together. Be safe and good health to you all and to those you love.

Wide awake laid off here in pennslvania we're decent peaple

My heading a nod to the anti stay at home protesters signs Monday in Harrisburg.

Not crying a lot of us are unemployed nationwide. I got called into work union steward told me on phone what was up so I went in and signed my lay off letter. I could have bid Union linehaul running terminal to terminal no not at 54 I just like to yard jockey anymore.

Iíll sign up for unemployment 33 years in union I have worked 4 union outfits two of them went out business. Times I think if Preston 151 never went under Iíd be sitting really sweet with seniority oh well. My wife is still employed working from home so weíre fortunate and Iíll take it. I been down this road before and Iím seeing a pattern.

87- 21 years old out of the army, I started in union and would get a big layoff in 1991-92 and a Republican was President. Then I voted for this guy from Arkansas who was running for president and he won. And a crazy thing happened from around 1994 to 2008 I worked steady well Preston went out in 99. And within 2 weeks I was on a different union road board. Now in 2000 the guy from Arkansas a democrat he left us a surplus. Why his VP was running for President I voted for him.

Then we had election stolen from us over hanging chads. Yup you remember we had fat chads pregnant chads it was terrible. Then this idiot from Texas was awarded the presidency. Then unfortunately 9-11 happened And gop fuckery started this guy from Texas started a war against a country that had nothing to do with 9-11.

And we ended up in deep mission creep paying for two wars. And in return we got dead and wounded Americans and a lot of innocent Iraqis killed. And the dumb fucker gop economics voodo caused a subprime mortgage crisis. So from 07-2010 work was thin laid off back to work laid off it was a gop depression.

So then this guy black guy from Chicago another Democrat ends up winning the presidency. And he starts to get things straight and turned around. And for the next decade Iím working steady again.

And we all knew what happened next MAGA yup. People voted for a complete idiot cuz they bought his line of bull shit. I would ask why and they would say heís a business man. I would say he bankrupted his casinos his airlines vodka steaks. I got a bad feeling about this orange wart. They the maga folks said relax heís gonna drain the swamp youíll see.

Today I told a maga union co worker well at least so far Iím above ground breathing. Unlike the 45.000 fallen due to your dear leaders incompetence evil genocide. I said hey enjoy unemployment cuz I got a bad feeling itís gonna be along one. And once again Iím on a lay off and a republican is in office. I rant been awake for like 24 hours had a lot of coffee my schedule is clear.

The boog gang rides I got a tip the local store will have toilet paper

Tomorrow afternoon we ride so my boys and i will be casing it out. Will sit in the parking lot waiting until itís stocked then we put on our mask. And head in to purchase two packages per person. Yes dad will hand out $20 per man.

I told my wife weíre channeling our inner outlaws. The youngers and the James gang. Or the Josey Wales boog the chocolate lab is our chief Dan George.

Man - Dammit boog get out of the cookie aisle stay focused were here for toilet paper.

First day of wearing mask in public places

And I had come laundromat to dry 2 loads I have order fuses for our dryer well my wife did the magic of amazon . In my small part of the trump redneck keystone I saw three people in laundry.

The owner with mask a young woman pregnant with mask then a young man no mask. And the owner told the young man he needs to comply. And he gave her that look but she pointed to the face covering signs.

I have homemade sewn mask my chocolate lab cohort does not. He sees the ducks in pond from the pickup. Man we should go chase the ducks.

Pre natal care with a pregnant Pit bull, and we found her a home

Every morning I pass out a slice of peanut butter bread. For our chocolate lab menace to society our golden retriever with their arthritis medicine. The Newfie just gets a slice as well no medicine. And the soon to be momma gets a whole peanut butter sandwich and scrambled eggs. The furry boys also receive eggs as well.

And thanks to ohiogal she told me cottage cheese is good for pregnancy. And soon to be four legged momma loves cottage cheese. So after her eggs I put cottage cheese in her dish. And turned around and the three furry boys were like. Hey man we love cottage cheese also wag wag. The furry bachelors really are pieces of work so I hooked em up as well.

As for sadies we named her well she will be going to my one brothers he lives up north. Where we grew up he will be coming to get her Monday Providing that she doesnít give birth sheís close. Like us my brother and his wife love animals. I also offered my brother and his wife a bonus lunatic chocolate lab but they said no.

I wonder as I read the gospels of Mary a ?

Why was Maryís gospel and the other gospels, left out under Constantine. Was he threatened trying to unite the Roman Empire to unite. The Bible as we know is missing books. As I understand reading Christ was teaching a Gnostic way to Mary and us as believers.

I never met a dog I did not love humans are different story feeding a stray

We have a pregnant girl a pit bull mix dropped off at farm. It makes me so mad that she was just dumped here. Was on back porch early this morning and out of dark as I was having my coffee and pipe she came to me so submissive this poor girl.

She was like I donít know you but Iím in tight spot so submissive. I have babies in me I donít understand. So our chocolate lab and golden retriever and Newfoundland and pregnant girl. All sniffed each otherís asses and I made eggs for her with wet dog food got my wife up and the boys. I said we have a visitor people.

Now she licking my ear I love you man you fed me and my babies. Our sons are like we can raise the puppies my wife is as well. I thought of calling vets to cull her pups but Iím a soft ass and canít do it. She is so sweet.

Reminded of Stalin and the chicken

Saw the post on twitter I completely forgot about the story. It goes Stalin tore feathers off a live chicken tossed it on the floor bleeding. And then started feeding the chicken and it clung to him and followed him in pain as he fed it. His point you can abuse people and if you give them a little they will follow you. Why because their stupid today we have the trump base and gop as the chickens.

In the 80ís we got regan cheese in 08 we got screwed. Now we get $ 1200 and still getting fucked. Because of incompetence evil and the gop disregard for human life.

State repugs vote to over ride governor stay home order

House bill 613 the repugs never get it they always bring stupid to the table. And stupid get you killed as we now unfortunately see with trump genocide .Pennsylvania has fourth highest infection rate. these fuckers are serial killers.

My heart breaks for the dead and sick and families

Trump Genocide
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