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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,170

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The boog

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Great military leaders Hannibal vs Varro Paullus /Patton Rommel Boog Duncan vs kitten

So Iím bored and laughing at my two furry boys my wife is in home office working our boys went to a pitchers clinic for baseball and Iím making Irish beef stew. So Boog has a problem we have a six month old male cat who is total bad ass our son rescued this kitten. And itís probably been three years since we had a indoor cat and he was used to our furry lunatics and he was declawed, so boog Duncan pup are dealing with kitten claws and fangs.

Seriously the other day my dynamic duo had the kitten cornered the cat allís they want is to sniffs cat ass and cat is like fuck off anyway the cat pulled out some Grasshopper David carradine kung fu moves. Flipped hissed scratched these two in some amazing kitten fu moves and Duncan and boog totally did a non tactical retreat more like Monty python the holy grail run away.

I was woke up around 02:30 Duncan puking shrimp tails I didnít know at first until I put on my glasses inspecting the bed cover where in the shit did you get shrimp tails. Found out our son ate shrimp forgot put trash can back under the sink.

So loading blankets in wash at 02:30 these two are on the move looking for cat we gotta sniff that cats ass. Around 05:00 cat is in litter box these two have the cat under siege as the cat is now trapped in covered litter box.

Boog - Is like we did it Duncan we have trapped the KAT like Patton to Rommel we didnít read his book we just chewed the book.

Iím thinking this is not going to end well I did not get involved these two members of the K-9 dream team have to learn. So sitting having coffee at the bar I hear a Yelp cat fu comes flying through Duncan pup in hot pursuit boog rubbing his muzzle cat nabbed his ass the fat head. Cat recently made appearance and boog looked just wagged his tail so maybe he is learning through pain leave KAT alone I said thatís a good boy. Duncan took off in hot pursuit of cat he will learn as well eventually.

The cost of a slice of pie in the Caribbean

$3.50 for a slice in Jamaica $4.00 in the Bahamas thatís the Pie- rates of the Caribbean.

My wife still doesnít think I should look for a agent to book me on the Howard Johnson circuit.

Advice wanted on air fryer recipes,I picked up a farberware this morning

I found it at Walmart after work it was impulse buy I text my wife pics and she said grab it. Over coffee later she explained that the six quarts are hard to find. So my wife and our sons are looking at recipes on our phones. Heading to the butcher in bit to buy either chicken or pork so any ideas or suggestions from your experience is appreciated thank you in advance.

I know one thing will be air frying chicken livers only the dogs and I appreciate them.

I told Human Resources I do not need yearly sexual harassment training

Reason Iím a Union democrat unlike these perverted trumpublicans who voted twice for their orange messiah that I have to work with. I said jaysus theyíre loaded with sexual predators can we call Chris Hanson. I then raised my hand and asked what is HR policy on rational people such as I working with Q believers who hold a teamster Union card.

She then informed me at the 18:00 punch Iíll have to attend the sexual harassment training itís yearly. I said fine thatís no problem weíre getting paid but can we get corporate to allow the roach coaches to start taking Venmo payments.

I noticed at work last night at lunch

A lot of us were eating ham sandwiches or ham salad it just made me smile.

Hey boog traffic jam in the sticks of Pennsylvania, a backup of one just me humor I'm bored

I should have went trout fishing with the boys nope I have a ring through my nose. Have to go look at paint samples this afternoon with my wife. On the way to the mom pop grocery to pickup several gallons of milk reason teenage boys. I came upon a township police officer who had cones and flares deployed both travel lanes on a country back road. Reason there was a transmission in the road no clue how it got there.

Now I have been in some shitty backups especially as a teamster when I ran line haul as a road driver. Just think BQE or cross Bronx. One for the books was the 2000 crosstown World Series yanks Mets. Or the Justin Bieber maybe mid 2015 last decade meadow lands concert.Exit 16 off 95 north jersey and route 3 north Jersey was full of hormonal imbalanced aggressive teenage girls driving that evening.

On way we got through it ok on way back boog chocolate lab and man were held up it was just us in my sons Toyota . As townships dump truck and backhoe weíre getting the transmission.

Boog I knew what he was thinking itís gonna be awhile man. You think we should open the ladies Reese peanut butter cups. Or maybe the archway cookies you bought. Last day of vacation back work Tuesday heading out to look at paint samples. Iím going to try to make this as painless as possible how. Yes dear oh I like that and that and that yes that one as well itís fucking paint weíre gonna put it on the house not huff it.

I'm smiling a friends son is leaving for benning I think Tuesday

A ramble as I have coffee on back porch yet Iím proud of this future 11B. My friend and his son came around Saturday to visit we sat on back porch. The young future trooper was asking me questions and I said man that was thirty eight years ago for me. Had do math real fast cuz our oldest daughter will be thirty six Uncle Sam paid for her birth. I was in west Germany when Heather was born.

I imagine a lot has changed the old harmony church barracks built for WW 2 are gone. And my osut infantry cycle went by fast fourteen weeks actually eighteen for me I caught a hernia got recycled. Thirty days convalescing in medical platoon. Young man is nervous I explained to him you youíll be fine I was never beaten as he asked me.

They do not the infantry Drills need to beat you itís a science. They will smoke you I said this calmly to him you will learn. Speaking from my experience
Log drills with telephone poles
Push ups
Sit ups
Dying cockroach
Low crawl
High crawl
If I missed anything let me know vets
I told him he will be ok now the cycles are twenty two weeks. I did tell him as he did not get Airborne option try get jump school. My reasoning is try go 82nd my first unit. My reasoning is if you find yourself in the shit chances of survival are better. Because youíre with top notch brothers trained well.

This young man unfortunately is well in school he was classified as learning disabled. And failed asvab first time second time scored enough to only have I guess 11 series infantry mos opened for him. Iím not trashing this kid I told my wife after they left he has big heart and testicles. As she asked me if i calmed his fears and anxiety , I said probably not itís the fear of the unknown he is suffering from at moment.

I said to my wife I didnít try scare him I know some vets get into that. I made jokes with him in mentioning that like today with me thirty eight years later.

As I do youíll remember awesome quotes that your Drills said. One I remember why do I smell shit coming from your lips did I tell you to speak. Or the day we meant our Drills and the senior Drill said to us standing in the plt bay. Iíve been to Vietnam twice and I went back the second time to get away from my first wife.

Wait maybe we were outside after the initial meet and greet the getting smoked forever after the cattle truck ride to training company. Been along time yet upon hearing the senior Drill explaining his first marital issues Iím thinking oh fuck me. This SFC chose the NVA on tour # 2 instead of his first wife. I smile now thinking of no time for sgts the movie I was about as bright as will stockdale. I told the kid that story laughing trying calm his fears. I told him look me up in October hope youíre wearing a blue cord and jump wings.

Three husband are talking to each other about their wives

First husband- I donít get it my wife bought a twenty thousand dollar kitchen and she canít even cook.

Second husband -Yea you think thatís bad my wife bought a fifty thousand dollar car and she canít even drive.

Third husband- Ha I got you two beat my wife bought one hundred condoms for her business trip. And she doesnít even have a penis

DU community if we were neighbors

Iíd be bringing you egg salad to the fence or to your front door from leftover eggs from Easter egg hunt yesterday. I think my wife said 32 eggs she used I hit dollar store and picked up some rubber maid containers to freeze it.

Peace and love to you all and those you love and care for.
Update 09:10 my wife informed me NO we canít freeze egg salad

Advice to my children on marriage

Well our three older daughters are married so advice to our sons. Once you meet that special woman and you start a family. Do not end up like your old man collecting furry nerds boog or a Duncan pup just do not be a soft shit. Do not fall for the pup cuteness i say this with sarcasm. Boog Duncan just got into a half ass dog fight over can of crescent rolls. Iím like WTF itís not like we donít feed you two ass clowns the crescent roll can hit floor we didnít know. Until after all the trash barking.
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