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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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The boog

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Got a call from our trash people over our check I made it out to Anthony fauci

Our garbage service billing called and it seems. Tuesday afternoon when I dropped them the check I wrote make payable to Anthony fauci. I said oh really and I looked in checkbook and on the copy it said Anthony fauci. I asked her if she could just rip it up The check and Iíll drop one off in the morning. She informed me she will return my original to me in morning in person

It's a circus a Newfie and a chocolate lab

So I fed our herd of baby bunnies this morning. And these two were barking at the bunnies as they enjoyed carrots and lettuce. Sitting on the other side of the fence oh the tragedy. The bunnies are eating our food , FYI these two would not eat lettuce or carrots if offered them. Although they would eat it all out of spite so the bunnies donít eat. I told these two furry fatheads to move out get those furry bums inside. They moved out with attitude heads low moving slowly itís not fair man keep it moving clowns.

Our Teachers go above and beyond once again in these trying times

Ran into our sons High school math teacher at the bakery. I let her know that as a parent we are so thankful for her and all Educators in this district. These fine humans are doing a awesome job with cyber school.

They caught a pandemic and are learning on the go , example passing out cell numbers so a child can contact their teacher and get on lap top and one on one almost immediately with their teacher. If they have a problem with a assignment.

On Monday morning kids will receive school assignments for the week. And these educators are always there for these students. I told her hey out of gratitude I have your bill covered just my way of saying thanks.

The amount of snark around here is just amazing this morning trying to work on aria Les Paul

I have set up on the kitchen bar it is a island bar in middle kitchen. Why because my wife has been working from home and she has taken over my workshop room as her office. Iím totally ok with that no problem weíll sort of . My work bench has been replaced with her desk loaded with a laptop and 2 monitors.

My wife has organized my workshop as in actual putting up boxes of parts pickups on shelves. So I cannot find a dam thing, so I set up on kitchen bar with clamps were gonna do a fret job on this aria leopard. Also new pots and bumblebee caps and new bone nut.

Once again the Japanese of the late 70ís proved to me they were making guitars equally as well if it had Gibson on headstock. Lite nitro finish beautiful maple cap one piece Mahogany neck two piece mahogany body.

This morning my wife comes into kitchen to get her coffee. As I am sitting watching our son teaching him to remove original fret wire.

Wife - sighs then says well I guess we have lost the kitchen bar for awhile.

Man - trying to be non confrontational dear look at this. If this had Gibson on head stock this would had sold for $3000 instead of $600. Look at that tenon all the way from neck Cavity into body. Look at the routing and this neck joint immaculate.

Wife - Says Iíll be in my office

Man - Replies oh you mean my old workshop

Three dogs - golden a lab and a Newfie sitting in kitchen hey guys are we gonna have a little something something. Guys dogs smelling danish at other end of the bar.

Then my mother in law walks in get her coffee.

Mil - well I guess Iíll have my coffee and do my crossword. At the dining room table this morning.

Man or son in law - I replied you will probably be doing it at the table for at least two three days tops.

Flynn walks vets I'm pissed smells of billy barr

Mike Flynn a army officer who wanted to turn over a Turk national living in my state Pennsylvania Fethullah Gulen. To Erdogan this smells the Doj of Bill barr shit. As a former infantry soldier how could Flynn betray his oath. We took same oath

Mr big paws our golden retriever had to get in on the cuddle

I smile as I sat on back porch on steps. My wife sitting between my legs as I held her. Mr big paws is 12 and totally in love with my wife. It was to much for him seeing the man cuddling his significant other. He joined us Mr big paws in our cuddle, he put his muzzle on my shoulder and tried to extend his to give my wife his love kisses licks. He paws at us stop man you are to close to her.

He is so sweet and innocent the love he has for my wife. Yes he is jealous times he races me to sit next to my wife or to cuddle her . I let him win heís 12 years old and so sweet.

Then my wife says to me what is boog the chocolate lab and yogi the Newfie doing. Yup I fed my baby bunny herd carrots in lower field. And the lab and Newfie were eating the baby carrots. These 2 would not eat a carrot if I offered it to them in kitchen. Fat head knuckle heads I moved them off.

Crayons in the wash sink Our Grandson plumber fixed it

Yesterday our kitchen sink and dishwasher was backed up. So I called plumber nice guy he has two labradors and he enjoyed our dogs and he changed trap. So I asked can you also check our washing machine sink it is slow to drain. So he went into wash room a bit later he said here is the problem.

It was stuffed full of crayola crayons.$ 284 was the bill. I asked our three half year old Grandson if he knew anything about crayons in the sink. He smiled at me and gave pap a hug.

Dammit Boog do not try Jedi mind tricks on the man

Telling you I turned around and at 10 years old he was counter surfing. I gave him his arthritis meds him and Mr big paws our golden in peanut butter bread. And after he inhaled the sandwich he was up at the counter checking it out for yummies itís never enough is it I asked.

He wags his tail and goes obi wan on the man with that look. I am not the lab youíre looking for. I should have never let this dog watch the Empire strikes back.

? On stuffed peppers

Ok I wanna create or try what my polish grandmother made

I wanna substitute

? 1 -Spanish rice instead of white rice as Spanish rice is huge hit around here as for meat Iím using mixed burger and Italian sausages and tomato sauce

?-2 I found two different recipes one calls for uncooked rice
And other calls for cooked rice what would be the difference

Thank you all in advance from a farm team chef

Boog the chocolate lab and man called up our dealer

Our pie dealer local farmers market we called they were open. We scored two blueberry and a pecan and a gallon of vanilla ice cream were set Anyone wanna come over.
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