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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,170

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The boog

Journal Archives

My heart breaks for Covid casualties in India and Nepal

I wish I could help them.

So ironic the conservative support for Israel

These clowns scream pro life yet Israel has state funded abortion, Yet they cry we stand with Israel so hypocritical , yet I stand for.
Planned parenthood
Dogs and cats
Voting rights
Whatever my wife tells me to do

If your religion does not make you kind and loving

Then become a atheist, my wife just read this to me she saw it on twitter.

Having a big nose is no excuse for not wearing a mask

I still wear underwear told that to a anti mask moron.

Our fifty first state Israel , is how the evangelical fundies see it.

3.8 billion a year in military aid, sure could use that aid and spend it domestically. Was at dog park I mentioned my idea to a couple as our dogs played, it was nice to sit and talk with lucid humans I told my wife weíre not alone.

And boog the chocolate lab and Duncan pup liked the coupleís dogs art and Harvey two huge older yellow labs, seriously I passed out treats I had in my pocket for my boys and Arthur and harvey lined up as well we shared.

For years waking up next to my beautiful wife you want to cuddle dear

I woke up this morning next to my beautiful wife, roll out of bed in the mood to make halushki think Iíll use bacon, Life at fifty five priorities change.

I'm receiving a inheritance from my one uncle who is Vietnam vet

He passed this winter and after the court settles his estate , Iím up for a cut reason he had no children of his own. He served as FO a forward observer with the 196th lite infantry brigade and Vietnam was a definite family affair , with our father and his five brothers. And they all suffered from ptsd the three who went to Vietnam, and our one uncle a former marine 0311 moved back to Vietnam heís living life on his pension and social security heís happy. My old man was 173rd and his brother who passed was dollar ninety six infantry.

Now Iím thinking in this ramble over coffee, how to do this. Should I donate it to veterans hospital for veterans who live there if they need body wash or shoes, yet that idea Iím not comfortable with. Iíve used veteran hospital for my hearing aid, once again Iíll say I was lucky 84-87 airborne infantry 82nd 2/325 pir then medical PCs to leg unit west Germany I had no war.

The reason Iím not comfortable with donating to vet hospital is it may get lost in the machine of VA. Then I thought of wounded warriors project and service dogs for the fine Americans who suffer from ptsd. I know a former Afghan marine from my gym he has a lab service dog , I ran into him once at the store parking lot , and boog was rage barking from the pickup at his dog. I jokingly told him boog is not a service dog he causes my ptsd.

So I turn to my fellow vets for ideas on how to donate or who to give this cash to help our veterans. Thank you in advance, and Dashonebravo if you read this.

A ? Why does it seem, every time you run into a vet they were black ops or tier 1 or in the regiment. While back I had a stolen valor dude tell me he was in a unit so secret itís more secret than delta or cag. I informed him besides my jump and air assault wings and EIB I also attended the us army regular joe school and got my regular joe tab and shamming school received my shamming tab and was honor graduate. No need to thank me for my service Dashone yet I thank you friend for your service especially at sand hill.

My morning walk in the house wife is listening to cnn

Sheís in a mood since 2015 over the former guy as we all have case of the ass. Trumpig evangelical GQP cult as one political party. And now for the really scary shit I have three guys 11-16-17 sitting in boxers eating breakfast, the pup is chewing on the kitten. So yea Iím in the right house.

Liz Cheney 2024

I donít care for Liz in my opinion the chickens came home to roost today with GQP. Yet I wonder if she will run in 2024

Thanks man for the rescue, Duncan golden retriever pups first day at new pup daycare

Duncan was leaning into me on way home I had him spend the morning at new pup daycare. The staff said he was very shy just observed I get it he will get with program.

Duncan pup - Man thanks for rescuing me this place is terrifying they have a obstacle course. With a bridge it must be 12 million feet in the air I could fall off and get dead man.

Man - Dunk the bridge is six inches you wouldnít have died if you fell off

Duncan- No man it was 12 million feet in the air it was terrifying, then man after the bridge they had this tunnel Iím not going through that tunnel the German Shepard and border collie went through. I could have got lost in the tunnel of death ,and you and I would never be together again. Who would you cuddle with at night you canít sleep alone man.

Man - Dunk it was a six foot tube you would have been ok.

Duncan- Really man you think then they wanted me to get into this huge water bowl yea man all the other dogs were in the big water bowl. Iím like I could drown Iíll swim man with you or the boys at the quarry / big water bowl but not here cuz you and my boys are not around and itís all new bums to sniff all that sniffing is stressful for a dunk pup man.

Four hours new pup daycare wore Duncan out heís out sound asleep. I just find humor and speak for our furry kids.
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