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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,166

About Me

The boog

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What does sperm and republicans have in common

Only one in a billion becomes human.

I heard this joke at work last night excellent thought you may enjoy it.

Morning Du it's another day in the war against republicans fascism

To start my day Iím having a coffee back to work Wednesday. Dropping a email thank goodness for spell check to my state repig rep asking why he and Pennsylvania GQP spent 1 million in taxpayers dollars to promote the big trumpig lie , and if he can have a check ready to reimburse us the taxpayers, Iíll swing by his local office to pick it up on my way home from the morning walk.

I asked my wife think we should drug test the horses especially that donkey

I donít need any junkies in this outfit. I said Iím thinking bob the donkey is on adderall.

I'm off the hook for a donation to the 700 club.

Saturday I went to a Motherís Day get together with the Q elements of my wifeís extended family, it was a shit detail like army why well my mother in law wanted to go and my wife assigned me to drive her and attend, and my wife stayed home she pulled the I have work to catch up on.

The Q relatives opened up the lunch with a prayer and ended the prayer with and protect this nation from socialism. I asked may I add to that prayer and I did , I added if the Chinese engines burn into Moscow on lago Iíll donate $500 to the seven hundred club, well Iím off the hook.

To all who celebrate today Mother's Day have a awesome day

My new hobby beeping and waving at customers in adult bookstore parking lot

Itís been especially great since a vehicle tore down the privacy fencing.

You ever talk evangelical about sin , ill informed morons their response just hate

And then you bring up
Exodus 21 - 22-25
Deuterommney 28 -18-53
2nd kings 8-12 seems like there was a lot of abortion in Old Testament.
So then you ask them well you bring up abortion do you eat bacon Leviticus 11 cud eaters hooves or some fish. So I pin them down in asking as they run their gums and they just talk weak stupid.

And my thoughts on southern Baptist they use religion to marginalize and oppress they bastardized Christianity to fit their narrative. I truly try live by Matthew 25 Iím a father a husband I am far from perfect I suffer from alcoholism I eat medicine for my booze addiction.

And yet with these Christian republicans letís fuck the poor and the sick I donít get these perverts. And in listening to them saying we as a nation our founding fathers proclaimed America as a Christian nation. Iím like no our founding fathers said we were a secular country and our founding fathers were so far from Christianity.

Perhaps they were more our founding fathers deist in thoughts or beliefs. Then I had to explain deist to them and no problem as I try and educate all. America is not the Jim baker evangelical or the 700 club pat Robertson tv show. And today the evangelicals are more inline with taliban in oppression as Americans talibangelist mike pence Jerry Falwell junior. I donít get how you can be so fucked up in head in your thinking is what I tell them.

? Vets If I send my wife a range card , do you think she will understand the dogs dug up lilac bush

As young infantry soldier we drew range card give it to plt sgt or the Lt I never knew where the range cards went was told they went up chain command to give em a pic of whatís up whatís in front of us well that was my army infantry 84-87 who knows if they do range cards today. And yes I was a shitty range card artist I mean wtf Impressionism or cubism yea not me.

So my point is my two out of four furry reprobates dug up lilac bush tore it apart we planted two years ago in thinking hey letís play letís be dogs and dig Duncan pup and yogi the newfie I got out shower sat on back porch and Duncan was dragging lilac bush around yard.

So my wife text howís things Iíll be home from the office around 5 pm 17:00 should I try and find a two year old lilac bush to replant. Dogs and man will cruise around the sticks will dig one up steal it hello 911 yes there is this guy digging up our lilac bush ,or just email my wife range card pointing out they dug up lilac bush next to shed. I am not worried yet my wife will be pissed at the furry troopers for a bit as I say theyíre part of the platoon I find humor really never take life to seriously.

How do you hide money from a republican

Put it under a copy of the constitution

How teamster conversation has changed over the years

Years ago the conversation amongst these guys Iíve known for decades.
1987- Beer women Harleys more beer you wanna hit the bar after work.

This morning a friend pulled up in yard horse heís sixty one. Hey you have any anti acids Iíll need a few Iím getting the chili off the food truck this morning.

2021- Talking about hearing aids dentures always mentioning retirement in maybe eight years. Oh man you gotta join AARP you get a awesome gym bag. No Iím not going to the bar after work I need at least two days well one solid day to recover. Yea viagra really does work fellas ask your doc about it.
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