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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,418

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The boog

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Naltrexone for my alcoholism it works , and dejoy keeps fuqing around with post office

Medicine is campral and naltrexone it is called Sinclair Method it works for me and Iíll take it no questions asked . My ninety day supply finally arrived yesterday six days late , you try and be proactive and order early , it tells you that it is to early to refill scripts. So towards the end I use pill cutter to try extend them and cut them into two , yea fuqing dejoy.

How are women like bacon advice to our teenage sons

They both look taste and smell amazing , they also slowly kill you.

My wife asked me if she had any annoying quirks

Then she got really upset during the Power point presentation.

Running Union grievances today remotely up to bat first stupidity

A Union dock worker feels oppressed because he was counseled on not masking up in the dock office. Our one steward is out on fmla his wife is physically trashed from Covid. Out of 425 workers at our terminal we have nine out on sick board Covid. The dock man grievance reads like a Alex Jones script I should have never volunteered for this.

My wife is in E-8 mode company first sgt , she finds sins

I find humor as a husband a father former infantry vet, I remember my three first sgt and commandments that they held dearly. The most comical first sgt I ever had was when I was in 2/325 pir at Bragg, he was a staunch southern Baptist great soldier Vietnam vet ranger qualified. His Friday speeches were men donít partake in satans plan and blow your pay on loose women and alcohol , why come to my church on Sunday and have fellowship. This way I wonít have to come to the MP station over the weekend and get you or have to counsel you on a Monday.

Or one time he the Baptist first sgt saw me putting a saint Michael medallion in my rucksack before a jump. Saint Michael the patron saint of the airborne, and top came over and put his hand on my shoulder and talked and prayed with me , airborne you are covered under the blood of Jesus you are protected you do not need to use idolatry. You know I was thinking ok top I need all the help I can use I didnít have the heart to tell him about my idolatry superstition and my luck MRE spoon that I used over and over.

Sorry for the ramble yet Iím pointing out the sins that my wife says is a no no around here. This morning she opened up the dishwasher looking for clean coffee cups and one of the boys who loaded it only ran the colander and one old pot. In the sink was like eight plates silverware and at least six coffee cups. The guys are in triple s express mode the interrogations will start soon. Iím thinking our three guys would make great skaters shamming enlisted in the army.

No brag I found out how to satisfy my wife in bed.

The secret is when I sleep on the sofa sheís glowing this morning .

So I asked my wife to let me know when she orgasms

She replied I do not like to bother you when you are at work.

So I just read in the Bible a man has to make the coffee


Boog the chocolate lab is a obi wan kenobi to Duncan pup

At the farmers market boog hanging his head out the Tacoma window , boogs barks anymore sound like laryngitis at eleven years old or eleventy as boog says. Iím eleventy man letís roll I got a wart on my head and grey hair on my muzzle, yet boog is letting man know get me a hot dog man.

And Duncan pup is in the backseat shredding man styrofoam coffee cups totally clueless. I get back to Tacoma pass out hotdog each to boog Duncan. On way home boog is cruising hanging his head out passenger window. Dunk pup in back seat grrrring ripping old styrofoam coffee cups apart after he ate his hot dog.

Now home having tomatoes onions cucumbers with pepper, I told my wife maybe once will have a normal dog we can only hope. Boog says yea man I agree the pup is a total asshole.

When you commute to work and pup daycare

And you forget Duncan pups lunch , I walked out and left his rubber maid container of dog food on the counter. So dropping off at pup camp I gave the young lady my tuna sandwich and a pint of cottage cheese for Duncanís lunch today Iíll just get something off the lunch wagon.
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