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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,182

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The boog

Journal Archives

Sitting on back porch talking with boog the chocolate lab he ate crayons

Boog and man were on back porch heís hanging with me he knows heís on my wife the ladyís shit list. I just got home from a night of union trucking , and he is hanging with me sitting next to me the man iam petting big chocolate mug and rubbing his ears.

Boog - man I made ladyís friend granddaughter cry she is four man I ate her crayons. I love kids how was I to know she would cry.

Man - Itís cool boog I stopped and got her a new box of 64 crayons all is good. Itís cool boog lady gets over her bitches real fast.

Boog - hey man wag wag more ear rubs, do you remember the time I ate Elmerís glue then later I ate boys moldy bread science experiment Elmerís glue is yummy.

Man - why yes I do remember the moldy bread science project. You ate it on a Sunday and it was due on a Monday ,and we sent a letter in saying our dog ate the boys homework. That was seven years ago mister second grade for your boy.

Boog - hey man your correct that was just after Christmas break 2012 That was the time nana grandma caught me counter surfing Christmas cookies I had two , and she took them off of me and tossed them in trash. And I nabbed them out trash and she called me a asshole dog.

Man - yup boog I remember you and ladyís mom always have had a special kind of relationship.

Now mister boog is getting relaxed as I rub his head and ears and he lays down next to me on top porch step.

Boog - I love you man

Man - boog you know your shits will be multicolored for several days.

I have a big chocolate head in my lap as I rub my knuckle heads ears he was free.

Banana cream or blueberry pie I'm craving both

Which one should I buy du community, I have two hours of work left. Perhaps I should just buy both of them.

Apocalypse no , the boog is showing his colonel Kurtz

Peace is hard on warriors well it is for the boog the chocolate lab. Why we pulled out we bagged it, It is there real estate the lower pasture at night , who the skunks and raccoons why because you cannot win against a insurgency .

For at least eight of his nine years he has probably gotten sprayed around maybe 12 times. So I put him on a 30 foot wire lead. Once the sun comes up he is a free range boog. At first I tethered the lead to a metal cork screw he would tear it out. Now I have it attached to a weight bar that we bench loaded with 150 pounds.

And so far this morning he has dragged the weight bar probably 3 feet. Barking growling because of the critters out there in the dark. Then he will come back and sit with me on steps. As Iím trying to enjoy the morning with my pipe and coffee. He will whine paw at me lick my ears , come on man I have to get them.

Boog it is over with this folly of the skunk wars. Dude you have a bad leg you have a chest full of medals a real fruit salad. I have had to take you for rabies boosters stitches over the years and you have about 6 Purple Hearts. And one big ass body count of raccoons and skunks.

He looks at me I can see his chocolate mug illuminated by the kitchen light. I do love him so much he is a original. And he doesnít like forced retirement as a skunk war vet at all.

Stir fry kielbasa's it looks like for breakfast

Hey whatever works they are using the wok. my guys are getting ready to scramble eggs I am trying to learn not to ask questions I find it hard not to.

Boog the chocolate lab reminds me of Pooh bear

I put some yogurt in his dish with his pain and anti inflammatory medicine. And he is laying next to me as we sit on top steps of back porch Iím having coffee and my pipe . Big chocolate head licking his empty bowl and at times licking my forearm thanks man for the yogurt.

Man - boog the dish is empty probably 75 licks ago.

Boog - you never know man I could have missed some tummy yummies

As he has his dish tilted up holding it with his paw licking away with his big head in his dish.

Had Chinese for late lunch boog ate my fortune cookie plastic wrap and all

My fault I left the cookie on the coffee table. I went to put my plate in the dishwasher, and came out to the family room. And he was up on the couch gobbling down my fortune cookie.

I said boog get your chocolate ass away from that coffee table , he gave me a wag wag and laid down on the couch ok man . So I sat down and rubbed his ears I had to ask did you at least read our fortune. Well man itís gonna be tomorrow until we can read it in the backyard. My wifeís and sons cookies are in fridge with their Chinese takeout, this dog is a terrorist.

Troop is tabbed RANGER I got setup yesterday he surprised me

Iím on a ramble du community Iím happy.young Ranger has made the course tabbed a fucking stud , My wife knew and our children knew he was coming. And they kept it a secret, I was outback grilling burgers and dogs and I heard hey airborne. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and forehead all 74 inches of him. I think I embarrassed him cuz I was throwing tears, he was like come on man Iím ok.

I told him I love you like a son and I worry for you , I told him after his high school graduation do not join the army and do not go infantry and do not go airborne. And he didnít listen to me I cannot say anything as I did not listen to my old man.

I have known young Ranger since he was probably three years old. His mom moved home with her mother were neighbors country neighbors about half mile apart. I saw a lonely little man back then in 2003 and i made him part of my world.

I coached him in t ball and little league, Iíd bring him along fishing and hunting. I used to carry his little ass across the creek as I have done for our girls and son on my back as little people at the dam and we would fish together. Sitting between my legs on a rock we would get a hit here boy we got a fish reel it in kiddo.

I have pulled over in middle of night driving truck pulling doubles replying to his drunk text calling him on phone. When he was Cherry paratrooper at Bragg and his girl high school sweetheart broke up with him. He was drunk crying she broke up with me.

I told him itís better this way you do not need her down in the asshole of the world Fayetteville. 82nd does have its share of the dark rapist wife beaters assaults robbery, two guys that lived across from me enlisted like me always had cash they were in my platoon and we were friends. Here they were pulling robberies when we were in Garrison.

They would ask me hey wild b you wanna go out tonight no fellas Iím short on cash , no problem b here is a 40$ so you have cash in your pocket for the ladies dude told me his dad sends him cash. Guys I canít pay you back till payday wild b itís a gift ok letís go. They got busted after the one airborne brother got shot trying pull a robbery. Didnít take long for army and Fayetteville police put it together.

Trooper and his girl were gonna get apartment off base please Iíd tell him. You been in division 6 months and you have been busier than a one arm paper hanger.if you love her then let her go she is in college. You raised your hand you chose this ,so I donít wanna hear you crying.

I told him yesterday you owe me Saturday weíre hitting the lake on the boats to fish boys and me. He just text me if I pick you up can we go beer distributor as he is only 20. And you have be 21 in Pennsylvania his mom is working so Iíll pick him up a case of beer , him and friends swimming today at the ponds behind his moms house.

A bromance here this morning uncle boog the chocolate lab and his nephew

I walked upstairs to shower, and our daughter opened up the bedroom door. And there stood young mister my grandson ready to go greet the day. My daughter goes he heard you dad in the bathroom and he was wide awake. She tried to get him to go back to sleep and that was not happening with young mister ,we were gonna head out and fish. But ma nature tossed thunder and lightning our way so no fishing.

I would seriously be on my wifeís shit list if our sons got hit with lighting sarcasm. Although I knew a dude in 82nd from second platoon that got hit by lightning. He was ok fried the prc the prick I think we carried 77ís radios then sorry I go off on rambles although my wife says at 53 your columbo Peter falk is really starting to show. Oh hell that was decades ago memoryís getting really hazy.

So the grandson has moved on from grilled cheese heís twenty months old. Pap grilled cheese was so two months ago seriously get with the program old man. So this morning we served chicken tenders from the market that I picked up yesterday, and I did instant spuds with gravy washed down with apple juice.

ZZ Top for our choice of breakfast music itís our deal we have to have breakfast music from the laptop .sometimes Iíll open up my tokai les and pick along I get big smiles. This morning no picking we just chatted , and it hit me the song( my heads in Mississippi ) was playing and the one part is boog totally clueless. The verse from the song that says I was stumbling through a parking lot of a invisible 711 what am I doing out here.

After breakfast I thought weíd get into playing with the train set , absolutely not grandson and uncle boog chilling out on the couch , watching hop the movie I headed to the patio to enjoy my pipe and Folgers.

The lines are wet we're fishing although we ran into shelob the spider from lord of the rings

A ramble du community but I want to share this. I just feel happy as I sit here on this island watching my two guys as they fish illuminated by the fire we have we were on the island by 05:30. My one son his throat and ears no longer hurt. Doc hooked him up with Zithromax yesterday and strep came back negative. We bailed fast this morning it surprised me as I checked on our one son. He was awake and he said dad I feel great. I asked you wanna hit the dam so I went and woke up his brother.

Both of my guys love to fish I tell people they are diehards. So out of bed brush the teeth wash your faces, make a quick bagel give boog his gabapentin and his anti inflammatory in peanut butter bread. Even with a limp Boog has heart and one bad leg doesnít slow him down and we cannot leave a boog behind. Although we have now become his service people we have to help him into the Tacoma.

We hit the creek grab the gear and I smile as my two guys getting into neoprene waders. Dad is wearing cut off nylon sweats and ozark closed toe sandals. The reason for them wearing the waders snakes dad. Why yes we do have copperheads and rattle snakes around. But their concern is water snakes , why it is dark and we cannot see them standing in creek. These guys just make me smile I love them so deeply.

So we head out flashlights on as were making for the trail where we cross to the island. This time of year the water is ankle deep, and this part of creek is decent as no rocks underneath our feet just loose creek bed. As we reach the island we stop and find the trap I set in creek I tie it off on this tree in creek and leave it for minnows and crayfish it was loaded we clean it out put the minnows in one container and crayfish in the other ,we just set bait containers in the creek so water runs through them. I ask my guys you wanna wade around the island or we walk the trail to other side to the dam.

They chose the trail so I go first flash light shining on ground yes copperheads. Place is heavy with them but the fishing is sweet. And I donít shoot them anymore with 22 pistol and snake shot this is where they live. I just usually poke them with my rod and they slither away.

And as we get close to the dam , even over the sound of the water roaring I hear son of a bitch behind me. I stop and turn as our one son walked into a spider web. Dad check to see if I have any spiders on me he says in a panic voice. I use flashlight and tell him your good to go as his brother giggles at him dam bro and says to him that could have been shelob,yup no support I smile come on we have fish to catch.

My two immediately get lines in the water as I build a fire. Surprisingly our cache of dried wood we scavenged from our last time here is still available. I enjoy just watching my guys. So far four small mouths and several crappies have been caught I put out the word keep the crappies if they are decent in size will filet them and do fish fry today . This time of year early morning or late evening is awesome. Theyíre feeding and will hang here until around 0900 , then work our way out hitting the cabbage water Lillieís cuz the bass go for shade once sun is high. Life is good hanging with my two guys and a boog.
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