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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
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Almost first call for day one of eighth grade

0500 Iíll get the boys up ,I already have a pot of sos cream chip beef on they love it dad not so much reminds me of army. Dad just has to do the toast and eggs, tried to cram as much fun as we could into the last weekend of summer vacation. Saturday morning I got done with work I mentioned letís hit Hershey Park on a whim. They were like no we went with mom and grandma in July dad. We just wanna relax and enjoy this weekend Iím like ok men.

So we got to hit the ponds Saturday and go after large mouth bass I enjoy that. Ultralight rod reels and large mouth bass or crappies or perch. Yesterday we went to the community pool the new order of the day is to dunk dad. And they are successful at it they weigh in around 125 to 135 to dad at around 140. The lifeguard blew her whistle at them yesterday and said you leave your father alone I was a victim just swimming and I get ambushed by two turkeys I expect it and love it Du community . I said thank you young lady and then mouthed ha ha at the boys.

In the car on way home I was catching cheap shots from them both for getting them in trouble snitches get stitches . I said Iíll pull this car over boys and kick some thirteen year old behind come on dad will take you on you scrawny chicken chest. Itís all in good fun and I enjoy it I do think that Iíll be looking up at them one day. Our biological son I think he will be like his motherís dad that man was 6 ft 4 and our foster son father is like 6ft6 September 17 this year the adoption will be final.

Hoping for another awesome year for these guys and to all children. I think In five years they will be going off to university and then dad will take his union pension after their done with college . We have had a lot of first days of school In this family our older daughters and our sons. My wife was remembering yesterday when our one daughter got off the bus her first day of kindergarten. We were like how was it excited to hear about her first day. And her response was my teacher smells like great grandma she is old. I told my wife Iím worried that the furry boys will go through withdrawals as they get so used to having their boys around on summer vacation.

Dear diary day 576 of the magat shit show

John Brennan a fine American has lost his security clearance Kushner still has his. I fear that kremlin 45 will pull Bigfootís security clearance next on orders from putin.

It's total insanity here this morning getting ready for eighth grade

Hey fellas letís get our gear ready for first day of eighth grade. Pack gym clothes sneakers and gym bag have that gear pre staged. Letís get the binders organized markers pencils notebooks. Now we have ran across dad I canít find flash drive that you bought me. Ok anybody know what I did with my gym shorts from last year the boys have to wear school gym outfits green shorts white t shirt. What is wrong with the shorts we ordered you two weeks ago theyíre to loose well why didnít you tell us that they were loose well I forgot to tell you. We asked you if they fit the day you were trying them on so is both sets to big uh yea theyíre to big.

My wife gets involved do not take those towels to school for gym theyíre the good bath towels. As then both boys pull out the good bath towels from their gym bags my wife looks at me 😂. Dad where is our body wash and deodorant I am glad weíre doing this today.

Then I was gonna do Salisbury steaks mashed potatoes for dinner their call for back school dinner. Then that has changed to the diner fried chicken meatloaf buffet to now hey letís do Mexican. Has anybody seen my house key no when is last time you had it. I remember having it last day of school mom I told you I do not need powder in my gym bag. My wifeís reply that is your father. I jump in gotta keep the boys dry the (testicles ) after a shower you donít need jock itch.

And dad is enjoying it every moment

At hospital our Daughter is in labor

We been here since 2300 last night. I stepped out to have a pipe in our car and score coffee. Before I stepped out the doc came in to check on our daughter not quite yet she said. Our son in law was passed out in chair in delivery room. My wife was sitting next to our daughter they were talking between contractions. I rolled to get coffee and take out chili. I was hungry and I love the diners chili. Our son in law and my wife just wanted coffee. I am just sitting here in waiting room thinking and I ramble. Memories of our daughter who is about to become a mother.

I remember her birth so clearly my wife walking around delivery room asking me to rub her back because of cramps. That was twenty four years ago and I still remember it so clearly. I remember all our childrenís births. One of my most vivid memories is when our son was born in 04. How he latched on to nurse from his mother. Little guy is hungry I thought as I watched him nurse. And that has continued over the last 13 years. Our other son who is 13 as well came to us in foster program. And yesterday they rampaged thru the tacos and taco salad my wife made. They make me smile no survivors on tacos.

I just went in to check on our daughter she is ok. I sat for like half hour She is not fully dialated yet young mister it seems is not in a huge hurry to arrive. So I continue to ramble I mentioned to my wife maybe we should give them sometime to be alone. I got that look from her Du community yea no. So it is pre dawn Iíve seen a lot of pre dawns over the years. Army infantry then union line haul driving truck or just yard jockey. This sunrise is one for the books a special day.

You know Du community a blind date 34 years ago. Has made this day happen when my wife and I met. I was home on leave and my sister in law and brother set my wife and me up on date. I remember that night and who would have ever thought. That pitchers of beer and wings would have brought us here to this place in time. I did most of the drinking that night. My wife thought wow can he put it away but I was a gentleman. I walked her back to her dorm room said good night and I went out drinking some more. I am gonna head in to delivery room and sit and soak it all up.

I really suck at being a disciplinarian beware a ramble

I always have even with our daughters. And now with our two thirteen year old sons. As I sit here drinking coffee with my wife , her words to me your just a softy. Yesterday we received a letter from the school. Asking why we never signed and returned the two write ups over our sons and horseplaying on the bus. As my horseplay syndicate walked through the door yesterday I presented the letter from the school. Immediately their response was dad we forgot, I replied you forgot twice. Dad it was just a mistake a big misunderstanding. I replied really a misunderstanding twice. Thatís it no computer or x box or guitar.

Their great kids on honor roll never really written up before. And I understand that their boys. Now did they actually forget I doubt it and I cannot handle deception or deceit. Well I can handle deception in infantry operations smoke and mirrors that was a joke or attempted humor. So I relaxed the punishment this morning and let the boys out on parole.

Iíll say this our daughters their grown now never got a write up in school. The only problem I personally ever had was once going to university to bring our youngest home for break And in her trash can I noticed a aftershave bottle. Now I knew that a guy she brought home for Christmas break used that aftershave. So in the car I causally interrogated her young lady your father is very observant.

Teaching our sons the truth on trickle down economics

So sitting at the dining room table with our sons. With the three domestic wolves I give a demonstration. I ask boog the chocolate lab can you be BOOG Corp and the top one percent in this project. Boog gave me several wag wags and drooling so I took that as a yes man. Iíll be the top one percent in this project.

Now for demonstration purposes only dad will play the house and senate repugs and our golden retriever and Newfie will be the working class. So I say see how boog kisses my hand and wag wags in real life that is the one percent cash donations to my campaign I can be persuaded and bought. Because the Supreme Court has allowed oligarchs and corporations to buy democracy.

So I get a piece of toast with jelly and tell boog Iím going to give you this toast with jelly. You take and then reinvest it with the other dogs and boog ate the whole thing. And now the other two dogs look at me man what about us. And I said now boys we totally ignore them ,as weíre the senate and House and we legalized the theft from the working class. In this tax scam bill that has passed and that is why never vote republican boys.

President carter a fine president

Is a discussion weíre having at work this morning. Not sure how it got started the discussions basically are always over the yard jockey radios. Now I respect mr Carter one of his most amazing accomplishments was the peace accord between Egypt and Israel. And as young man I served in a infantry battalion that pulled six months in the M.F.O. Multi national force to keep peace in Sinai this was in the 80s my tour.

Even though president carter only served one term and I was teenager. I tell these guys I work with the peace deal he brokered is still in effect today. Today Sinai has changed with elements of isis but when I was there. It was a beautiful peaceful tour of duty and I came home with a awesome tan for Christmas. And jimmy Carter stopped the killing between Egypt and Israel and that is quite the accomplishment.

Just changed diaper on my grandson no bragging

I have not changed a diaper in years. But hey I still have it at 52 years old. My wife and I have five children three grown daughters 33 28 23 years old and two 13 year old boys at home. Our daughter and son in law has come to visit for a few days with our grandson and I told our daughter go lay down. Take a load off I have it covered, you guys need a break.

So the boys are thirteen year olds and grandad were playing with their nephew and I was like oh no I smell a stinky. And the baby was happy after the stinky I said fellas to my boys go get the baby bag we have a job to do. As I sit and watch our grandson. I worry for his future as I do for our sons, my wife and I put our daughters through college with no student loans. And I want to do the same for our sons, Iím a union truck driver now yard jockey and never been to higher education. My wife has excelled in college and beyond but today it is hard for younger generation since we made it in 1987 after I got out army. I ramble but with the tax scam bill and gop I do worry for those I love and their future.

Deep state meetings tire the boog out

Yes boog is a resistance trooper as he is snoring on the couch he was up late. Iíll level with you he has heart. Beside just hanging out for snacks at the meeting he is in the fight against tyranny . Example when I got up to get a new deck of cards he mr boog liberated some little smokies from my paper plate. And just looked And wagged at other members at the table hey guys man wonít mind. He is a great trooper to have in this fight.

The boog the chocolate lab

So Iím at the store and see a cool Labrador in training a service dog and Iím thinking awesome puppers . And then I am in checkout and look out the glass windows and see my boog he is licking the driver side window. Heading into parking lot My stable genius sees me I get the WOOF WOOF man here man you need to come here this is our car. I climb in get ear kisses and wag wags man it is a good thing I saw you. you could have got into a different car I have your back man. And he was free of charge as a puppy 8 years ago.
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