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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,944

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The boog

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Bob mueller don't sweat it Du community

I figure two options minimum if traitor suck ass shuts down investigation. Then come January

Option 1- Congress hires mueller to continue the special counsel

2- Congress a Democrat congress subpoena mueller to testify

Trump is trapped he is running out of options in Desperation.

If he was innocent he would let mueller finish but his actions cry guilty.

I will vote you out as a woman

once again women of this country stood up and saved the day for country democracy the women in my life my wife our daughters all voted blue we men did our part together as well we make awesome team.

We share same values morals compassion example caravan is not a caravan itís a exodus and we understand we need to love and care for all in need or sickness

I'll have to find new off ramp to piss at

I been using it regularly on my night driving, after about 200 miles time to get rid of coffee.Reason someone had put Scott Wagner for governor and Lou Barletta for senate signs at off ramp exit. I felt as a union member and member of the resistance it was my duty to wet them down every time I went to that terminal.

Hope we hear from Bob mueller team soon

Bohemian rhapsody we saw it

And my guys want to go see it again next Saturday in imax. Yesterday after the movie and this morning Iím hearing from the fretboard.

Bohemian Rhapsody
Killer queen
Love of my life

After movie I asked what do you guys wanna do for chow.

Their answer- Diner cheeseburgers the diner has a Two cheeseburger platter that the guys enjoy.

Twenty questions for dad over seeing queen in 86 in Munich magic tour . I told them I never really followed queen I went with a lady friend after show I was a fan. We all agree that innuendo the album is Mr mercuryís Obituary.

The live aid part of movie I enjoyed we were on stage with the band. I looked over at our one son and he was nailing it note for note on air guitar I smiled.

Going to see bohemian rhapsody today

The boys and dad kind of excited I saw queen magic tour in 86 in Munich in army.

Being a Grandfather I'm rambling

At 52 Iím sitting here with our Grandson he is five months old and plump he is all mothers milk Little fat legs chubby tummy dude your eating well. And I look at our youngest daughter and think now your 25 a mom I remember holding you as a baby a infant I was at your birth. And now your a mother , I remember the times when you were a baby and I used to give you a bath and you would fall asleep with a bottle on my chest.

Boog the chocolate lab diet I need to learn to just say no

I got home from work craving pbj and cold glass milk. In the kitchen our golden retriever who is not on a diet ,and the chocolate menace of society was watching man make his sandwich. Well I made them both a peanut butter sandwich, I just look at those eyes and faces. Upside was it was on whole wheat bread no white flour boog ok man GULP!, I doubt he even tasted the sandwich.

The boog diet and man on way home

From casting my absentee ballot he is on a diet. And he was sniffing the air we passed the



Dunking donuts

Man why are we not stopping man ,oh no man they have gotten to you in thinking I need to diet I love you man but this is treason.

Six minutes till I cast my absentee ballot

Work changed next week I wonít be home good thing they let me know in advance.
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