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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,455

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Accidentally deleted post earlier over my wife boog Duncan

As last night my wife trying get in bed dogs didnít move, she went spare bedroom boog dunk were all stretched out with me she laughs about it , I told her weíre a dog pack we cuddle.

55 in age , my email this morning.

Offers for
Generic viagra
Reverse mortgage
Burial insurance
Woman man person camera tv, I find it amusing.

Qanon is accusing mike Flynn of being satanist

I have intel from a former Gunny sgt who has satan worshiping friends, that Flynn is only in it for the sex and day old doughnuts carry on.

I think we were robbed

I fell asleep on the couch with two of the furry boys doing the first quarter of raiders chargers, I woke up and the crackers and cheese were all gone. I am surprised the boog or pup didnít attack the intruder or bark to alert me.

Boog mr big paws our golden retriever

Boog is eleven chocolate lab mr big paws golden retriever is thirteen, they both are on arthritis medicine and they still try to go outside to relieve themselves they understand we always expected that and they did , If they have accident in house itís fine furry boys you try to go out and man just says itís fine cleaning up accident for best furry boys it just makes me sad seeing boog or mr big paws old and arthritic.

I told my wife we have dunk heís year half this is last dogs we get cuz when it comes time to put them down it hurts deep, does make me smile how the two old furry boys chew dunks pups ass in dog years they are 77 and 91 years old in dog years I love all furry pups.

The bobcat is back

Very vocal this morning I heard it only one other time perhaps late spring early summer like now early morning, this is one of the many pleasures we receive living near Michaux state forest.

Received a text from friend this morning about a trump supporter paying for groceries

Text from friend- At grocery store just watched a guy in trump 2020 hat pay for his groceries with a snap card this absolutely makes no sense.

So I been mentioning to all the trumpig supporters I know

In person or by text hey did you hear joe Biden won Arizona by three hundred and sixty more votes than in January. Then I called Pennsylvania rep Doug mastriano a rep who wants to do a fraudit in Pennsylvania, Doug is a trumpig testicle massaging treasonous fuck who swore the same oath to the constitution as I as soldiers, and told Doug only got voicemail that he should call and congratulate President Biden. Ok have good day du I was ranting I have get the quiche out the oven.

Why don't vegetarians moan during sex

Because they do not want to admit a piece of meat makes them feel happy.

Do you remember the candy root beer barrels.

My wife just asked me now that is candy from childhood that I forgot completely about. so now weíre trying to remember items from the 70ís such as well I brought up necco wafers disgusting, my wife just brought up the TV dinners for kids she was a fish sticks fan I loved the pudding.
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