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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,420

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The boog

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Talking with a nurse practitioner about the Covid vaccine

I stopped yesterday to pick up negative Covid results that the school needs for our sixteen year old son to return today. And the nurse practitioner in us talking commented in remembering her childhood, when they came to her school to give the polio vaccine she either mentioned vaccine in salt or sugar cubes. She said that nobody complained the parents were ok in what she remembers and today we have mass ignorance.

The U.S.is 53% full vaccinated and 21% fully dewormed.

Just read this on Twitter

The first failed half ass retriever meeting went well

Two goldens and a chocolate lab three hundred twenty pounds of dogs. Standing looking at the man mooching life cereal , the opening ceremonies was the throwing of the tennis ball from the kitchen bar and was totally ignored by all three failed retrievers as the boys were eating sticky buns. Their motto is will retrieve later sticky buns first.

Anyone like to start a support group of failed retrievers

Labs or golden retrievers any kind of retriever that doesnít retrieve. They actually are takers or get anything and then want to play keep away, example our sixteen month old golden retriever pup Duncan he was playing keep away. With a feminine pad and my wife hollering bring that back here , itís a game as soon as pup knows you want whatever he took.

Then dunk drops the feminine pad next to me on back porch. I told my wife heís thinking lady buys stupid squeak toys man , they have no squeaker in them.

I'm in good mood today reason the military is in garrison

No more deployments no more KIA or WIA it is over. Yes we can remember the murdered on this day , yet it was perverted by W bush and Cheney into invading Iraq.

Trump desantis 2024 I heard a dude say that in lunchroom last night

A rant , this is a new hire after he said that , I thought yea Iím not gonna talk casual with this guy we will only speak about work assignments. He has 30 days probation then he has to join teamsters to work. This morning on punch out he said have good day I just canít , I have no problem if we donít get along we donít speak itís not popularity contest. Iím sure others have filled him in how I operate only really hang with my own people other dinosaurs . Yet trump desantis you already showed me your lacking in morals or empathy.

Amazing in my local the amount of young repigs, itís a semi rural area.

Never trust a atom , they makeup everything

Morning du saw this on Twitter, home done with third shift having coffee have good day.

Life at 55 I find humor

Just played basketball with teenagers and the pup this old man gives it all he has the boys are older and do not cut me any slack dad likes to win nor do i cut slack. And now after a shower Iíve applied icy hot sleeves to my knees before dinner hey Iíll take it.

Remember vicks vapor rub and mercurochrome that was the go to in youth

Our sixteen year old smells of Vick vapor rub , fever sore throat playing it by ear heís vaccinated. Other day fishing the eleven year old cut his finger with a hook. In the boat I said just put some mercurochrome on it youíll be fine kiddo.

Murder parkour is a daily routine around here the pup and kitten.

As I sit on the back porch I can hear turmoil from the family room , we have a magic mesh. And earlier refilling my coffee I had to pick up two pillows and right a coffee table lamp because of the murder parkour participants. They are best friends the kitten and pup they sleep together, yet they get wound up I find them amusing.

The kitten is totally tactic cool takes the high ground in waiting to ambush the pup, lays on couch or back of chair
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