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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,164

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The boog

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I know a rant I'm preaching to the choir here yet white privilege

This morning at the store a fellow white man as I who suffers from white privilege . Goes total asshat on the nice woman from the deli who I always chat up sheís a Muslim immigrant, so she didnít hear the amount this guy ordered heís asked for 3/4 pound she had pound.

And dude goes I said 3/4 donít they teach you people math in your country, and he looks at me and my three sons who one we adopted is mixed black father white mother and he smiles at us.

I snapped off I raised my voice and said one this is her job you donít need be asshat and two it seems she did not hear you so check it just unbelievable thank you for letting me rant. Seriously these fuckers just need to start wearing the hoods and robes.

So our seventeen year old is looking at this made in Japan Burny Les Paul

It is probably late 70ís early 80ís this is a R8 thicker neck as he has huge hands unlike his father. So he went played it and played a Edwards Les and Japan elitist Les Paul and he is coming back around to this burny. All three long neck tenon you know apples oranges all three are nitro finished once again apples and oranges. I personally could never tell difference between tone over a finish I mean shit were plugged into amp or a neck joint over tone.

He tells me dad it just feels right holding playing the burny , I said yes my young padawan I understand you, like early burny super grades and tokais you never run across a lame duck one the craftsmanship is impeccable.

Yet I told our son go with your heart and you know I told him burny back then the craftsmanship was superb like my tokai Les Paul theyíre better than real thing after Gibby moved from Kalamazoo. So the guy is open to offers heís asking $1150 kid has it so I said make him offer hereís hoping the guy takes it if not I know he will pay $1150 cuz heís like his old man

What's the difference between kinky and perverted

Kinky you just use the feather perverted you use the whole bird.

I shared chicken soup with furry boys

You ever think these domestic woofs wolves there is only 1% difference in DNA from their wolf cousins. These three a 13 year old golden retriever and a 11 year old chocolate lab and 18 months old golden retriever pup , these guys are like ok man thanks for the soup in our bowls yet where is our homemade bread with butter.

What is the difference between republicans and pornstars

Pornstars donít keep their mouth shut after being fucked by trump.

Having coffee in my bedroom slippers

I really should wash some cups.

A war story on this Veterans Day told to me by a Vietnam marine who was at con thien.

Told to me one night years ago as we were coming out of Boston on line haul by a fellow veteran and a fellow teamster as we shot the breeze over cb radio.

He said man I saved my rifle platoon we was in tight spot my platoon was in danger this was after a patrol, I asked how what happened he said it was before chow I shot the cooks.

My wife just told me great big bird is vaccinated

Yet my little pony is facing a shortage of ivermectin.

Being a grand parent is bringing back memories of parenting

Itís a lot like the bar scene everyone is yelling everything is sticky itís the same music over and over and eventually somebody pukes.

Cashier at the grocery store was kind of rude

I was checking out and she said strip down facing me, how was I supposed to know she was talking about my debit card.
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