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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,970

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The boog

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Behind every crazy woman is a man who made her that way

My wife just read this off of Twitter to me , Should I ask her what point she is trying to make.

I love you Boog chocolate knucklehead

I think at times boog has become the old white guy neighbor get off of my lawn kids or Iíll spray you with my hose , as he is grouching Duncan pups ass makes me smile Duncan is a pup come on letís play bro .

Boog always was up for whatever with man or his boy then it became boys after we adopted our other son. I sit on couch with a boog head rubbing him telling him rubbing boogs face I love you.

We went to farmers market earlier boog is eleven years old barking out the window, man get goodies man is then getting into car with two pies a apple and blueberry pie, and man is like you know what you load yes she the nice lady cashier heard you and gave me a doughnut for you and the pup.

Armies always leave equipment behind a observation.

Several discussions on Twitter and also this morning at the diner. Last weekend before school, I took the guys to the diner early for breakfast, folks are saying we left aircraft and that they could attack the u.s.a . No those aircraft are A29 prop driven built for tactical air they have no range and no threat to us. As for the Blackhawks I imagine they are all first or second series and weíre not equipped with latest technology, hummers oh well besides upgrading with hillbilly armor in that troops on the ground always adding more sandbags or armor now the taliban will have to constantly find fuel for them.

And we left the ANA with old M16a2 and equipment to fight , I read that some Ana units had no food for weeks hungry no motivation to fight and rampant corruption in senior Afghan army command, you would think do I really want to fight if youíre sane in thought yea no , time to save your hide Iím out of here . I personally am more worried over the women and children that will be living under the taliban, I read girls as young as fifteen are being gifted to fighters fuqing sick poor girls.

A Soviet soldier a friend of mine who I work with told me , when they quit in 89 the kremlin did the same with equipment and they also knew in 89 the Afghan army they trained would not last.

Dogs and thunder any ideas how to stop the fear.

Our chocolate lab boog thunder doesnít bother him never has then our thirteen year old golden before he went deaf thunder used to bother mr big paws and we cuddled for safety.

And the golden pup is losing it at 15 months over thunder buried into me and my wife on couch it just breaks my heart. Poor guy is terrified as I rub him I do not know how to help him with his fear. The pup barks the shivering Iím like mr were fine as I rub him. Any help or ideas thank you in advance du pet lovers.

Watching the grandkids, I said to my wife These kids will have deal with variants after we're dead.

Long after weíre gone Iím 55 grandma is 53. Because of ignorance in people itís unleashed , I hope we can drive Covid into a yearly flu shot.

So my wife told me she will simplify my life by changing my passwords

To Iforgot or cantremebershit. She is a awesome lady.

Life at 55 , I couldn't find my wallet.

Then I found it , and it was exactly where I forgot I put it yesterday.

Here we go mask mandate for school, and petty idiots are upset.

So our school district mandated mask for all children attending school if their vaccinated or not vaccinated, If you do not want your child to mask up then alternative is home school real simple choices. Yet here in Pennsylvania magastan our school district some parents are upset cuz mask order in school 100%. Not only parents grandparents as my wife and i , these people are upset over our superintendent mask policy.

Posting this and talking with my wife I know Iím preaching to the choir. Iím 55 my wife is 54, we both have the vaccine scar on our left arm , we got it as children was it polio or smallpox I canít remember. Yet what floors me as adults our age who benefited from vaccines are so anti vaccine today. I hear my kids and I are vaccinated by the blood of Jesus I think man satan is a slick fuq for you to think that way clown.

When you realize you paid $600 for a weirdo Duncan pup

Earlier on back porch, so before my shower I thought Iíd shave my head I keep the beard. I been shaving it clean since Covid not going to the barber, so I take the bowl I use and fill it up with hot water grab razor and shaving cream head out to back porch.

So Iím shaving my bean and I realize dammit I forgot a towel, so I head in grab a towel and come out to find the golden retriever pup on the table on porch drinking out of the bowl with rinsed shaving cream and hair. And they have a water bowl on the porch I filled it this morning.

Any OIF or OEF vets out there wanna rant

My DM is available first of all I never was in war yet if you want to reach out Iíll listen , I was lucky served 84-87 11B my choice as 17 year old. Yet in our family we have three vets OIF and OEF, two son in lawís and my nephew.

Our one son in law was naval corpsman walked with marine infantry, our other son in law was a scout and we all know as former infantry scouts and tankers think their shit doesnít smell . My nephew was infantry as well who is now on recruiting status , we had them all for Sunday dinner yesterday it was a nice time. Although I would advise against having a sailor as a partner in playing spades just my opinion.

I love them and when they leave I hug and kiss them on cheek and tell them I love you , yes vets even the my shit doesnít stink scout gets a hug kiss and I love you. If you want to rant hit my Dm Iíll listen, Iím around today working Union grievances remotely.

Dashonebravo no you may not cry about sand hill i do not want to hear it.
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