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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,970

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

So trump is accusing Obama of being complicit on Russian intel he received

WTF has ass clown trump done to stop this from happening again.

Got thru to pat toomeys office on the new no health care bill

The individual I talked with I swear was reading from a script. As I would counter the fiction with facts , they would become more flustered. I could tell they wanted to end call , I was civil but it is clearly an evil bill to kill 22 million people.

If America elected golden retrievers or dogs in general

We would be living in a paradise , perhaps they would produce a bill for national snuggles and love time. And of course it would be voted in ,with added pork barrel maybe something from the boog the chocolate lab on more snacks , I know I would enjoy living in that America.

Any info on anti inflammatory supplements for are golden

Asking for your experience looking for are nine year old golden thank you.

As a father I'm glad the young man is back from North Korea

Otto warmbier even though he is in coma. Yes he made foolish youthful mistake we all have made many. But now his parents have him home I could not imagine the anguish and worry they felt.

Sunrise day144 with the king of the morons

Almost quitting time sitting in yard horse ,listening to the chatter on the yard radios. My close dear friend just told a trump supporter over the net , any union man who votes republican should have his head examined. That comment made me smile and no reply from trump supporter, we keep it civil discussing politics of today. I am thinking years ago you would have search high and low , in finding a card carrying repugs in this union. The majority of the republicans here they are younger men. Not to be crude or vulgar but we have a new saying on this shift when we defecate. We announce over the radio I'm going to go have a trump.

The day is coming that it will be to late for the GOP to escape trumps crimes and treason

Another rant over king of the morons and the GOP Spineless Ryan and traitor McConnell follow the orange hair Hitler into the abyss. As does the majority of the house and senate, I constantly call Email barletta and toomey asking them to explain their dereliction of duties to protect this republic that they swore an oath. The GOP has no morality no principles and lack of these lead us all into utter turmoil.

Perhaps we are seeing the demise of the repugs

Time will tell I wonder if in private they know there trapped. Perhaps this is there Stalingrad and they know it the writing is on the wall , but like good fascist they obey there fuhrer. They clearly disregard what comey is saying.

Mueller investigation eighteen months to two years

I just heard this on MSNBC to complete. It is going to be a longer trip than I was hoping.

Another day of king moron

Just walked thru the door from third shift. And now I'm listening to MSNBC FBI nominee is Christopher wray. I hope comey's testimony gives us solid information Thursday , that is all just a rant I'm so sick of trump as we all are.
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