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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,145

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The boog

Journal Archives

The boog kicking ass at Mac Donald's

So after my optometrists appointment Iím like hey I need coffee. So we go through drive thru and I ordered the furry guys cheeseburger each ,well I paid and sitting at first window my chocolate lab sitting in back seat saw his refelection in drive thru window.

Yup he totally came unglued hackles were up barking in back seat with his head out the window, because he thought a dog was in Mac Donaldís. The woman at the first window had the window shut and she was probably thinking what is wrong with this dog barking at me.

Finally the line started moving and we got to the pick up window, man is my burger in that bag that strange dog might have taken it the golden retriever and I were like well he is special heís the family pet.

A ramble and coffee I picked up a clone 59 Les Paul off a luthier friend

He built it out of mahogany he reclaimed from I think he said a pool table or a piano he has had it for awhile so he cannot remember he built it for a customer . He used Indian rosewood for fretboard has nice maple cap he put it together then did not like the grain so It has a honey burst coat and binding I said Iíll take it deep neck tenon maybe Iím a weirdo purist. I was helping him move some junk out of his wood shop like a month ago besides guitars he make furniture, so for my labor and friendship he hooked me up.

One mans seconds is another gear head treasure so today on my lay off Iím starting to put it together , tuners aluminum tail piece abr bridge bone nut just rambling. Thinking how I want to wire it up I have Russian knock off bumble bees definitely wire it up like late 1950 to 60s tone. Maybe going to put some Seymourís in not sure what combo yet.

Pets beds arrived yesterday they're huge

Golden retriever chocolate lab still prefer actual couches to the furhaven pet beds maybe I should get another couch.

Prior service personnel pulled Christmas off again

Lunch with Santa vfw yesterday I think count was 181 kids or 2 undermanned rifle companies in the 82nd ok sorry my attempt at humor. But it made us happy this group of awesome spouses and prior service ass and trash former Air Force army navy marine Corp no matter the branch served we all came together and made it happen,once again every child received a toy and got to talk with Santa.

My wife played Mrs claus our sons were elves as well as sgt major and I volunteered for the Santa slot once again five years now I am a natural reason # 1 my lack of mental maturity and my beard turned gray early and I havenít shaved it in about 8 years since but I trim it to keep it in line. Come to think of it I started going gray when the chocolate lab menace of society came to live with us as a puppy I was 44 and I started turning gray and that was 8 years ago dam dog . Question any jag personnel I know we got em here can I article 15 the chocolate lab menace not field grade just company level he deserves it.

The highlight of the day a young man not sure how old he was but he got worked up and started crying on Santaís lap and puked. Iím thinking he was probably around well 18 months to probably two years old parents wanted pictures. Santa had take break to clean the baby barf off his uniform but quickly went back into action. And after the lunch sgt major told me a young boy asked him arenít you to old to be a elf he is 68 I said you should told that kid Santa outfit is all volunteers now we keep you I had a blast. Next year I think Santa gonna sew 325 Airborne flash on my outfit just to aggravate the Legs.

Watching The Big Lebowski with the kids and dogs

My son goes you know dad our golden retriever could be the dude and boog could be Walter sobchak I had to agree.

Lunch with Santa at vfw I find humor

Mrs Claus is taking forever to straighten her hair, we have to be there by noon 12 pm u til 2 pm or whenever the last child tells Santa their Christmas desires, boys look great as elves I made em shave I mean come on peach fuzz and whiskers at 14 elves donít have beards. Now I find out we have stop and get gas for the hybrid sleigh geez, cool thing is itís for the little kids lunch with Santa and since Santa quit drinking I donít have a hangover like I did last year. boys telling Santa I need some more pillows as stuffing I said bring em Iíll put them in at parking lot.

I found a 1979 mg mgb hope Santa gets it for me

Only 5000 miles on rebuilt engine cost 2200$ Iím thinking about buying it. Why I had one in 87 after army and commuted to work until I hit a deer with it in 95. Mostly between April and November then I would drive my Jeep cuz of winter , now the problem is my wife the voice of reason to my impulsive ways.

The voice of reason she mentioned ok you are driving the 2010 Kia Forte you have 72 beetle the 2010 mustang GT but the daughter and son in law have that my son in law uses the mustang to drive to work. Why because Iím not sure dear I have to come up with a logical reason in my quest for this mg Iím a guy Iím 52 that is logical enough I think.

My wife tortures me with hallmarks Christmas movies

Flynn needs to go prison

A soldier who betrayed his country we all took same oath as enlisted or officer ,Flynn needs a long prison term he is a traitor he makes me sick he is scum. I got no time for ass and trash as former infantry enlisted, and that is what Flynn did he sold out he became a traitor along with trump kremlin and crew it burns me up shakes me how a soldier could compromise his honor and become scum.

How to get a sofa all to yourself the boog

1-Eat cat food early in the day
After the man forgot to put cat bowl up

2- let it brew in tummy

3- unleash gas that man says smells like burning rubber and everybody clears out of family room.

You know itís kind of lonely being on a couch all alone. Since man and the boys went to the front room I think Iíll go out and cuddle with them.
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