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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,145

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Boog the chocolate lab diet I need to learn to just say no

I got home from work craving pbj and cold glass milk. In the kitchen our golden retriever who is not on a diet ,and the chocolate menace of society was watching man make his sandwich. Well I made them both a peanut butter sandwich, I just look at those eyes and faces. Upside was it was on whole wheat bread no white flour boog ok man GULP!, I doubt he even tasted the sandwich.

The boog diet and man on way home

From casting my absentee ballot he is on a diet. And he was sniffing the air we passed the



Dunking donuts

Man why are we not stopping man ,oh no man they have gotten to you in thinking I need to diet I love you man but this is treason.

Six minutes till I cast my absentee ballot

Work changed next week I wonít be home good thing they let me know in advance.

Made friends at train station

A young girl who is four and her brother who is eight. Theyíre traveling with their mother theyíre immigrants silently I wish them a great life.

I enjoy being a grandfather a ramble

In charge today of our seventh month old grandson tell you what he is so narcissistic. Itís all about him diaper needs changed I need a bottle he loves being held , well you know what young mister you got it. Our other grandson he is four months old went home I love em both I been a few things over the years a airborne infantry trooper as kid then a leg infantry troop after I broke my ankle twice on two different jumps.

I have been a husband a father thirty two years a teamster a alcoholic probably since age 12, still a husband and a lush but eating naltrexone for booze still a teamster and I love life. And I have a bad crush on Ann Wilson from Heart my wife and I saw her last year she has a beautiful voice, let me clarify the crush is on the 2018 Ann Wilson not the 1977 Ann Wilson I have morals Iím 52 why I could be the 1977 Ann Wilson father that woman has awesome voice.

My wife is ok with my crush she understands that Iím 52 but emotionally probably 17 she says to me but I fire back in humor and tell her hey I earn big cash being a uneducated steering wheel holder / union truck driver.

So my wife went into office today wearing heart monitor a fib leaking heart valve our one daughter went to visit her friend. And Iím in charge of her baby boy as her husband is working I go back work Wednesday night. So I asked our grandson baby boy you like Etta James I do I love her voice letís just chill on couch lay on my chest letís enjoy the music.

The Golden retriever definitely not a profile of courage

Iím on back porch having coffee and I hear woof woof. So I get up and let mr golden boy out to use the yard. And he pauses sniffs the air listens , and then looks at me come on man you gotta cover me while I go to the bathroom itís dark out. So we travel the yard together as he sniffed out the perfect spot, and then when he is done he runs back to the patio door. I let him in and he goes back to bed with my wife.

I amuse my wife bought a powerball with Boog on way home

With my cut Iím gonna get boog the chocolate lab a brain transplant. And fund local soup kitchen three meals a day seven days week. probably also buy some carhart long sleeve winter t shirts. My old long sleeve winter shirts need replaced. If we donít win Iíll still buy my long sleeve shirts Sunday and go work Monday and put the brain transplant on hold.

George Scott for congress Pennsylvania 10th

I see a lot of signs for George Scott Pennsylvania 10th I have one in our yard . This AO voted predominantly for orange scumbag in 2016. Polls have him one point behind trump bootlicking sycophant Scott Perry.

Pink Floyd and roasting chicken I give you a mental picture

At the house this morning our one son. Is now obsessed with David Gilmour he has inherited his obsession from dad In studying great guitarist. I had dark side of the moon on the other day and he has taken notice. Comfortably numb jamming with it figuring it out rewind the song again and figuring out the song.

And my kitchen assistant the 90 pound chocolate lab land shark. Is assisting me in roasting two chickens ok man they are roasting is it time to eat yet, a small puddle of drool on kitchen floor. I ask him as I cut up carrots you want a carrot dude I get a wag wag sure man.

So a journalist walks into a embassy

And accidentally gets murdered I just turned on the news this is the new alibi . Cut me a break we donít need the saudis trump and criminal crew needs their money.

And how I detest the magat sheep that buy his lying bullshit ,Really whatís next he stumbled into the bone saw.
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