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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 11,411

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The boog

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Lonely dogs chocolate lab and golden retriever

Week two of school I open up the shower and both furry boys are in bathroom. I asked them did you like my cover of Peter frampton weíre lonely man wag wag our boys are not here. These guys get used to having the boys around and when theyíre not itís like there glue to anyone who is home.

First call people let's go eighth grade is waiting

05:00 I love Mondayís it is the only day I get to bounce the boys. So I sent the chocolate knucklehead back up 05:15 to do it again and he climbed back in bed to cuddle. In his defense he did stick around to help me make pancakes and bacon. I said go get em up and I go up and he dog is laying in bed with our one son. I walk in and get wag wag from him you boog are a piss poor wake up hound.

Then I unleash brutality in hitting the boys with the pillows come on letís go time to get up eat and go learn school is waiting your arrival. You have German language class today the old man only knows enough German to order a beer or to get slapped by a nice woman. Your future is waiting you need to learn to get into a decent university and I have news your taking chocolate dog with you to college.

They stumble to bathroom half awake mumbling scratching their asses and balls , yup theyíre guys I enjoy this immensely.

My butchers comments what are you feeding a army

So I stopped around Saturday to place a order for Labor Day. And I replied yes actually I am we will be having guest from the 82nd four young paratroopers my old alma mater so we need meat and a lot of meat. So I went to pay the bill so the butcher knocked off his profit anything for our men and women in service was his comment . Really cool I thought and Iíll pick it up Saturday after I get done with work.

My wife already has their room ready clean sheets and pillow cases and blankets as two of the young paratroopers will be crashing here. Plan is to burn burgers hot dogs steaks chicken or pork maybe even a slab of chocolate lab Saturday Sunday. Then leftovers Monday before they head back to Bragg. Even though their ages range from 18-20 I even bought 7 cases of beer for them. Even though Iím eating naltrexone for booze and itís working. I get off work after a turn straight home no stopping to pick up my usual two quarts. And the one time in 5 weeks I did try to catch a buzz I noticed after like 8 beers my mind was telling me Iím satisfied tanks on full and I stopped.

Now to quote dash one in humor yes will hide the good silverware and china dishes. Iím still wondering if I should put in a piss tube in backyard for them. Boys get out of the flower beds and will slop them with sporks and plastic cups and paper plates 😁 men do not use the decorative bath hand towels or the teddy bear soap thatís all decorative. And come on guys would you stop drinking out of the dogs water bowl the sink is here for water. I do not want my furry boys to catch anything from you 82nd STDís from the sky.

Can I sign the boog the chocolate lab up for match .com

Every time the commercial comes on mister hears that womanís voice. The flight attendant Courtney his tail wags and he looks at the tv. Iím like dude do you like that lady wag wag and he licks the tv screen. And he is a ladies boog he loves to cuddle on the couch. With my wife our daughters or any female that comes to visit.

Maybe Iíll sign him up hey Iím a boog. I like food all kinds of food I like butt scratches ear rubs digging holes. I love sticks I collect sticks oh and I love cat turds from the litter box. Oh yea and trash I like picking in the trash can so if your into any of this just respond to my ad.

John McCain I told a maga clown

MAGAT clown feels it disrespectful that trump cannot attend the senator funeral. You know at times I did not agree with the senator I told him. But I respected him for one decision he made in not being released early as a POW.

And that to me speaks of great character and Honor. All those men endured torture by the North Vietnamese. I then added I would have probably broke you never know how you would deal with that. Simple fact McCain and a generation of Americans fought in that war. And trump hid behind deferments so no disrespect in the uninvite to the senators funeral is how I see it.

Homemade tomato sauce

The neighbor gave us two quarts of tomato sauce and alot more if we would like. So Iím heading out to get Italian sausages and going to learn how to make a lasagna today.

Sitting here listening to queen innuendo

I know Freddie was dying from AIDS ,to me the album sounds like a obituary to what he had and what he had not gained.

And the desperation and fear of having full blown AIDS in the 1990 it was a death sentence. I feel compassion for him his fear and terror listening to innuendo.

Boog a clueless dog with a lot of love and ZZ Top

My heads in Mississippi the verse , I was stumbling thru a parking lot of a invisible 7-11. That is the boog asking what am I doing out here so clueless.

He makes me smile out of all the puppies that day at my friends house he attached himself to our son. And our son was 5 years old at the time dad can we keep him. I looked at our son no way I could say no and eight years later.

So I get home from a New Jersey turn only been gone for like 12 hours. Walk through the door and I get man your home ear licks climbing on my lap. Rub my butt man scratch it boog dogs love butt scratches. I love you man I love my family weíre a pack. You canít beat love from a boog dog big heart and ear licks.

As a attorney of Dog law my client boog the chocolate lab

I fear my client will be walking into a perjury trap on my way to New England. Stopped for 30 minutes read text from my wife.

It seems the boys forgot to put away the ritz crackers and left them on the counter. So I just responded 7 hours later , my client can not be interviewed without his attorney present. Plan is Iíll be home Wednesday morning, oh yea Iíll probably need to stop and get milk and ritz crackers on way home.

Almost first call for day one of eighth grade

0500 Iíll get the boys up ,I already have a pot of sos cream chip beef on they love it dad not so much reminds me of army. Dad just has to do the toast and eggs, tried to cram as much fun as we could into the last weekend of summer vacation. Saturday morning I got done with work I mentioned letís hit Hershey Park on a whim. They were like no we went with mom and grandma in July dad. We just wanna relax and enjoy this weekend Iím like ok men.

So we got to hit the ponds Saturday and go after large mouth bass I enjoy that. Ultralight rod reels and large mouth bass or crappies or perch. Yesterday we went to the community pool the new order of the day is to dunk dad. And they are successful at it they weigh in around 125 to 135 to dad at around 140. The lifeguard blew her whistle at them yesterday and said you leave your father alone I was a victim just swimming and I get ambushed by two turkeys I expect it and love it Du community . I said thank you young lady and then mouthed ha ha at the boys.

In the car on way home I was catching cheap shots from them both for getting them in trouble snitches get stitches . I said Iíll pull this car over boys and kick some thirteen year old behind come on dad will take you on you scrawny chicken chest. Itís all in good fun and I enjoy it I do think that Iíll be looking up at them one day. Our biological son I think he will be like his motherís dad that man was 6 ft 4 and our foster son father is like 6ft6 September 17 this year the adoption will be final.

Hoping for another awesome year for these guys and to all children. I think In five years they will be going off to university and then dad will take his union pension after their done with college . We have had a lot of first days of school In this family our older daughters and our sons. My wife was remembering yesterday when our one daughter got off the bus her first day of kindergarten. We were like how was it excited to hear about her first day. And her response was my teacher smells like great grandma she is old. I told my wife Iím worried that the furry boys will go through withdrawals as they get so used to having their boys around on summer vacation.
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