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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,145

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The boog

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Boog says it's my olfactory man I drool, anybody else have furry kitchen help

I have mopped up at least three small drool puddles so far today. We have flipped the kitchen counter from breakfast grab and growl to a snack all day buffet. And we have chocolate four legged help.

Ok man check sweet sour meatballs are in crock pot
Brie is in the oven , ok man lady and boy have made crab dip. Oh good the other boy is frosting cake. Wait oh good man you cut up the cheese and summer sausage. WTB what the biscuits man wag wag. Boy 2 is gonna make chicken wings in barbecue sauce weíre partying.

No matter how many times we tell him to go lay down in family room. He always shows back up driven by loyalty to his stomach.

You may have a RANGER tab and yet ,you do not wanna piss mom off

Young airborne is home on leave. And he makes me smile as he will not drink at home. Saint Michael could not bail him out if mom caught him drinking to get drunk in her house. His Mom will have a glass of wine once in awhile but none of this demolishing a case of beer and looking for more.

So him and his friend come here to hang out. It is no problem as they are safe and it is cheaper than going to a pub. This morning they both are here already drinking as his mom. She has a long shift today at emergency room. And I have to head to the store to get few items that I forgot. And then stop at beer distributor for these two soldiers.

I give them both the 53 year old guy speech. That speech of hey look at it this way you may wanna slow down. Iím eating campral for my alcoholism you donít wanna end up this way with regrets . In one ear out the other that is youth. And life in the 82nd is intense from even my memories down time and booze went hand in hand in my youth. So they can blow off steam and party they have that live for the moment attitude and I love them.

Went shopping this morning, for New Years with my boys

I said ok fellas letís make this fast Iíll get the pork roasts sauerkraut. So I score the pork sauerkraut and a bag of potatoes. And Iím up front waiting on my guys now they weíre getting snacks for New Yearís Eve.
Hot dogs and crescent dough
Cheese for crackers
Summer sausage
Crab meat
Six items is all they were taking forever as I was waiting by checkout so I head back into the store. And I find them and the cart has more than six items. And I could care less what they get. The kicker is they weíre looking on the store app on their I phones for deals bargains or store coupons. One that made me smile was artesian bread that they and their mom likes was a special so they got four loaves. In the car I said I can tell that mom has trained you well in shopping.

Coyotes are busy this morning

Behind the House I even think they were coming. To try and score a chicken dinner I heard the cans on fence making noise. I reinforced the chicken coop with new fence so the chickens are safe. The coyotes have to eat as well I enjoy listening to them.

Dammit boog you are a Jedi you felt the disturbance in the force

Yup man and boog and mr big paws were home alone. Lady took the boys and went and visited family. So man got home from work and ordered a pizza and I knew. When that nice lady that delivers pizza arrived. Because boog knows her car he looks out the window tail wagging and he barks she is here man.

Man lick lick that lady who brings us pizza is in our driveway. She is the best lady she brings us tummy nummies. So I pay the nice lady, and now I have mr big paws the golden retriever and my chocolate Jedi. On the couch with me drooling.

After breakfast I gave our sons a group gift

I said fellas I have one more present for you. I wrapped it in a box and then wrapped the present. They were kind of excited then they saw it was a 24 pack of angel soft toilet paper. What fellas no hugs for dad.

Merry Christmas vets or happy holidays

Dashonebravo you eating your ham turkey loaf mre. Man you couldnít give that meal away. Anyway merry Christmas to
Pollock mst sgt
Vic c3 our LT
And all the other fine vets that I have met and canít remember short term memory loss friends.

We have two strap hangers today troop and friend drove up from Bragg. They are hanging here until troops mom gets done around noon from hospital.

Every morning boog the chocolate lab checks under the Christmas tree

Every morning boog wakes up and looks under the tree. Nothing yet man WTB what the biscuits is taking Santa so long. He understands remembers tree in living room equals toys and treats for him. And as we sit on back porch knucklehead is laying next to me wrapped up in blanket. As I sit on top steps having my pipe and coffee. I ask him do you think you will score from Santa this year.

And boog tells me through tail wags and licks and being pushy. For me to rub his ears and muzzle yes man Iíll score. See man Santa is very lenient when it comes to naughty and nice. I have more nice than naughty on my Santa report. So I am on the list for toys and treats and turkey I love turkey man.

Mr big paws golden retriever is a lover of grandson

I know I ramble but as I sit on chair reading. Mr big paws is laying on couch with our one grandson he is eight months old. He positioned his body where our grandson wonít roll off dogs understand. And he will lick him with love licks as our grandson sleeps. He really is into being a furry uncle he is all love.

And mr big paws tells man thank You for changing the boys diaper earlier.

My heart goes out , as union teamster to the union steel workers in Michigan

Their works getting shutdown you canít replace those jobs. By that I am saying with cash that they earn. And health and welfare medical and pension. Once again the American worker has to take it in the neck. It all went wrong with regan the trickledown economics. And itís all truly fubar with trump and corporate tax breaks. I grew up in western Pennsylvania my old man and family worked in the mills.

Fortunately my old man retired after 31 years. Me personally I have experienced three union freight companies closing Preston red star and roadway the last with merging with yrc. And as truck driver or jockey yard man you cannot compete with deregulation and scab trucking. Today I work ups and theyíre tight but for how long until. Until The company comes to union and says we cannot no longer do pension or employees healthcare. The trump tax gop tax cuts were a joke and robbery and joke and I truly detest these fuckers. Iíd like to squeeze them by their lying necks the gop.

How hard is it for the steel works to modernize no they take cash and run. And buy a mill in India to produce the same product. Just a corporate fucking to the workers.
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