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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,972

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Something totally unexpected that a child told you as a parent

I would love to hear your stories Du community. So our one son he is sixteen mister and I were drying the dishes. And out of the blue he tells me about basketball practice yesterday.

Son - Dad you know those new sweats you picked up for me. Well I wore a set yesterday and I never washed them before I wore them.

Dad - Ok kiddo toss them in the hamper.

Son - Anyway dad I had to shower after practice at school instead of showering at home. Those pants smelled like some weird chemicals. And my crotch and balls smelled like those chemicals. As I sat on bench in my shorts doing practice.

Dad - thanks son shine for sharing and trusting me enough to open up.

Christmas shopping is complete I bought frozen turkeys on sale

I picked up eight of them off the butcher we stick them in deep freezers. I came in and said to the boys hey you guys go get your early Christmas presents theyíre in bed of pickup. They looked at me huh I said yes Iím in the Christmas mood. They actually moved with a purpose what did dad get us. For the price per pound itís four decent multiple meals with the boys Over the next six months.

I will send three of them home with our daughters. And send one home with our sons one friend. I love pranking these teenage turkeys.

Hot turkey sandwiches our sons recipe

Mashed potatoes
More gravy
I asked them is this recipe called carb overload. They make me smile they said will make them for lunch dad do you wanna try one I asked can I have corn on mine.

Mess hall is open Birds in oven boog the chocolate lab and yogi the Newfie are on guard duty

I was up around 05:00 weíre eating early noon today buffet or Grab and Growl operation on thanksgiving. Two turkeys and a ham. Total chaos here this morning as boog and yogi feel obligated to stand guard over the oven.

They pulled guard yesterday as I baked the other turkey. I told them both when the lady gets up my wife. You two will have to relocate fast she will not need furry helpers in kitchen. These two are funny if one accidentally moves and bumps the other dog Iíll hear growling or see the showing of the bared canines.

Vicious they are not fat heads they are. As I was making my coffee yup growling and baring teeth. I raised my voice you two furry turkeys knock it off. Then I got tail wags and the look he started it first man.

Hope all have a nice thanksgiving

I ran into a big red one Vietnam vet I invited him for thanksgiving

I met this guy awhile back in gym that I work out at. Anyway vets in getting to know him heís a great guy retired police officer. He ended his career as homicide detective. I found out several months ago heís a widower and I love the dude as friend. He told me he was a tunnel rat in Vietnam and Iím like fuck. So my friend he just text me what would you like me to bring for thanksgiving.

I text back to him nothing bro just bring you. Truthfully I feel bad for the dude his wife passed from breast cancer in 05. As a infantry soldier vet myself and a husband I just have a big heart for the dude. So then I told him hey if you wanna stop around Wednesday for lunch and hang. Iím doing a chili he was like ok. I told him you do not have be alone on holidays friend. All compassion and love I feel. So I ramble a lot my point is this dude as tunnel rat was stud.

Boog the chocolate lab is such a sale out

Humor I find my wifeís mom is making pies for Thursday. And as she sits waiting for pies to bake my right paw is drooling and telling nana she is the best.

Boog - nana that time in 2017 I pooped on floor in your room it wasnít personal. You know yea you were here for like three weeks and you were always getting on my ass.

Boog doesnít remember his transgressions with nana he is a sweet dog and he would not remember. Then although we do and weíre laughing. Watching him kiss up to my wifeís mom as she bakes pies.

To a boog anyone who can bake a pie is a brain surgeon or astronaut or a adult that can run a push mower. As in wow you understand the technology of pie baking you are a dam genius nana.

I went to Walmart today to return my broken nose hair trimmer

The young woman at customer service mentioned didnít you return one of these before. Wow Iím thinking she recognizes me as I recognized her this time she had purple hair last time her hair was blue . I said yup Labor Day weekend I returned same item mam.

Nice kid I told her hey when you hit 53 or above the nose hair eat hair gets out control. Drives me nuts I am in to personal grooming. She laughed and said you remind me of my dad. Not sure if should have adopted her or not nice kid.

I am laughing as I sit on back porch boog the chocolate lab kids are sledding

Snow here first snow of the year and our sons. The boys and their friends are sledding in back yard and boog is having a blast. I broke out the two toboggan and rail sleds. Boog is happy because kids are awesome boog dogs love children.

1- were loaded with kids our sons friends the neighbors kids are here and boog loves all kids

2- man thatís me has grill lit for cheeseburgers and hot dogs

The sisters I refer to them all daughters the oldest girls friends of our boys are here sledding . The youngest girl is in first grade. And she is so sweet she took two rides down the hill. She the young child came to me and told me my mittens and snow suit are soaked.

No problem kiddo itís covered I told her i tossed em in dryer. And now she is inside having chocolate milk sitting on couch with my wife and mother in law shooting the breeze watching the great British baking show with my wife and mother in law.

Boog got nervous earlier because man was not by the grill. Man was sledding and not watching the grill.
Boog licking man at bottom of hill

Boog - He says with licks get your scrawny ass man over to the grill mister stop sledding we have burgers and hot dogs to cook.

Boog used to go up the hill and down as kids sled but now at nine with hip problems no. So man boog are watching the grill getting it ready for tummy yummies.

First snow and I caught myself thinking of drinking

Even taking campral for alcoholism. I have had distance on campral with not drinking. I donít know how it works I just know it works for me. I tell you snow is a trigger it sounds foolish I caught myself thinking of opening up well making a beer run I have no booze at house.

What makes me want to drink is memories of my youth in army west Germany in mech infantry battalion. I was never in a war I was lucky. I caught a PCs from 82nd to Europe over a ankle I busted twice on drop zones.

We always drank in army in garrison at Bragg in Germany we drank in garrison but also on FTX field training exercise reforger certain iron we had booze on apc or 113 the tracks. It was just normal at 20 years old the mid 1980ís we would score beer on economy doing training. Always winter it seemed because ground was frozen.

Another big trigger is smell of diesel fuel in cold like when I used union jockey. Snowing the smell of diesel burning as trucks idle when you couldnít turn em off for fear of fuel freezing. It reminded me of apc infantry Europe that smell and I wanna drink.

Just alcoholism how it tries to work you this disease and it is a disease. I know I am not morally deficient I suffer from affliction. For 30 years I raised a family with my wife we are a couple. And I was union trucking I didnít drink everyday but when I drank I drank to get drunk.

Smoking bud

I remember in 2009 the bush depression union freight was hurting massive layoffs. In my job I get pissed random itís federal rules. And on that layoff I started smoking weed daily I could judge by seniority when I was getting my call back. And this was before years before campral almost a decade.

My wife mentioned doing bush depression for almost seven months smoking bud I hardly drank beer. Although my judgement was way off then the union freight company had mass call back and I had sit on personal time to clean out the weed from my system. And when I went back to work I never caught a random drug test for like 2 months better be safe.

Iím over my cravings I hope this morning I hit the pull up and dip bar with our sons. They love to outdo dad. Years ago when we had contractor do our deck and patio. I had him put in a pull up and dip bar in my mania I always have worked out since infantry. A ramble letting all know who suffer from the disease of addiction that TEB is sucking wind weíre all just human. And I cannot figure out this disease.

I love hearing boog the chocolate lab tap on deck slider

I was sitting this morning on back porch having my coffee and pipe. Sitting on top step of the deck and I hear tap tap hey man let me out. Illuminated by the Stove light I see a big chocolate face I smile and open the sliding door . After he uses the yard he always lays down next to me as I wrap him up in a old blanket for ear rubs.

I have had some amazing dogs over the years. From growing up as kid in Appalachia through thirty two yearís of marriage. Iíve taken them in as puppies as planned I even stole a dog once it had to be done I cannot stand seeing a dog chained outside.

Once I bought a German shepherd puppy for $20 in Fayetteville North Carolina in a bar parking lot off of these gypsy hippies. When I was stationed in 82nd. That was a impulse purchase as I was severely drunk on a afternoon. After I sobered up in my barracks room I realized uh oh. So I went to my plt sgt I need to talk I have a problem he replied what is it PFC. I bought a dog sgt. And I need leave to get him home to my folks.

My plt sgt said grab the dog dammit and we went to his house it was a quiet ride in his pickup truck. I knew I was ok after I scored case of beer and dog food as I was getting back in the cab my plt sgt was rubbing Ollie belly. So off to his On base housing upon arriving Mrs plt sgt was taken with the puppers cutenesses and he stayed with them until I got him home.

And years later our two oldest daughters still speak fondly of Ollie. They grew up with him he passed in 97. The girls were eleven and eight at that time tell you I got a lot for $20 with Ollie. Several years ago a friend of mine in union I was giving him rides to and from work. And his neighbor had a Newfie pup chained up in yard no food or water. I took him after seeing him like that for two days. He quickly developed Stockholm syndrome and today lives with our one daughter and her husband and his two year old boy.

And boog is a original he came to us free. I was helping a friend who had hip surgery and his wife. Feed their horses stack fire wood and I refused any payment. Several months later they had a new litter of lab pups as they breed them. And our son was young at time maybe five we went to their cookout. And this chocolate lab puppy was following our son around. And my friends said looks like your boy has a dog. I offered them $ 375 they said nope you helped us out he is yours.

And to this day when I see them I tell them beware of free. Free chocolate labs because he is a piece of work a original.
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