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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
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Geez kid loosen up we're jamming on Guitar

A new friend of our sons is painfully shy. It is his first time jamming with us great kid he is in sixth grade. Our sons are in eight grade so not much age difference, really polite young guy why he even referred to my wife as mam and me, I am far from serious .

So we were sitting at the table having lunch and I asked him if he wanted to see me in sixth grade on you tube. So I showed him KISS at the winterland and fast forwarded it to space ace lead part. I said I needed platform shoes cuz I was short , and the song a 100.000 years paul and I wrote because I was in love with a lunch lady , but sadly she was married I got a smile.

Payment for a fret job banna bread big smiles and a hug

A friend of our sons has a epiphone Les Paul, that he bought off Craigslist well his parents bought it. And not knowing what to look for they got hooked, it had issues.

1- frets were blown
2- a half ass attempt to replace the nut previous owner.

They took it to a corporate guitar store and were quoted a crown a polish new bone nut around 200$.

A total fret replacement and bone nut around 400$.

So I hear about this kids dilemma as he is in guitar class with our one son. I heard over dinner dad this sixth grader got totally ripped off our son is in eighth grade well both of them are in eighth. The deceit was so wrong that they ripped him off dad , so naturally we cannot let this happen this injustice. Why your Wright son to the dad guitar tech bat cave.

So in contacting the parents and explaining to them when I was a kid I worked for a guitar store well music shop and I learned for 6 years. And That I could fix their childís guitar and get him on his way. And Iím on lay-off at moment and going back to work April 1. So the other week the epiphone came home on the school bus.

I decided total fret replacement letís do it Wright. And it took me around 8 days doing a bit at a time and new bone nut. And I in my tight ass way dropped in some hand wound humbuckers a friend of mine builds with alnico 5ís swapped out the pots and caps CTís 500 and I tossed bumblebee caps in. Letís hook the young axe player up and anyway yesterday he got his Korean epi back awesome guitar. And he was plugged in riffing around the fretboard, and I saw big smiles and I got a hug from him and two loaves of banana bread from his mom. Today he is coming to jam with us. Hey we made a new friend and thatís awesome.

I explained to him on payment, The deal is after the kids are thru college and if they ever make it big and beat the odds. And they jam wembley well I get to sit in , and we do Hendrix cover of a rolling stone and the allmand brothers cover of one way out.

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