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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,972

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The boog

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I knew this ww2 vet he passed in 96 his sister just passed

Her name was Anna she was as me a immigrant from Ukraine with family Anna and her brother mike Anna was 98. Her brother mike was ww2 vet he served in army in South Pacific mike passed away and n 1996. Mike and I would as his sister Anna they lived down road from my wife and daughters. And we mike and I would sit drink beer his sister Anna they were so gentle beautiful people.

My point in this ramble mike asked me once if army infantry still had BAR no I told mike we hump m60 and saw he had no clue what I was talking about.

I used think sitting with mike man that has be fucked up. A Gi in the 1940ís you got malaria Japanese charging your lines in South Pacific the terror you experienced man I have nothing only respect for you infantry brother I loved mike and I loved Anna

Boog and man are in overwatch I find humor

Grill is fired up I will be slow cooking boneless ribs. No bird chipmunk rabbit may enter the yard as boog and man have it covered. grandmother my wife took our daughters and grandsons shopping. The boys reported to the pizza shop they wanted summer job and three people called off. So they went into help the owner called and they went into help out. They get done at 2 pm, later boog and man will turn up the heat and drop the marinade chicken on grill and potatoes.

My wife asked me if I needed anything I said stop and get KFC coleslaw and then store get broccoli salad four pounds. All hole digging and any playing decided by the boog the chocolate lab has stopped with our golden retriever and our grandson Newfie.

Guys we cannot play or dig holes or chew sticks we have a duty guarding the grill , we have to guard the grill as man cooks tummy yummies. Because man shares and king knuckle head is laying on patio wall seriously watching the yard. The golden and Newfie went in crashed on couch in air conditioning, but the boog is out here a true patriot. Boog is vet he has had multiple actions against skunks my knuckles head.

The tv show wife swap i have fantasy boog and dog swap

I actually never watched the show , but I have this idea. Dog swap as I laid on the couch this morning catching up on am joy from yesterday. King knuckle head comes cruising by the couch stops to get ear rub.

And on his muzzle was potato salad licking his chops that I tossed in the trash, and man forgot to put trash can away after cleaning out the fridge. Now he is crashed on couch big chocolate lab head on my hip.

So In dog swap we would swap boog for a good dog. Then haul ass to a different state kind of like wittiness protection that the feds offer itís a fantasy I can dream.

Flag detail Monday no replies needed a ramble

I been up having coffee got email from our Airborne association yesterday of Graves our sons and I are covering,once again I am reminded how lucky I was. 84-87 to have never been in any action, I owe a big thank You to whoever talked regan off the ledge of massive mission creep into Central America. As a matter of fact I owe the Russian army a thank you for never trying to head west ,after I broke my ankle twice on drops , I got taken off jump status sent to mech infantry in West Germany. Thanks my Soviet brothers in arms for letting me party hard.

As young kid Airborne infantry I had that mindset aggressive when ever where ever. If we go weíre gonna send them to powder valley better start saying your prayers. Just how we thought young stupid huge green gills wet behind the ears. Our only saving grace was the senior NCO if it would have happened as they were Vietnam vets.

Monday we only have three graves to cover two rakkasans 187th and and a herd troop 173rd. Fine Americans KIA KOREA OTHER TWO VIETNAM. Yesterday I got our suits out cleaners least we can do is to dress presentable I even spit shined our dress shoes.

And I am reminded of those who served and still walking around. My or our two son in laws iraq and Afghanistan multiple tours as naval corpsmen and a army scout. They remind me of my father two tours with the 173rd Vietnam, burned out and waking around with bad memories.

And I have my Great uncle set up Army retired 1951 to 1976 Korea and Vietnam tours. I bought him a new cigarette rolling machine 4 boxes of tops tubes and three cans tops tobacco and a case of Heineken. My wife asked me why do you enable him I said he survived two wars so tobacco and booze is not a big threat he survived two wars one sharp trooper bad ass ,i smoke a pipe.

He is a Very smart man why he told me join that fine service the coast guard stays away from the infantry. I was young and dumb didnít listen, but I say this with sincerity and humor. My first jump in airborne school in the belly of that C-130 when those fine airborne NCOS cracked the doors on that aircraft. I was squinting because of the sun looking around that C-130 for the nearest coast guard recruiting office. To quote Everett George Clooneyís character from oh brother where art thou on that day. In 84 I was thinking over that DZ at benning were in a tight spot.

My two guys are getting bulked up

Woke up around 02:00 And once again I removed ear buds from our one son sleeping, and I took our other sons socks off, gotta let those dogs breath your feet boy. They slept thru dad checking on them even the chocolate lab menace stayed in bed I did not even get a wag wag as I rubbed his ears.

As they were crashed in their boxers I noticed that this quest they are on to get bulk is starting to show results. They passed me in weight they probably pushing 160 to my 145. And height they almost there Iím six foot shoes Iím size 12 and both boys size11.5 at fifteen years old.

To the results I owe my wifeís friend a thank you. She is a awesome woman 54 years of age a body builder and she has taken our sons under her wings she is a beautiful woman in heart and soul . Dad well I always been a cardio and lite weights a lot of reps in my exercise kind like circuit pt.

Gone are the days of my sons and I hitting the gym working out, then hitting the pool for laps. That always ended up in a controlled riot as in letís get dad and dunk him. Now these guys just head to the iron pile , no more shark attacks in the ymca pool. I kind miss that I really looked forward to being sharked I knew it was coming. Or hand to hand pool noodles fights they were the best. The life guards probably glad they I joke probably used to think oh here come these three clowns.

Iggo my friend in regards to your post

I wished we lived closer we could jam. I just checked out reverb.com and under navigator electric guitar they have two Les Paulís in 1800$ range and two strats around grand.

In no way am I trying to offend Gibson or Strat owners. But navigators are awesome guitars. Hand crafted in Japan I own one Les Paul navigator bought used and it is tone beast.

Nitro finish
Hide glue
Long tenon
Beefy 59 neck
Mahogany body
Brazilian fretboard

Players have been arguing these points apples and oranges for years so itís personal choice. Do you play a finish or glue no but does it effect tone maybe. Anymore I joke and give up as I have hearing aid.

iggo you get what you want but all Iím saying is. In 85 when I bought my first mij tokai for like 250$ used I was hooked on mij guitars same quality most of them Orville greco tokai as Gibson and fender.

May have to go to Human Resources I'm being harassed at work vets

I work with several former usmc vets, and they always wanna dump on the dog face army dude. And I always let them know that they did not have the testicles to be Airborne infantry. Well that gets them all fired up telling me how bad Paris Island was and how tough the Drills were. And I respond please stop the crying Gomer Pyle.

So in the restroom on the toilet liner cover container, I printed usmc head covers. And over the commode I wrote usmc mess hall. Now they are accusing me of this I just look at em and say grow the fuck up. Weíre union itís all in good fun but I deny they know Iím a joker.

Kay Ivey saw this on Twitter governor Alabama

I just mailed her coat hangers

Her address

600 dexter avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Skunks and boog the chocolate lab

Friday morning mister boog once again made contact with skunk. And my wife children had to take the day off because of the odor. After four baths and skunk deodorizer boog smelled better.

This morning I smelled skunks and hooked King knuckle head up to a swivel and leash. As I sat on back porch boog was pulling at leash hackles up barking. Come on man I smell em let me at em Iíll kick skunk ass and take names. Clearly he is a reactionary dog who thinks nothing thru I see I do.

The boog is nine after getting sprayed multiple times over the years. You would think he would learn, I guess learning is for suckers.

I just met a woman jump master

Not being rude I never knew my time was 1984 Airborne school after infantry at Benning we never had female master blasters. I was at gym with our sons and this lady who is E-8 first sgt commented on my ball cap 82nd. I said yes we started talking here she was a master blaster ran was in charge of paratroopers on jump then she went to HALO SCHOOL. Which is amazing high altitudes low opening free fall glide across borders. I was just a static drop after jump school.

Think about it HALO school in Arizona IS free fall where you have to keep your attitude body correct not spin and leave aircraft 7 miles in sky with oxygen, to me that is hardcore to graduate HALO school Iím thinking what a stud hard ass so I made new friend. Gave the master blaster my phone number and said give me call. As she is on recruiting duty and come out to house and hang with us Iíll always hang with Airborne I love vets.
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