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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
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Our sons Awesome field trip to ibew and carpenters unions training facilities

Update from my 06:00 post this morning I ramble we got home they hit community pool with friends dad is third wheel,Boys and I ate cheeseburgers for lunch I listened to them what they thought of their morning hanging out with tradesmen journeymen union workers their response dad that was so cool idea . We stopped for lunch a bar biker bar I used to hit when I drank but this bar has some of the best cheeseburgers and we sat at table. As we sat waiting on the waitress I said to our two 15 year olds you think those dudes voted trump sitting at bar I guarantee those turds did boys.

Then the one dude sitting at bar on his way bathroom recognized me and said , hey man how can you ride with all that on your rocker he was joking referring to my sons. I replied no weíre in Tacoma today dude, he was being friendly he asked how old they were , and he said brother they both got you by at least 20 pounds I said 35 pounds their both what fellas 175 180 on weight they been power lifting he continued drunken talking I said man Iím looking for peaceful lunch alone time with my sons he got hint.

My boys on guard laughing nervous because of the clientele and my boys were like we ok here dad I said relax weíre fine , didnít you see the sign no cuts at door and Iíd never hang you two out in danger. But the burgers awesome here, so my guys got a understanding out of dad induced field trip. Either college or union trades your uncles steam fitter plumber and union electrician those trades will survive. Trucking union died along time ago scabs and now trucks be self driving in few years. Or you both attend in state university and your mom and I give you that education debt free and you get bachelor degree.

So my guys ask me what I wanted out life when I was young I said it Doesnít matter Once youíre sister their oldest sister was inbound I told em. Any dreams I had university were gone and am I crying oh woe is me absolutely not. We had a infant and dad was out army teamsters freight we lived comfortably. We needed diapers baby chow a man has take care of his family, and as you two I was in love with all our children I said to quote their grandma my mom keep the horse in the barn translation keep your dick in your zipper.

Stay focused your almost there at 15 thatís why I do this today union trades or college your choice. After the boys ate their burgers they asked dad can we get 2 cheeseburger to go they were good dad yup no problem fellas.

12 hours fishing Boog the chocolate lab is beat fatigued

He got up went out too the yard to use the facilities came in and crashed on couch. Heís not even interested in our sons sticky buns first breakfast. WTB what the biscuits boog youíre sleeping thru sticky buns one of your 3000 favorite food groups boog dogs love stickyís.

He had good time yesterday fishing with his family on FV fishing vessel Polish itís a 20 foot Jon boat. He was giving boog smiles sitting next to man as our one son drove us into the lake. Go and reach into bait bucket for a minnow or other bait bucket for crayfish pardon me fellas I need to drink. What is your favorite boog minnow water or crayfish water.

I put up canopy on the boat so he could have shade but nope he was next to us in boat. Ok ooh a fish wag wag we fished off boog shit Island he owns it heís left his mark for years. On the island trees keep it cooler, his favorite part of the day was his boys constantly hit the coolers for sandwiches. We packed boog I think five peanut butter sandwiches. Iím laughing because his head is down and he is slobbering in his sleep I went to pet him ear rubs, and on sofa it is wet where he had his head.

A ramble Field trip today checking out union trades with my boys

Rule around here after high school you will either go too college like youíre three older sisters. Or you will get into union trades like your uncles my one brother a union plumber steam fitter or our one son in law a union apprentice electrician in his third year. Union trades

Paid school by union and when you become journeyman you make great cash you have decent medical and pension.

I used too tell our daughter be like youíre mother get a higher education never depend on a man. And after I discharged in 87 my wife and I weíre married she was 19 and going to college and we had a infant daughter and her parents paid for her bachelors degree and I started working freight union dock.

And at 21 fresh out army I thought man I wanna do same for our child paid higher education no debt. And three daughters later my wife and I were able to do same for our girls, go in state university live at home and will cover you because we owe you. And plan is to do same for our two 15 year old sons. Do not be ass trash teamster truck driver like your father education or union trades.

So this year both guys got into industrial programs school has to offer. And next year they signed up for vo- tech program ,one is electrical the other son signed up carpenters program. I myself thought they both signed up for electrician program vo tech. Well we told you dad ok boys you know i have hearing aid.

So last week I asked my son in law if it was ok the journeyman teachers at IBEW ,give one son idea of what he will experience if he chooses this.

And then I picked up phone called carpenters union trade school introduced my self hey Iím 30+ teamster can you give son idea about program so today weíre hitting IBEW and Carpenter training centers. Keep them focused is my goal,I tell my boys if you choose to do these programs you can make application your senior year graduate high school.

Then go into trades apprenticeship and by the time youíre both 23 and graduate trades you both be knocking down good cash.

Carpenter top rate here is 32.50$ hour 2019 contract

Electrician top rate is 38.80$ as of 2019 contract get a career you enjoy Iíve bounced them twice to get up. I wore em out 12 hours fishing yesterday on third wake up I get vicious I start hitting them with pillows

Lady get up were going to go fishing boog woke my wife up my brothers need me

Add on to my earlier post about fishing. WTB what the biscuits man you never leave a boog behind,Well the boys are up doing the triple s express I have sos and scrambled eggs ready to slop em. Dad I just do the deuce express shower brush my choppers I shave maybe if lucky 6 times year. Anyway this morning as we did first call boog stood in hallway wagged his tail and went limping into our bed with lady. Yesterday he was happy helping his brothers get the FV polish ready he knows.

So I think it clicked In his chocolate lab brain hey I smell sos eggs oh yea the boats hooked up I gotta go. Barking lady wake up let me out of bedroom so my wife came down kissed us all wished us luck and her and our golden retriever went back to bed. My wife and our golden retriever their both in committed relationship Iím the third wheel.

So the boys and dad and boog has platoon meeting should we take our injured comrade the vote was unanimous three yes one tail wag so I told them make some peanut butter sandwiches for mister dog. He is losing muscle in his rear leg vet says his body is attacking its self even though heís limping boog has heart , So Iím gonna hook up the canopy for mister to have shade and then will float into boog shit island and fish around that AO. Iím next in line for shower these boys take half hour showers geez.

A ramble 4 cups coffee so far Checking out for a day going fishing in FV Polish

We hit the river the other day scored big time on bass using crayfish and minnows we were wading shorts and sandals. Saturday we were up early going after trout we caught a few and then as it got warmer. We hit the orchard ponds for large mouth bass but Mother Nature said no to anymore she sent Lighting and thunderstorms and hail.

We live in a very diverse area for fishing, It is a fishing buffet what should we go after boys give dad a decision,it is some of the best limestone trout streams. A river several creeks and ponds lakes for bass perch bluegill muskies and if I drive home to where I grew up 3 hour trip back to Appalachia it just gets better.

My guys make me smile I told them weíre hooking up the FV fishing vessel pollock for tomorrow gonna hit it bright early. Plan is to float into boog shit Island we always done well there. Boog owns island heís crapped and peed all around it when he went with us. But now no he has bad leg at 9 really limping vet says it his body attacking his muscles. So we baited crayfish trap let it sit for 6 hours and our minnow trap. We went retrieved traps and were loaded on live bait, dad even dug for night crawlers in the manure pile. Coffee can is loaded with worms I dug and picked at em as my boys got the polish ready for today.

Fv Polish Is a 20 footer i bought it maybe 25 years ago off a guy who would guide duck hunts. Just bought a rebuilt mercury outboard for it , Had it repainted actually several times now the original camouflage paint had to go. Our sons like many anglers have preference trout were ultra light around 1000 series reels 4 pound test we always use spinning reels . Today weíre using 2500 series who knows in that lake a kid caught 35 pound catfish. And We have landed bucket mouth bass that weíre eating well as well as muskies.

So watching our guys yesterday our one son is a daiwa man his new favorite is the regal 2500 I got it for him for his birthday. His backup is daiwa legalis fine reels for under a hundred cash.

Our other son is shimano stradic two 2500 that dad bought years ago.

Dad is oh whatever I use daiwa 1300 ss and usually carry extra rods reels several favorite spin fishers made in Philadelphia when penns reels made quality just in case one of us land moby dick and rod or reel breaks. Yesterday after digging in horse and cow shit for worms I hit the shower, and then lit up the grill. And I sat with my wife I smile watching our two fifteen year old sons making it Wright. Throwing water bottles in boat inside then packing sandwiches for the cooler. Opening up trays restocking them with hooks swivels split shot.

Grabbing trays loaded with lures rebel plugs mister twisters I jokingly told my wife it feels like 35 years ago in 82nd 325 pir weíre getting our gear and platoon gear ready as our sons load up they check recheck ok scratching items off their mental checklist. So I bounced them early letís go triple s express and they both came downstairs and went back to sleep on sofas. Will be on water early after bass maybe a trout or perch or bluegill. Then when it gets warmer will go deep in cooler water after muskies or maybe orca. Then come early evening will switch it up because itís feeding time and start hitting the shore as they drive the smaller fish into shore line. I have to go wake these two diehards up feed em and get moving.

Update on troop he made Rasp

Ranger assessment is now in Ranger school I ran into his mom yesterday at the farmers market. Mom trooper really has no idea in what her son is giving of his self. Itís larger than just the individual, itís all a dedication the Airborne infantry community you wanna be there nobody made you. Iím trying to say to be part of warrior brotherhood. Nor should she several weeks ago I was out getting the mail and she stopped on her bicycle worrying that she has not heard from her child. I smiled because she is a mom I respect that in her. I said come on in have a cold glass tea and told her hey heís busy at moment but heís fine.

And she said well he could write me or call. I said this isnít like oust infantry or airborne school from my memories , joking with her I said heís busier than a one arm paper hanger. On way home from farmers market I tell you Iím thinking to myself what a stud he is.

I have known troop as a infant Iíve coached him in baseball. He was gun shy in little league after he got nailed with a pitch, but I played him because when I coached everyone played. Thereís the pitch and theyíre he goes stepping off the plate to avoid getting nailed by a ball again. And Iíd go out to plate and heíd say sorry coach Iíd hunker down and say itís ok little man.

And today he is attending RANGER COURSE the finest leadership school we have to offer heís got heart. I cannot wait to hug him when I see him again , I remember him telling me Iím gonna enlist I wanna do infantry and jump school. I was like hey dude we live in bad times at moment you may wanna try community college after high school.

But he gave himself to this and yes knowing that itís constant suffering hunger sleep deprivation i knew fine men that attended Ranger course. One of them in 85 took his time out to help me on land nav so I could attend EIB course. So Iím proud for my young brother he doesnít stutter he doesnít brag he just fucking does it what a stud.

Let's think outside the box on Family activities Bigfoot hunt or ghost hunting

As a father I love being involved, we have five children three grown daughters and two fifteen year old boys at home. Sure on weekends I enjoy fishing trout or bass or playing guitar or going to gym with our sons. But letís change it up fellas I told the troops yesterday variety is the spice of life.

So my boys go what are you thinking dad and I laid it on them Bigfoot or ghost hunting. They both immediately told their mother mom dad is talking Bigfoot again. She replied just amuse your father guys, and we live in a area of mountains and national forest state parks we live really close to Hallowed ground Gettysburg. And friend has invited us on paranormal hunt and Iíve seen his evidences well as listened to his evidence and it freaked me out and itís solid on what heís found.

And as for state parks and Bigfoot we have had people have experiences of noises sightings smells and footprints casted and especially one set that no way could they be faked. Because of dermal ridges that are amazing in detail they were explained to me and I saw and held these plaster cast of footprints. Never had I had any experience with what could possibly be a North American ape but Iíd love it if I did.

As for paranormal not sure as kid on MFO tour Sinai our OP was on side mountain, and there was times where we heard voices at night on patrols not only me other paratrooper infantry ,and at night there was nothing no people nothing as we peered into the darkness with our night sites looking ,the history was Israel pulled off a big ambush on Egyptian troops in 73 war I think Bedouin told us. So that was hallowed ground as well, come on fellas I tell them letís do it.

We can hump in at least three miles into state forest on this old logging road will spend night just peeping it out for Bigfoot that area has had activity, my friend is coming with us he has civilian night optics ,and then trout fish on our way out in morning. They just made sarcastic comments and rolled their eyes at dad I said ok how about we head to top mountain in Tacoma and see if we can see UFO several months ago at drop yard I did see lights in sky above tree line so Iím not sure.

Hey boog we're going on a date you wanna come along

Boog - always man I will go on a date with you and the lady wag wag.

Man - letís go boog get in the tacoma

In boog the chocolate lab world Iím man my wife is the lady and his two boys well theyíre the boys my brothers. Unlike our golden retriever who feels that my wife and him their a couple and Iím the third wheel.

And we would have taken our golden retriever on date today but he was comfortable with my mother in law on the couch, he ordered take out.

So my wife and I get home this morning from ymca swimming. My wife is strong swimmer amazing she swam in college I admire her strength in pool.

Me I am not strong at swimming Iím more cardio exercise type Free weights I used to run but now at 53 I switched to rowing because of my knees.

Anyway I ramble so at drive in we order food for us on date I ordered. Food comes boog nose between seats I smell lady clam strips man got fried fish. And grandma chicken tenders on a takeout and at least two burgers wag wag licking my ear and my wifeís cheek.

So I give boog his cheeseburger and he wolfs it down as usual. Ok man how about some fish with tartar sauce standing between seats wag wag. Man shared as lady shared her clam strips, then on our way home window open and my partner is head out window lips blowing in the wind, boog has his head out window not my wife

I met some fine NCO's in my three years

Was talking to my nephew this morning he is on staff at benning. He was on his way home after CQ to see his wife at their ranch home in phenix city Alabama. He makes me smile I text him you up and he text back call you in a bit. He had to get the hogs up and moving for a new day at the OSUT ass and trash infantry program I say hogs with fondness as I was a hog once as I quote my senior Drill at benning in 84.

The senior Drill He would say slop the hogs To the junior Drills , as we marched off to mess hall. Standing outside smelling the chow being cooked in the WW2 built mess hall Harmony church, our stomachs rumbling because we were up at 03:00 the first ringer of the day PT perhaps it was a day where they put us down at 23:00and weíre up after four hours maybe only three hours of sleep if you had fire guard , sweetness of sleep as we escape into the black from this shit we volunteered for.

And before you ate after bone crushing PT leg lifts mountain climbers push ups a three mile run you owed the Drills pull ups or monkey bars the Drills in our assholes you gotta earn it. And chow there is not a luxury you learn to eat fast, then head out and stand in formation and get ready for another 20 hour day. The infantry Drills best the army has to offer you wearing that pumpkin patch that shows youíre a Drill sgt youíre a professional like my nephew.

My right paw boog the chocolate lab

Was wide awake at 01:30 riding union layoffs. No big deal put in my unemployment claim this morning online. So Iím on back porch having coffee and I hear this gentle tap on patio door. Itís my right paw so we have a new system around here boog gets hooked up on a leash until sun rise , reason skunks he goes after them.

Ok boog let the man hook you up and we will hang out , so I decided we will get some free weights in. And my partner is hanging with me, and then goes tearing off back porch limping because he now has bum rear leg. Who knows what he was after probably a bunny.

As Iím benching on a set next thing I get a cold nose in my ear then a boog tongue licking me I love you man. I love my FBF furry best friend with head rubs as I laid on bench. Then he walks away licks the cold grill then decided to relax with his bone.
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