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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,024

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The boog

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Chase grandma to back patio with dad and boog , Octaves coming from my child's fingers Hendrix

Sorry a ramble had a lot of coffee.Our other son headed out to friends to play basketball this morning, and I have to take other son to walk in clinic ears throat are hurting. So Iím now hearing Villanova junction coming from my guy fingers it is a homework for guitar class.

The assignment is to present and play a song from one of your favorite artists. He has decided on Villanova junction or new rising sun , and nana my mother in law just wants to do her cross word in the daily paper minus Hendrix. And now nana is on the back porch with me and chocolate dog. Picking my brain on crossword. What is four across and starts with the letter G my mother in law asks , boog response PIZZA nana wag wag.

My stable geniuses bob the donkey and boog the chocolate lab can we nuke the skunks man

We have skunks out this morning, and furry boys hackles are flying high. And he is on his leash, probably thirty feet in length. It is secured to a weight bar with one hundred and fifty pounds of iron. The drill is once the sun comes up he is a free range knuckle head , I had a cork screw to secure him with but he rips it out of the ground. Other morning my son left him in and he was dragging leash and screw behind him ,he headed to the water bowl hey man I need a drink.

So I go into get a fresh cup of Folgers this morning. And walk back out to patio and boog has the weight bar about five feet into the yard. Pulling on it barking hackles up so I put down my pipe and Folgers. And head out to get my dog and the weight bar. Dog does not come so I put weight bar down.

Now bob the donkey hears his cohort barking and starts braying from the barn.

Boog - WOOF WOOF bob we got skunks and i am on my leash.
Boog runs back to the man

Boog - come on man let me at em

Man - it is not gonna happen dude

Bob the donkey - starts braying again boog are you ok.

Boog ears go up attention span of negative 10 and runs back out into the yard. That is my friend bob calling for me.

Boog - WOOF WOOF yes bob I am ok man is not cooperating with me on my leash issues. I am checking with man bob on the skunks to see if we can nuke them.

So much for a quiet morning on back patio.

I find humor One son is definitely related to boog. Hendrix for breakfast Hey baby new rising sun

I bounced my guys around 04:15 we was gonna hit it today. Fishing the trip is on hold because young mister has sore throat and ear ache. I hugged him and told him go back to bed will hit walk in docs 0800 he says dad Iím awake.

As we stand in the hallway his brother walks out of his room chocolate lab in tow and he says dad , do I smell pancakes. I replied seriously you are like your brother the boog a foodie. I look down as we have this conversation in the hallway and boog is cleaning his bum getting ready for chow. And I watch both guys head to bathroom scratching crotches and bumís in boxer shorts I just smile.

And as I sit here after breakfast our one son picked up a Greco strat, that I bought maybe 33 years ago off another soldier. And is jamming new rising sun , I love that song two of my favorites by Hendrix cover of Dylan like a rolling stone, and hey baby to me new rising sun is just velvet cloth very soft warm the guitar work perhaps the color of purple I feel when I play it. It now is a ninth grade guitar assignment as the teacher wants students to play a song that they enjoy. I remember my brother and I perhaps twelve maybe thirteen figuring out hey baby in our bedroom ,I am smiling this morning.

Oh no kid you adopted a chocolate lab. Ffs you have met the boog

A young lady just showed me on her phone who works in the office has a new lab puppy. She showed me pictures of her bouncing baby bundle of fur.

I hear her calling my name as I was climbing out of tractor , sheís a sweet kid she comes running up to me with her phone.

She was all smiles showing me pics her new baby boy. She went chocolate lab because of Boog, I smiled and you can just see the love she has for her furry baby showing me the pictures ,I said if you want bring him out Sunday so him and boog and our golden can play, as heís a only child I said to her.

Furry bums and tail wags I made a new friend

My new friend is Golden retriever I was given hand licks and excitable tail wags as we met in hotel lobby this morning . And in return the Golden received a head and ear rub and a pat on his fluffy behind. I had fly out to Omaha yesterday grab a new heavy haul tractor. And made it to east of Chicago until I stopped get hotel.

Sitting on the hotel patio having coffee and my pipe , I am reminded of home when the golden retriever and chocolate lab head out in morning. So I sit on this hotel patio watching the furry guest use the grass , I have not seen any of boog the chocolate labs tribe yet.

I love dogs especially Goldenís and labs. To Goldenís everything is rainbows unicorns and sun shine. And labs everything is what do now I quote Charlie Kellyís character from always sunny in Philadelphia labs are love family me always hungry.

Fishing yesterday with my 82nd brother he met a Boog I was told this to me is therapy

I posted in vets how other day I ran into this recently retired officer at diner on Saturday. All vets are cool with me I love them all, but I have a BIG HEART for any All American sister or brother.

It was my first the 82nd it took my cherry, cherry blast not a actual paratrooper until you jump with division, and you always have fond memories of your first time losing your virginity it may be in a bed, as awkward teenager with your high school sweetheart.

Or losing virginity with a airborne rifle company cherry blast, memories of riding in the sky in the belly of a bird we operate in the black of night .One of my most fondest maybe in division around 10 month standing looking out towards back of aircraft heat lightning, illuminating your brothers canopies in night sky feeling Excitement the fear anxiety adrenaline cuz In about 7 seconds itís gonna be me walking out the rear of this bird sticks in the wind.

To quote my plt sgt scream now embrace the adrenaline the rush. Cuz once weíre back on earth and operating quiet and stealth is the rule we talk in whispers another quote of his allís a paratrooper needs is a open door and piece of sky letís go to work men.

Ok apologies I ramble so that is why I love paratroopers. So we hit the creek we wade out to the islands drop out gear ,I show my 508th friend pointing. See those rocks thatís where we will be in planting our asses in few. It goes deep it is a gradual slope underwater from this point to the base of the dam.

So in explaining to my 82nd brother we got around 25 feet from this point and in front of us I restrict the boys to fifteen feet if your hung up with live bait or lure beyond that point break it, then no more cuz itís about eighteen feet in depth all way to base of the dam. So after fishing range safety briefing we hit it.

And we caught bass pickerel catfish a huge amount of pan fish crappies bluegill and sitting on the rocks with feet in stream. My new friend said thank you for bringing me this is so relaxing it is therapy.

Teb- I looked at my new friend and said donít be deceived there is nothing therapeutic about that 85 pound chocolate lab sitting between us. That dog is total chaos and mayhem.

I then showed him our A.O. grabbing my phone out waterproof bag on google maps. I said we cover rivers wading or boat lakes. Or streams or ponds in about a five county acreage. And your in now with the crew will show you a lot.

I then told him I get it bro you been war on terror from a 2nd LT to lite bird a lieutenant colonel so fishing is much better than killing. Next weekend weíre gonna go out fishing vessel Polish , I asked you want in he said you bet. Then I explained that FV Polish is 20 foot Jon boat I bought off dude that used it to guide duck hunts. And then I told him we have also 18 foot inflatable zodiac aluminum flooring, we put small outboard motor on it.

So you can choose which one of my two teenagers you wanna fish with in the polish fleet. And boog is my right paw he always goes along my friend. I said the boog is a career private constantly catching article 15ís company level to field grades ucmj. I said he has a huge 201 file.

You want to go fishing kiddo I love our future daughter in law she gets me growing up Appalachian

This young lady and our middle daughter met , maybe three years ago. They both work with my wife at a law firm. And they have been together maybe eighteen months as couple. So the kids show up as Iím having coffee to do their laundry this morning. And I told my daughter in law hey weíre heading to the stream to fish off the dam today. Sheís in up for it as she actually grew up in western Pennsylvania as I did.

So my wife and our daughter will be alone well not alone they will have the furry boys. My wife and daughter plan on binge watching game of thrones not sure what season, but I assured the dogs snacks will be involved with the ladies I got wag wags from furry boys.

This young lady loves to get out into nature and has very little time to do so. We try and do things together going Gym or pool with my little bodybuilding sons she is part of the family. Now she grew up in the sticks as I did. Example of what I mean maybe several weeks ago her and my guys and dad were out wading and her and I were sitting on the rocks our feet in stream, and she said what are the guys doing. As they were moving with purpose in creek, I said probably a water snake sighting she smiled.

Another example last year she rode with boys and dad up home to my one brother. To spend weekend fishing the Clarion River and totally got the afternoon recreation ,of shooting rats at the old dump with pistols. and the 12 gauge semi, Look kids somebody junked a tv and here who wants to shoot out the screen. We gave the young lady the honor of shooting the tv screen.

So Iím sitting here as the boys still in bed and my wife and our daughter and daughter in law headed to the grocery store waiting to get this day started. Actually waiting to toss the young ladies clothes into the dryer. Sorry had a lot of coffee I ramble Iím lonely as our dogs went back to bed with the boys.

Amazing who you can meet as former vet

Yesterday we were standing waiting on a table in line at diner. Was wearing my tan ball cap with 325th PIR flash, And this dude and his wife were standing in line with us he stuck out his hand and said hey white falcon as he looked at me and he knew 2/325 by reading the unit flash on my ball cap with the shield and the two blues through the shield on unit flash.

Here this fellow brother is former 508th retired officer, he did not retire 508th but that was his first infantry command as 2nd lieutenant 508th Red Devils . So here I am in line with a brother from the tribe 82nd Eighty deuce is on the loose or my favorite 82nd S.T.D.ís from the sky.

The owner came to seat us I think I saw relief in her eyes as I only had our sons today , Times we go in with my boys and their friends she starts barking orders to her daughters in Lebanese donít know what she is saying probably keep the chicken and mashed potatoes stocked we have teenagers.

I told her table for five as I now have to eat with my brother airborne and his wife. We sat down and after I introduced our sons then the boys head to buffet to pillage the fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy yes as the boys were heading out I reminded them I better see veggies on your plates I know always a parent. I warned mr and Mrs red devil to watch their fingers when my guys eat.

In talking I told them we weíre fishing the ponds turns out Mr 508th is a avid angler as well I told him and wife ,Boys cleaned up on bass. But my spinning reel broke and I usually carry spares but I did not have a spare today. So dad has adapted and overcome, I stopped bait fishing tackle shop and bought same reel daiwa 1300 ss tournament. And am mailing the broke reel back to daiwa for repairs reel is probably 30 years old. We have a lot of reels but that line of daiwa ss is my go to that is why I bought exact same reel yesterday only 30 yearís newer.

They are new to this area and I explained we have many options to fish. Limestone trout streams several lakes to orchard ponds to two different rivers,Several productive streams. bass large and small mouth channel cats muskies pickerels pan fish. We exchanged cell numbers.

So today Iím picking up the red devil and the boys and weíre gonna hit it. Gonna wade off base of this low dam about 70 feet off , fish off the island stand in stream or sit on the rocks and we cast in. I said itís about 1000 feet long 12 foot high the dam on local stream itís a productive spot because of the dam fish gather at its base.

I told him uniform of the day I usually wear these nylon gym sweats I cut off dark t shirt and sandals Ozark trail closed toes as they take a beating and itís warm out I said dammit we dress for success LT didnít you learn that in OIBC at benning ,he actually retired as a lite colonel , you will not need chest waders.

I told him jokingly we travel light, one son carryís a rucksack with bottled water and sandwiches. And I carry one with our gear lures live bait hooks you name it we probably have it.

New game in how to mess with boog the chocolate labs mind

He sits on couch looking so cute , trying to mooch ice cream and cake from my wife. Iím on other couch saying boog get over here cuddle with man totally getting ignored. So I called my wifeís phone she put me on speaker I go boog boog itís me man.

Boog licks phone gives a bunch of wag wags. Man Iím occupied at the moment totally tossing you under the bus, lady and me are having a ice cream and cake, Please give us a call much later as Iím busy.

David Koch has died

Oh well one gop terrorist gone and I donít care weíre in a struggle. And they the Koch family have waged war on democracy the working class and the poor of this nation.

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