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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,145

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The boog

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Sitting on steps on back deck thinking of my kids

Our one daughter is over her and her girlfriend spouse doing their laundry. And I smile I love my children I sit here and think looking at her you used to sit between my legs as we sat on these steps as a young girl and I would listen to you tell me about your day as young child. Today she is 29 a attorney like her mother. Although I still remember when she was young girl.

I have sat on these steps with five children between my legs listening to them all tell me how they were doing as father when they were small . three daughters two sons listening to them tell me about how their day went when they were so small.

And being a dad never ends sitting here listening to her I enjoy her as all our children.

It takes nothing to be kind to animal Clydesdale hugs

Mr willie our rescue Clydesdale makes me smile. He thinks he is sneaking up on me and I hear him breaking ice and snorting. I pretend I donít hear him and I get a horse hug and I love him kiss him. Total trust now with willie he knows with us he wonít be hurt.

Boog the chocolate lab and willie love play hide and seek. One tree in pasture big horse ass sticking out he he. Nobody can see me so sweet.

Boog is like I see you willie

Life in anamites 173rd it was serious

I post as I read my old mans diary notebooks that I inherited after he passed. I found them never opened them up until years ago not trying to offend anyone or open up old memories.

Reading his notes I realize his whole as wanting to be normal was scarred my old mans soul. After the fact that he scribbled in a notebook Iím alive today. Can you imagine as I read this the only that kept them alive was a C-130 gunship from being over run by NVA. As I read this I added up the math I was only 7 months old.

Thatís personal coming kill you over run your wire NVA with sappers and rpgs how then did we decide I wonder was the French colonial problems were ours. To inflict this evil on our people.

As a kid growing up with my old man Iím amazed he kept it together. He worked as industrial electrician in steel mill. Tough dude

Hold my sip cup pap I'm gonna take a nap with the boog

Sitting on couch watching duck tales with our grandson. I cannot watch the news channels pisses me off. Young mister just handed me his sip cup heís 27 months hold this pap. And climbed up on sectional behind his furry uncle and settled in. I told my wife grandson is beyond boog in IQ now.

Grandson is like move over letís cuddle boog. Boog is ok kid weíre in love wag wag. We are cuddle family pardon me if I have bad gas.

Reading my old mans diary Vietnam

What makes me think as former airborne infantry vet 82nd 325th total peace time I served . So Iím reading my father and they have Lp compromised so these brothers 503rd have go and rescue a listening post. NVA found them these 173rd men were in tight spot. Reading my fathers notes diary I get it.

Our people are in tight spot we have to move react. Sad what I read NVA 12.7 machine gun American soldiers listening post I really look at my old man differently he passed 19 years ago total fear moving to soviet 12.7 51 cal to rescue your people I couldnít imagine.

MR big paws our golden retriever he's 11 is so in love with my wife

I joke with my wife and tell her. I have not cuddled you in bed or sat next to you on couch for eleven years. I do not feel jealous over mr big paws how could i that would be foolish. I find him so sweet in his love and dedication to my wife.

If my wife is not here then itís me to cuddle his muzzle and slobbers on my hip to cuddle. As I made my wife oatmeal mr big paws is helping then I take my wife bowl oatmeal. And he jumps up on couch next to her and I get that look you lose man weíre cuddling. I kissed him on head itís ok you both are couple I love you he is so sweet a golden retriever.

We're playing with Evel knievel stunt cycle ,It's snowing here how about you were gonna sled later

Weíre expected now to get a solid 5-8 now. I went to store yesterday and picked up supplies to make dad half ass potato soup. Itís a instant mix I add ham home fries Swiss cheese whole milk. I make double batch for my troops. My wife makes it from scratch she has work from her office to catch up with. So dad is the cook and my boys and their friends like it.

For the grandson I got him shrimp Iíll do that later weíll I got 5 pounds for everyone. But young mister loves shrimp and butter noodles. He wants to dip his shrimp in my cocktail sauce. So I just give him a little bowl with ketchup Iím not sure about horseradish with him.

We just jumped our golden retriever with my Evel Knievel stunt cycle. I forgot we had this toy still works it is like Christmas 1975 all over again. Mr big paws is laying in his dog bed by the wood stove so we put the ramp next to him.

Hey we have to jump something and my little guy will laugh and go run after the stunt cycle and Evel he is twenty six months and a joy. Letís do it again pap why absolutely. I dug out our one sons snow suit and boots from when he was a toddler and itís a fit for the grandson.

Mr fifteen year old guitar slinger is warming up on guitar. He has a girl coming today from his guitar class. He is all serious after he has recently caught Cupidís arrow in his ass. He told his brother and dad he will not be sledding. I said thatís cool Iíll sit in and jam with you both. I got the no look we donít need a third wheel dad. I replied itís no problem wittle man.

Dammit boog do not try Jedi mind tricks on the man

Really boog I should have never let you watch Star Wars. So I went upstairs to use the bathroom and once again stop and cover up our one son. The kid is like me he is a rough sleeper kicking covers off knocking pillows on the floor.

And I come downstairs into the kitchen and the chocolate Jedi is standing with a loaf of bread. Still in the wrapping hanging from his mouth a counter surfing score. I had it out to toast with the cream chipped beef Iím making.

Man- drop that you knuckle head

Boog - going Obi -wan Kenobi total jedi wagging his tail there is nothing to see here move along.

And the arrogant shit tries to saunter past me heading to the living room with the loaf of bread hanging from his mouth. He ripped the bag so it is now a peanut butter sandwich loaf of dog bread when we give out dog medicine. We usually buy the cheap bread for that this is the artisan bread my wife and boys like.

Coyotes are busy ,Was Looking at guitar porn with boog the chocolate lab online

I canít sleep waiting on snow possible 5-8 inches. So other day I saw this 62 reissue Japanese strat online it is only $400 as it is a player. A lot of buckle rash and pick wear. I have bought around six guitars off this person and only ever returned one.

The one I returned even un plugged it just didnít have tone or that un plugged ring. Weíre on back porch at moment coyotes are busy this morning. Mr chocolate lab is chewing his bone and when coyotes start his hackles go up and growls. He will stop listen to his relatives and then really start chewing his bone.

Boog - dam neighbors are ridiculous man making noise at 03:30 in the morning. (He then stops to listen then gives a woof) keep it down my people are sleeping except the man.

Weíre having my pipe and coffee heís really working on the bone. I have him wrapped up in a old blanket. He stops once in awhile for me to rub his big head.

Boog - ok man Iím taking a break from my bone rub my ears and muzzle.

Man and boog the chocolate lab were in a bromance

Our love is deep boog and man my wife is listening to Adele someone like you. As boog man lay on sectional together I love my furry boy he knows man loves him.

We as people really do not deserve a dog. A pup or dog will love you no
Matter what.
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