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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,972

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The boog

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This is the second Boston cream pie I bought in three days

I walked past the pies at store and I saw the Boston cream pie. And I heard The Bee Gees in my head how deep is your love.

Had to have a heart to heart with Duncan the golden retriever pup

I said look trooper I find it admirable the loyalty the love that you have for all of us. You have bonded with us and we with you. And man respects how dedicated you have become I get you Duncan you have heart. Just do me a favor and do not try and rescue Nana from the shower again.

Im not pointing paws Duncan I understand nana left the door open and you decided hey time to spring into action and climb under the shower curtain and lick nana dry you were in rescue mode. Look dude you are a golden retriever not a Saint Bernard or a Newfie water rescue dog like yogi the Newfie your cousin.

It's Black Friday and my wife is on her laptop

Time to unplug the modem

I'm smiling strap hangers for thanksgiving takeout vets

Strap hanger is airborne slang for a add on not from your unit to a jump happens all time. So with Covid this year three friends vets. So I added them on to the jump manifest / turkey its a joke and now the one strap hanger text me hey man I been pounding beers since sun rise can you drop mine off and could I get a pice of pumpkin and apple pie as your wife makes delicious pies Or give it to D and have him drop it off. I find humor as we know a lot of our veteran friends are still pieces of work after all these years. Have good day fellow vets.

Sitting here thinking of the 1 in 6 who are hungry in our country

Fuck you capitalism times like these It feels so obscene that we live in a country that allows this.

Dam you think you know a boog the chocolate lab after 10.5 years

Sitting on couch I think he just told me . Barking at me to share Stromboli or he just confessed yes man Im D.b. Copper.

Reading email from our uncle who retired to Vietnam he was marine infantry in 67

Plan is my two brothers and I and our sons go next summer hopefully after we have vaccines. Reading his emails and talking to him on phone at 72 years old he is so happy. After he retired from steel mill he was a widower he traveled Europe East Europe then Asia and today he is re married to a fine woman who is physician Vietnamese a widow as well ,she is 67 maybe 68. I ramble my wife is napping getting stronger after pneumonia. Our boys hit swim club and Im on back porch just read our uncles email. Id love to fish in Vietnam fish are huge in our uncles pictures.

Just makes me smile how time finishes all hate the bar he drinks at is frequented by NVA and Arvin soldiers and my uncle and two other American vets. Plan is taking month just pulling a ESL extended sick leave with Union. And I asked my uncle Id like to visit a place called Dak to ,as where our old man was with 173rd. As a infantry vet of 82nd Id just like to see if not Dak to just a piece of the highlands the annamite range that they fought bled in died.

My time was peaceful in infantry I was lucky. Id like to see the A.O. I can read in our old mans diary his notes the fear. Recon made contact our ambushes made contact with NVA reading between lines because Id be in fear. That was life in the 503rd theyre coming were gonna be murdering each other soon is what I read and take from our fathers diary very personal those highland battles well all battles are.

Boog and Duncan attended online church Lutheran services

With my wife her mother and her aunt all five of them were in dining room. Now boog the chocolate lab and Duncan golden retriever puppy are sinners with gluttony. Trying to hoard the chew bones each and giving each other growls and the look my bones.

Theyre furry heathens I tell you.

Listening to Queen innuendo this morning

It still gives me chills I hear fear desperation sadness perhaps hope. To me it is a testimony and a obituary.

And Duncan the golden retriever puppy and mans new theme song is (I cant live with you) from the album. Reason Duncan was trying to rescue my wife from the downstairs shower. I had to go in and get him then he barked and whined at the closed door the lady is in danger. As I sat at the kitchen bar and drank coffee.

Making chili today double recipe any ideas or suggestions hit me I'm always looking

2 big cans kidney beans
2 diced onions
4 diced bell peppers
3-4 tablespoons chili powder
2 pounds burger
2 pounds spicy sausage
Add cloves garlic
2 cans tomatoes paste
2 cans diced tomatoes
Tomato sauce added for liquid I used to use beer but not since I quit drinking
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