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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,007

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The boog

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Sicilian pizza today any suggestions Or guidance is appreciated

We have never tried thick crust homemade. We always had thin crust so today we will venture into new territory Sicilian pizzas and homemade Stromboliís.
So any suggestions on thick crust or baking is appreciated.
We found recipe and my guys are comfortable with it. Weíre shooting for 3 pizzas and a Stromboli which with bolis weíve done before.

1 - pepperoni
1- sausage and red peppers
1- cheese with several different cheeses ham and pineapple

And Stromboli is salami pepperoni ham peppers mozzarella and provolone I love to dip it in tomato sauce.

The guy that gave me boog the chocolate lab is here

Heís a fine union teamster retired a Vietnam vet we share threads being union and infantry a generation apart. Heís 74 Iím 53 I told him Iíll never forgive you for the gift of the boog asshole and I joke saying that. Today he is almost blind and as I post this boog is cuddling my friend on couch.

Nine years ago my friend had hip surgery and Iíd go around toss up firewood feed their animals. To help him and his wife out of kindness and several months later as they bred labs. Our son and me were over at a cookout And this puppy was following our five year old no four year old son around. And my friend and his wife were like looks like you have a puppy.

I said yea Iíll give you the cash for him they were no you helped us out heís your sons heís free. As I cookout chicken on grill and check I see Boog cuddling my friend that is love boog is 9 hey man we love and have watch out for this guy who cannot see your you cannot beat dog love or loyalty.

Let's start calling Wall Street a Giant vagina

Then the gop will regulate the fuck out of it. Saw it on twitter cannot repost from I phone

Feeding the horses Watching my wife of almost 34 years read the hungry caterpillar to our grandsons

And the boys grandsons are sitting next to grandma listening to her read cuddling her on the couch. I remember her reading the hungry caterpillar to our one son when he was there age today he is fifteen I remember her reading to our daughters today their grown women. It just makes me smile my wife is a awesome lady.

I stepped outside to have my pipe and cup of coffee. And I smile as I sit here no turmoil today no news as we live in turmoil. Just family today this morning the little guys and grandma helped me feed our horses and donkey. And our horses were especially willie the draft horse he was oh kids so happy to see kids oh my as he comes out kids willie has a pure heart.

And I look as I am filling up the water for horses and my wife is holding our grandsons hands. And she lifts them up to get a willie hug. Horse hugs are the best my friends and bob the donkey loves my wife he had to see her.

So sitting on back deck with my right paw boog the chocolate lab having a hot tea with honey. I hug him I do love boog and weíre trying to have a solid man boog love each other moment. And boog is like man I think I need go inside lady is making grilled cheese. So much for mans best friend I smile.

Gallon quart storage bags I actually said this

My wife asked me if she should add anything to the grocery list. I said yes gallon quart storage bags not that we need gallon and quart bags. I said gallon quart storage bags she looked and smiled. Yes I need more coffee

Tried new pancake recipe and they passed quality control Boog and Mr big paws

The troops mentioned they could do pancakes bacon eggs scrapple for dinner after high school today. So I found a cornmeal buttermilk pancake recipe. And gave it a shot I made like six.

Not bad drenched in syrup with some butter. The furry quality control hung out in kitchen after I gave them one each. Then two more after they didnít taste the first ones. no syrup or butter on theirs.

Mr big paws our golden retriever and boog the chocolate lab are great for my ego in the kitchen. So now man and his two kitchen assistants mixed up a huge batch of batter we await our boys arrival.

Ran into a union brother I haven't seen in 20 years

Heís out of New England he brings freight to our terminal goes hotel for 10 hours and heads home off rest. I was in getting gear from company for my work I am able hold jockey bid. Yea yard but hey itís hourly and decent cash and pension is fully funded tired running road laying hotels. I heard my name called. This is going back we both worked for Preston 151 as road drivers. Sadly Preston went out in 99.

So we had a coke in break room catching up. He asked if I was getting ready pension out I said no bro 32 years so far maybe 8 more. I just wanna hang until our boys established he asked their ages. 15-16 I said he asked my age I said almost 54. He smiled heís 43 in age and told me that his wife just gave birth to a baby girl 3 months old. I replied bro weíre in the same boat it was good seeing him. Not to many 151 men left anymore. So now heís coming to us I said hey Iíll take you out breakfast and then drop you off at hotel for your rest some morning we can catch up more in depth. We both did agree weíre lucky to still be union freight. Itís dying Iíve seen a lot Union companies go under since 1987 fuck regan and deregulation.

I said to the guys hey we need a love song in this lineup

Now me Iím a blues guy I remember first time I heard howlin wolfs man Hubert summlin or first turn around I learned ZZ Top or son house or Robert Johnson. I was hooked at young age being a scrawny kid descended from Eastern Europeans. So as my son and his friends are jamming I said here is a dad original and I launched into kiss 100000 years they stopped me really dad. Then I launched into kiss strutter I said fellas what.

They said theyíre kicking me out jam session. I said guys guys I wrote that at age of 10 with paul and gene peter was in the menís room he didnít help us. The song strutter is about my love for a lunch lady who made best mashed potatoes. Hey Iím trying to help these guys get to play wembley eventually after college. We gotta start now theyíre all in ninth grade. I told them I bring discipline and maturity to the band at 53. And I said if you turds go boy band Iím out unless I get to be the complicated thinking cute one.

My young guitar slingers are awake,I told them yes children boog will go on tour with you

No school today Our one son is off to his part time job at the local grocery store. I just claimed my last 2 weeks of unemployment. Back on union linehaul next Monday. Our other son and two of his friends will jam today his friends spent the night. This morning theyíre talking how they wanna rewrite a dual lead for one of their originals that they have wrote. They make me smile at their age 14 to 15 dreams of stardom.

I mentioned perhaps one day you all will be on cover of rolling stone with boog. Yesterday I walked through the living room navigating young guitar gods amps and cords numerous pedals and a chocolate lab. As they jammed boog was sleeping in his dog bed by the wood stove. On his back sleeping through guitar chords and sonic sweetness, all four paws in the air I smiled. I stopped the jam session to ask a favor. I said fellas just turn your chocolate band member around at times so he does not become well done.

Politics at breakfast really bother the dogs

Life under President Obama was calm peaceful. Yes we complained a example mcturltle and Judge garland. With orange shitler we complain and bitch constantly. And boog the lab and mr big paws our golden. Their heads are on a pivot as my wife and I talk and use our hands in conversation. As we eat our breakfast.

And the furry boys follow our eggs on our forks. Or say a bagel with cream cheese as we take time in between bites as we bitch with food in our hands . This morning roger stone a true scumbag is the topic of our conversation.

I looked at the furry boys and their like could you two hurry up with this As we are waiting last bites. I find humor and to stop any rumors the boog and mr big paws politically are deep state democrats.
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