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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,021

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The boog

Journal Archives

My wife or boogs lady does not get being tacticool

At the bakery this morning all yummies in the boxes. Weíre placed at ladies feet on passenger side floor of the 4 runner. He started barking at her.
The lady - why is he barking at me

The man - your in his seat he guards the tummy yummies.

The lady - knock it off Boog Iím not sitting in the backseat boog gives her ear lick.

We stop at red light boog sticks his head out window to cover us as we have goodies.

The man - I say to my wife stay sharp weíre stopped you and boog have 12-6 man has 6-12 if you want you can stick your head out the window as well.

Boog - barking contact one o clock nana lady walking her poodle.

I told my dear wife see you need to get with the program dear.

Our bakery

Now comes out takes your order then they bring it to you in parking lot. You hand them cash or card I tipped the young kid $7 this morning on $30 order she was hustling and gave the chocolate lab a doughnut on the house.

The nice doughnut lady got a wag wag thank you from the chocolate menace.

Does your dog have a theme song boog is definitely ZZ top

Mr big paws our Golden retriever any journey song as he is in love with my wife. He is twelve and who am I to stand in the way of love with mr big paws and his love my wife. He loves us all but well this morning he raced me to the couch to sit next to her. And then sprawled out you loose man.

So this morning Iím preparing dinner for today Mexican chicken yes weíre tipping our hat to our brothers and sisters south of the border. Ohiogal sent me recipe so Dm her for it my troops love it. And the boys are at kitchen bar weíre playing 7 card stud with poker chips. No wildcards house doesnít allow that shit.

And weíre laughing because boog is sprawling out between my wifeís mom and her sister. Both ladies pushing late 70ís early 80ís in age. And it is love from boog to you aggravate me from the sisters towards boog. Yesterday boog was caught drinking my wifeís aunts wine. I told her after she told me boog drank out her wine glass. You canít leave anything on coffee table heís a land shark. Then I added hey he needed communion she did not find that amusing.

I told her boog and man were down with saint francis patron saint of animals and saint michael patron saint of the airborne. Like my mother in law she just doesnít get boog.

So the boys and I were joking boogs theme songs are.

ZZ Top its only love because he always screw up with grandma and her sister.

ZZ Top Mexican black bird hey man keep your hands on the wheel instead of passing a brew pass me a doughnut

ZZ Top my heads in Mississippi the part I was stumbling thru a parking lot of a invisible 7 11 what am I doing out here. A joke as the yard is one huge mud hole and boog pisses then drinks muddy piss water.

So we want to hear your pets theme song

My young men are delivering food to those in need

A anger rant Iím not posting this for their good boys teb. So none of that Iím just pissed scared worried. As I sit on back porch having a coffee and my pipe. This shit storm was coming regardless and as we all know. Unlike South Korea that acted we just got itís a hoax from the ass and trash right wing.

Anyway so my friend sgt major retired army volunteers at local kitchen. And he reached out to me for help. They are down a van and two volunteers. So I work Monday- Friday third shift. So my boys stepped up to help seven days week they show up 06:00 to deliver three meals to those that cannot get out so dad will just use the Kia Forte to commute to work Tacoma is on detail .

Talking on phone my one son told me they have fifteen stops. He said the Tacoma bed is loaded. Here is what the beautiful people that the repigs who donít give a shit about are eating today.

Breakfast- a container of oatmeal 2 hard boiled eggs and bagel with container of cream cheese or Pat of butter and 2 pints milk.

Lunch - bologna and processed cheese a bag of chips and apple bottled water.

Dinner- spaghetti just sauce no meat a roll a salad and two cookies.

My boys told me about this young woman at home two kids on their route. When I handed my debit card to them. To fill up Tacoma. I said you get the lady 2 gallons whole milk for her kids every other day or daily you ask her if her kid need. Then on phone this morning I told him. You ask her if she wants a turkey or ham potatoes. We have two deep freezers.

This shit sandwich just pisses me of it reminds me as kid. Regan cheese the mills and the mines weíre laying men off. And we really were ok at that time our mom still worked as a RN. The old man got unemployment.As we hunted ate deer meat and canned tomatoes and vegetables that mom put up.

Last night in bed my wife said sheís afraid to look at our portfolios. Me Iím a pension worker through union 8 more years maybe 10 will retire. After the boys established I told her donít worry about it. I never look at portfolio she takes care of it. I said itís bull and deck is stacked against us

Fuck the republicans

Be safe good health to you and those you love

I alway knew our dogs were unionized

Here the man thought mr big paws the golden retriever and the chocolate lab a menace to society. Weíre members of the international furry brotherhood of sporting dogs. Nope we did a card check as my boys were eating sos eggs and toast. Here the furry boys are members of the international furry brotherhood of couch potatoes and moochers of people food. Hey who would have thought

Aggravating a trump supporter

On my little slice of the corporate plantation after 40 years of repug war on labor. Iím a union jockey. 33 years of holding a union card Iíve worked the dock then got my third class license and ran linehaul for years. And now I just want to work the yard.

Back when the ACA was the only thing the repugs lost sleep over before the deep state This fellow wart of a coworker told me. No everyone does not need basic healthcare. It is the American way and if they die because of lack healthcare so be it.

So fast forward to 2016 this cruel fucker was all decked out in MAGA 2016 buttons and hats. And of late heís been sporting the kaga bling 2020. Well the other night at work this wart was who by the way is a army vet like I am. Was decked out in a blue mask and latex gloves company doesnít provide mask and only gloves are work gloves.

I had to bring up the conversation we had about the ACA years before. As he was tying his carhart hood and putting on work gloves over his blue gloves going total Charlie Heston in a 70ís disaster flick . He responded to me what are you doing to protect yourself asshole. I replied I stopped trimming my nose hair that is natures filter. And I said by the way youíre out of uniform no kaga shit.

Then my one bud who is former marine had to pipe in about that the wart may get brought up on ucmj in magat unit. And I responded to my union bro the former marine I love the guy. I said if we wanted to hear from the marine Corp we would ask this is strictly a prior service army issue.

Although I did ask my union former marine brother. Look you wonít retire heís 71 a widower I asked him you do have me down as the beneficiary on your life insurance correct. I smiled and said look I got a bad feeling on this one the NVA couldnít kill you. My former marine friend replied get your scrawny ass in yard horse and stay six feet away from me.

Stay safe people were all alone on this one love and health to you and those you love.

My sycophant congress repug had a telephone town hall I submitted a ? It did not get asked

He is repig held town hall on coronavirus via telephone from like 14:00 to 15:00. Now he announces it at like 13:56 on twitter total coward and by time I tried sign on I could not get on phone so I had submit my ? by messenger. You had to give a name I entered my name as John Barron.

My first question is why is the president is not helping my neighbors in New York with ventilators. Was not answered

My second ? Was we knew of this since January 20 the Chinese posted genome on January 23 and dear leader called it hoax now we have as of today 544 dead Can we charge dear leader with genocide. Yup no answer

These ass clowns repugs are caught and they refuse to face reality or the truth. If I donít buy the farm in this pandemic and we donít know when it our time so Anyway . This November when I vote itís gonna be with extreme anger and fury. When I hit that button in November to vote it will be my sword to cut out these pigs afflicted with trump sycophant syndrome. No not a sword a claymore mine.

My union brother is scared

I get it I told him over coffee this morning. We jockey in yard hooking doubles two trailers and cutting them breaking them down. He is 63 a fine brother he suffers from upper respiratory illness at times. He stopped around to score some firewood and we sat on picnic table talking. He told me heís going out with note from his doc because of his chronic respiratory issues on esl extended sick leave signing up unemployment. Until this passes I told him yes I get it friend.

I told him every morning when I get home I strip off my boots leave them on back porch get undressed on back porch. And then wash my clothes immediately with Clorox and hit the shower . I said other night I went thru at least 5 pair gloves company supplies them. Doing breaks and lunch we donít even punch in or out on electronic clock a manager does it for all of us. I told him you have to take care of you friend.

Humor Sarge 43 Help!The troops are up and bitching day 11 of isolation

Telling you people as the senior Nco around here. Iím dealing with attitude from the troops ages 9- 15 - 16 our sons . As they came downstairs this morning to eat not one of them stripped the beds for linen exchange.

Now I gave them a first call as chow was ready and told them strip the beds. Yes linen exchange used to be once week or whenever you needed. As of now weíre doing it every other day. Air them out spray with Lysol. I had them turn around and march back upstairs to do it and put the linen in washing machine.

Then we had a informal formation with our CO the captain mom as the troops ate at the kitchen bar. As she passed out math and English assignments as our schools have dropped cyber school. Oh the bitching from the herd after the captain mom left to her home office to start working this is ridiculous. They wonít let her hear them bitching because she doesnít take it.

Then we head out for PT the weight pile. I was benching and two of the troops. Held me down on weight bench and the nine year old gave me a pink belly. Whoever heard of the fist sgt getting a pink belly from the troops. The abuse continued as I was on pull up bar they were pulling my leg hair.

So now I as I sit on the back porch with my right paw private boog heís a 9 year private he is always catching a ucmj charge from the lady CO. The troops have done the triple s express or close to it . Laptops are cracked school assignments are being completed. I told private boog weíre dealing with insubordination around here with the herd and I love it be safe all you and families.

Fuck this orange shit bag on tv

Tell it to the 129 people who have passed away so far today from coronavirus.
You had three months to plan and you fucked up. Worried that any pre planning would spook Wall Street dam you to hell you fucker.

And here we are now the cure cannot be worse than the problem. Wall Street and the rich can pay the bill this time for a repug fuck up. Not the working class for 40 years we have had war waged on us since fucking Regan. Choke on your greed you orange scumbag.

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