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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,145

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The boog

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We Got cowbell 2020 Epi Les Paul sd 1950's, rule is I feed you I get to play wembley with you all

$599 out of the box our sons friend. He came over again today to jam and eat. I gave the 14 year old Proud new guitar owner. A knockoff real tweed case like the original Gibson stallions came with From the 1950s with the pink lining to haul it around in instead of gear bag.
It has appointments
Epiphone humbuckers sounds great
Long neck tenon I am in that camp I will not argue.
AAA flame maple veneer on with real maple cap.
Top hat knobs with old style pointers
Old style post CTs wiring oh the specs are all mahogany body and neck. With fretboard wood called Indian laurel.

And a new headstock design specs call it a Kalamazoo. Yes the old epi headstock is gone it was like playing a epiphone with old headstock . Was like trying to get romantic. Yes at 16 with your girl and 12 pack driving dads rambler station wagon.

So the guys I said hey if you want that DUMBLE sound you gotta have 50+wattage. So they headed out to garage to plug in to the tube heads with dumble pedals. In house we use 1 watt tubes.

I gotta head store hot dogs and cheeseburgers as more guitar young slingers are coming to jam. And meet the new epiphone fresh from the guitar maternity ward. Rule is after you all graduate college and if you make it big I get to play wembley. And we do castles made of sand then Hendrix cover of Dylan like a rolling stone. Preferably before 7 pm by that time hopefully Ill be in my late 60s. And Ill need go bed at decent time.

Daughters of confederacy a burial detail in 82nd

This was a story told to me by a infantry brother a black dude from i think George was 504th PIR in 82nd. Anyway were in west Germany after I caught a PCs out of 82nd 2/325th PIR Bragg. Anyway I met George in west Germany in rifle company great guy fine soldier.

So George was telling me one night drinking a few beers. How after they Honor guard some old soldier who passed they all were invited. To the local VFW and yup the daughters of the confederacy was holding a luncheon. We laughed over that story those women was serving fine Americans that day. Hispanics black white troopers all brothers All American the 82nd.

The burned the daughters of confederacy building in Richmond

Just received a text from a close friend who lives in Richmond va. Posted article to my twitter turtleherder teb. Cannot post from I phone to Du.

Had a heart to heart talk with a garter snake this morning

Third time I found a garter snake in like five days on the wall that is around our sunken patio. And the third time I moved the snake to the pasture. Not sure if its the same snake I know why they are here. Bugs and mice theyre on the hunt.

I explained we have a chocolate lab menace. Who would see you wanna play with you. Tossing you in the air then end up eating you. And then later on throwing you up in the house.

How do I know this prior practice on the lab. Once my wife had friends over he was maybe two. And as the ladies sat on the back porch having wine. Chocolate knucklehead came strolling thru with a black snake in his mouth. That caused the ladies to mass exit into the family room. And he stood at the patio sliding door with dead snake hey where did you all go wag wag.

Morning joe Mr Biden speaking

We all know joe has had much tragedy in his life. To watch him on replay of video joe is a man. Who has decency compassion empathy. I was happy to vote for Mr Obama twice Mrs Clinton once. This vote for Mr Biden will be for having decency returning to our country.

A surprise for my wife ,We're on the list at the maternity ward a Golden retriever puppy.

After swimming at the quarry yesterday the boys and I stopped. To ask these Mennonite dairy farmers if they had a litter of pups yet. It is not a puppy mill and there dogs are well taken care of. They did just have a litter and oh my the pups are three days old. The boys and I were keeping this hush hush as it is a surprise for their mom.

Mother golden wanted a good ear scratch. And father golden wanted to show us his rope toy to play. She had a litter of seven were number eight on list. So if anyone declines were in for a male pup. She said do not worry if we do not have . Her brother who lives one hour away has three females and three litters a year if all their pups go. They do not have papers I do not care so theyre cheaper than a breeder.

June seventh is our 34th wedding anniversary. So by July will hopefully have a anchor baby. For my dear wife and our twelve year old Golden retriever Mr big paws. Im the third wheel in my wife and mr big paws relationship he loves us all. He has it bad for my wife so sweet and innocent.

We took the right paw boog the chocolate lab to physical therapy this morning

The menace to society the knucklehead is ten he has a bad hip. We have him on medicine. He knew as the boys and I turned down the road towards the pond it is a old rock quarry that filled up I was told in the 1930s. He was shaking and shivering whining with excitement I know this place it is fun fun place.

As soon as the door was open he was off. Like a chocolate rocket well now at a fast hobble. He Flys off the dock and splash and the ducks were flying off. Starts swimming and smiling we joined him swimming we would go swinging off the rope hes like physical therapy with the man and my boys is awesome he is like great belly flop boy 2. I hope it helps him with his arthritis and keeps him limber.

He really is a load our one son was on a float raft. And he swam over like come on boy help me up I need to lounge with you. And his human brothers helped him on the raft. And pushed the big chocolate load around the pond.
In these times of turmoil Im laid off collecting unemployment no whine. My wife is working from home. Rumor is call back July. Maybe ten years hope take my union pension. But moments like this morning Ill take them. Boog is out hes exhausted my boys out playing basketball in driveway. There is a formula to his physical therapy first we swim then we stop and get ice cream.

Our one son is bi racial ,So police are engaging those who protest George Floyd's murder

Tear gas rubber ammo as they make contact with those who are protesting a mans murder. Yet police will not engage those clown patriots who show up. With assault rifles flying Nazi flags or the confederate flag with tear gas or rubber rounds. This shit is upside down we all know it.

Our one son came to us through foster care years ago. We adopted and I joke and tell him hes the first African American Slav in the tribe as he has our last name. It is last name Eastern European. As his father is black his mom is white. He has his fathers features in being dark skinned.

I told him this before and again if you ever find yourself compromised by police. No sudden moves just chill listen to what they say. And if you can try and turn on phone video to record or at least catch audio.

George Floyd was murdered and Im just upset. Ask how many white men has this officer ever dealt with resisting arrest are they dead. I told my wife think if after the Emancipation proclamation, hold on Im trying to say yes that happened in 1863 the order by Abe. Would it not have been awesome and Im saying if we welcomed the three or four million Americans that were enslaved after 1865 as equal citizens.

A anger rant or ramble this is so tragic fucked up.

Sometimes my wife just let's me know , how screwed up I am

This morning so far
My wife - you know we have a keurig. Why do you always percolate coffee. You do know were living in the twenty first century.

Teb- Here you go as I hand her a coffee from the twenty first century coffee machine.

She grabs her creamer
My wife - Did you hit the 12 ounce brew instead of the 10 ounces. These mugs really should have 10 ounce brew because of there size.
So now she pours out coffee so she can have the correct amount of coffee to cream ratio.

As she is eating her danish. I sit down with my bagel. And grab the first plastic utensil out of the container on the bar. Yup it was a spoon.
My wife- Why would you use a spoon to put cream cheese on a bagel.

Teb - What is the problem I get the same results. Then sarcasm I said I actually prefer a spork to use applying cream cheese. Really dear think about it a spork is like a Swiss Army knife of plastic utensils.

I was ignored as she read the morning paper.

They ate Rats at Vicksburg

In pickup earlier with my guys making a pie run. We got behind another pickup flying stars and bars actually a flag . Its quite common here where we live less than 20 miles from Gettysburg hallowed ground.

We were talking how foolish and ignorant these people are. And I gave my boys a history lesson. The one percent then the plantation owners. So imagine some poor confederate trooper who was born poor and illiterate.

Winds up and example I gave may of 1863 bagging it trying to hold ground with Pemberton Against Grants army and now you are screwed surrounded no chance of breakout as the army is pushed into Vicksburg. And those poor soldiers born into poverty. And lied to so theyd fight for the slave owners to own another human. They died from wounds disease. They ate rats dogs horses to stay alive in that Hell. Goes to show the power of our will to survive.

Now I seriously doubt the moron in front of us I said. Actually understands what price the confederate infantry or army paid out gunned out manufactured . With his confederate flag flying he actually thinks hes a patriot perhaps. So beware of people flying patriotic bull spouting our way of life. Ok I rant but morons piss me off. Its my job to warn my boys always beware.
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