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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
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Ordered cake for party for Duncan pup

It reads welcome Duncan on top with balloons. Weíre having cheeseburgers fries milk shakes today. The woman at bakery asked if Duncan is our new grandson as she knows my wife . I said no (heís my love child I did not mention that heís a 9 week old golden retriever puppy. That will get those nosy ladies talking.

Trying to make old fashion drive in cheese burgers today any advice

This is what I have so far
Ground burger mixed with ground sausage a 80% 20% mix Worcester sauce salt pepper I have this hamburger seasoning I bought and never tried it. Then roll the patties thin 3 - 4 minutes each side.

Any idea on flavor to add hit me with suggestions
Toasted buns

Homemade milk shakes homemade fries and big pot of chili.

Thank you all in advance

Duncan pup makes me smile letting it all hang out exposed belly sleeping on his back

Duncanís pics are in pet forum thanks to catbyte teb meet Duncan. Also our good friend live to hike. I canít post from my I phone. Our twelve year old golden retriever and boog ten year old chocolate lab. These older furry family members trust us so much they lay on their backs. Rub my belly and chest family boog and mr big paws our Golden retriever. Duncan has been with us six days and from day one. He has offered up his 8 week old tummy for us to rub that is total trust from him.

I love dogs and as I put this down I have a eight week golden retriever puppy. Leaning into my arm as I lay on floor with him. Iím rubbing his tummy as he lays on his back all four little paws in air. Earlier the pup was biting my arm. I donít care I grabbed frozen wash cloth to have him chew on as he cuts teeth. Duncan was I donít want the wash cloth man I wanna chew your arm. I told the pup I need that arm to feed him heís out now sleeping and Iím rubbing a golden retriever puppy belly. Life is good friends.

Trump stormtroopers in Portland some of them are veterans

This morning my wife asked me she said she saw a patch on the right shoulder of one of the feds in Portland patch a unit patch on right shoulder is a combat patch. She said it was same patch her dad wore as medic in Vietnam. And she said the flag above the patch was stars stripes left to right in this it is tradition wearing it seen like this is that your unit is involved in a campaign. So I showed her pics of 9th infantry and then the air cav the units her father served with . And it was air Calvary patch.

So my point in this ramble as I drink my fifth cup of coffee. Is that these storm troops are following unlawful orders put out by trumpig. What is straightforward in my mind is posse comitatus. These individuals are acting as a army theyíre in camouflage and armed with weapons. And in the case of veterans amongst them they should understand that theyíre violating the oath they took to serve and they have violated their oath . That these are immoral orders being handed down. I find it disgusting that veterans who served is theyíre so ignorant evil and weak of mind to carry out trumps orders. They may find themselves serving two years in fed prison for violating posse comitatus. I doubt that would happen as a vet though I would like to see these fuckers be prosecuted and do time because their traitors.

The pup ran into the holy grail rabbit this morning

The vorpal bunnie the killer rabbit of caerbannog. He saw the bunnie crouched down gave a bark. And the rabbit hopped towards him. And it was a run away pick me up man.

Update to my 05:34 post ,Tear gas or pepper spray to try and reduce its effects

Vaseline will need to cover our faces around eyes with thin coating no mask use a wet bandanna. This was told to me years ago by a friend who was in lewisburg fed prison once after a visit. So sharing anything that can help us if we take to streets. Then wash rinse our eyes out with cold water. If it hits philly or Baltimore or Dc Iím heading out with my weed blower. This fucking orange fuck and his stormtroopers has me as all of us tight.

It's like the army around here morning PT, then hit the showers with the puppy

His picture is in pet forum our good friends livetohike and catbyte posted them for me. As I cannot post from my I phone. May sound corny another teb post Iím in love we all are in love with duncan. First call was 01:30 after racking out at 23:15 I was being licked in bed hey guy I have to use the yard. After that he was wide awake and we played until 02:15 then back to bed. 04:30 Iím getting my face chewed off again heís preening my beard another yard call for pup. Our one son got up as he heard me moving.

So we decided to work out on the iron pile free weights. And we had company I can say Iíve never had a eight week old pup. Humping my sneakers or biting my ankles working out. And the pushups and sit ups was hey Iím gonna chew my guys ears and one moment once again trying to hump the old guys head. So after we worked out my little guy followed me into downstairs bathroom. And as I closed shower divider the umbilical cord was not attached . Yip yip Yap yap we are not supposed to be apart mr, yes Iím fluent in golden retriever puppy and chocolate lab. So I washed all soap off rinsed floor and opened up the shower door. And mr pup strolled on into the shower and started biting at the water. So I grabbed a clean wash cloth and we played tug of war together in the shower.

And a new discovery is guitar amps our son and I after breakfast. He wanted to figure out Stevie ray vaughn Rivera paradise. So I sat down and started showing him and pup was barking at the amps. Theyíre 1 watt tube so it wasnít loud. So we now have found out that SRV causes puppy zoomies. He raced around front room out into dining room stopped attacked boogs loose skin around boog the chocolate labs neck. Boog was on his back all four paws in the air Duncan pup got couple boog wags. Over the mauling hey kid wag wag then the pup came flying in barking at the amps.

Then the pup climbed into the guitar case were like look heís gonna take a nap no nap he squats and pees in a 1961 Stratocaster guitar case. That was our fault actually he was out five minutes before. But he is so cute and that was his first inside accident. So I put my fathers strat in another case that a Mexican strat was in. tomorrow weíre going bass fishing shorts and sandals wading into a island at base of this low head dam. Itís a hot spot as in we always catch. And weíre taking Duncan pup and as always boog. I figure pup is so small will stick him in one rucksack and transfer our fishing gear to other ruck. Truly I do not expect to get much fishing done with pup along. He has to go heís part of us now.

Dam straight wall of moms now wall of vets Just read Portland protest

We have a wall of moms defending Portland protesters. And now we have a a wall of dads and a wall of vets standing guard between the trumpig stormtroopers and our protestors. I so wish them luck and safety if I lived close Iíd grab my leaf blower and head out. If it hits philly Iím on my way.

Boog is in love with Duncan butter bean the Golden retriever puppy

Our dear friend catbyte posted pics July 22 in pet forum of Duncan pup heading teb Duncan. Reason I cannot post from my I phone. And I only use our sonís computers to do guitar websites. Our golden retriever mr big paws who is twelve is having a hard time with the new furry guy. A lot of barking growling as mr big paws sniffs him. He will adjust in few weeks this morning I was loving petting mr big paws and he was barking at me. I told my wife he was saying why man why did you bring home your furry love child. As the pup was like two feet away chewing on my sandals.

Boog the first day was a little stand off that didnít last long. A few growls with tail wags letting Duncan know his place in the pack. And the last two days theyíre a crew of two. Boog got into trash barking with mr big paws as he was growling at the pup. Boog was saying the new guy is in my squad heís part of the platoon knock it off. Boog makes me smile he will follow Duncan lay near him and wag his tale and boog smile. Not sure the pup found a cheese puff ball I do not know where he found it. And came trotting to boog look I got a ball letís play. And boog ate it and the pup was like hurt you ate my toy.

So far no accidents in house he uses the yard. We eat play poo and sleep. He has been sleeping with my wife and I reason for this is. Iím a light sleeper and he has adjusted well no separation anxiety from momma usually around 01:00 he lets me know hey I gotta use the yard guy then around 04:30 he climbs on my face preening my beard wake up. And no I cannot crate a pup at night dogs are social as we know and they have to sleep as a pack. I go back union yard man in eight days nights so our sons will take over at nights.

He goes into the Tacoma with the boog and man. Riding on my lap. This morning we went to a stream that is low and the three of us played. Duncan followed boog and it got deep for him he started swimming perhaps a foot deep whining scared. Boog was standing pushing his pup with his nose into shallow water. Then boog and man sat and watched Duncan bean play in water. If pup moved to far for boogs comfort mr would go Iíll be back man and nudge him to safety. My wife asked how did the stream go I said it was fine. I said boog and the man love the baby.

Iím a huge Cohen brothers movie fan , and if you ever watched raising Arizona. I told my wife boog and man are John Goodman and William Forsythe characters Gale and Evelle snokes to Duncan pup heís a baby or the line you never leave a man behind. As I put this down another Cohen movie comes to me oh brother where art thou. When George Clooney daughters tell him Everett that momma has a new man. And they say heís a suitor heís bonafide. At this moment Duncan is sleeping on my wifeís desk under her monitor as she works from home. I told her heís a suitor heís bonafide.

I love dogs always had dogs since I was young always slept with me . I love our furry friends. Always felt empty with out a dog. Once when I was kid I bought a German Shepard Pup down at Bragg with 325th. Bad idea I was drunk walking out bar parking lot and these people had these pups $20. Next morning it was a Saturday Iím feeding the pup a MRE thinking what the shit did I do. My roommate was like what are we gonna do. So I called my plt sgt he came and the pup stayed with him and mrs plt sgt. until I got leave take him home my parents. Life is great with our furry friends.

22 July we get the puppy golden retriever

I cannot understand Pennsylvania Dutch I thought it was 27 July. So Iíll get him Wednesday he was supposed be a secret for my wife 34 years married you get a golden puppy. Like On our 22 anniversary 12 years ago when we got our 12 year old golden mr big paws.mr big paws joking was impulse buy he was so cute. Our 10 year old staying with us through foster program let it slip. Itís ok he was upset I told him son donít worry itís hard secret to keep. So Wednesday Iíll surprise her she my wife thinks heís coming Monday. Our dear friend livetihike posted his pics in pet section under teb pup. I canít post from I phone. So Wednesday I go pick him up.
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