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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,024

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The boog

Journal Archives

From the book of my wife. Cook a man a fish you feed him for a day

Teach a man to fish and you can get rid of him every weekend

Got home from work asked my wife if she wanted a quickie

She replied as opposed to what

My wife called me immature

I told her then get out of my pillow fort.

My wife told me the cashier at the store was a bitch

I asked her were you using the self checkout again.

Questions From our grandson this morning I find humor

Grandson sitting at bar in kitchen this morning with my wife and I Grandson- pap can I ask you ?
Pap - yea shoot dude
Grandson- Do you and grandma wrestle in bed.

It seems our grandson this week was woke up by his mom and dad headboard hitting the wall he was scared over noise. He was scared in night went to their room. And our daughter took him back to bed she explained mom and dad are wrestling.

Pap - No grandma and I do not wrestle in bed grandma and I we box in bed.

I said in response as I used to box as kid and tried to qualify on army boxing team in 82nd. Although I said to grandson pap is 54 six foot 140 pounds grandma always wins.
Then I look at my wife smiles at me and i say I could have been a contender.

My wife asks questions to grandson

Grandma - Samuel are you excited about the new baby sister coming in March

As our daughter is pregnant our grandson smiles he is so excited makes my wife and I smile.

Lifeís good people I love it.

Is that man abusing that golden retriever pup

My morning so far took Duncan knucklehead for a walk to see his ducks. Then after visiting the ducks we hit the trail setting a decent pace for walking. Then itís time to Duncan crap and Iím ready with plastic bag.

All of a sudden screaming crying Duncan is dragging his bum on the ground. Iíve been here before as a semi pro furry knuckle head collector. We have a poop hanger. A older couple stop and look on a parallel trail they were concerned hearing a pup in pain. So I reach down yank out the hanger and discover the problem it seems knucklehead was eating our twelve year old golden fur. Yesterday as we brushed him so in holding Duncan by waist leash in my mouth. I extracted the blockage successfully bagged it up and tossed it.

Upon getting home my wife walked past me as I was tossing my $15 insulated grip work gloves and sweats and hoodie in washing machine. She asked how was the visit to see Duncanís duck herd.

Making goulash today ? As novice

Has anyone ever cooked the macaroni noodles in with tomato sauce. Or is it better just to do them separate. Any recipe ideas appreciated as well.

Iím doing more of American version ground burger tomato sauce onions peppers noodles paprika. Thanks in advance for any info for this novice cook. I really enjoy cooking at 54.

A empty water bottle and add navy beans best pup toy ever

I ramble and find humor Sitting on back porch with my wife I tossed out a empty water bottle to Duncan pup . Added dried navy beans to empty bottle screwed cap on. Duncan golden retriever pup it is best toy ever better than a toy we get at the store man. It makes noise Duncan is 8 months he makes me smile happy little pup.

He brought up the bottle with beans to my wife do you wanna play lady. Holding bottle on his mouth the try to get it come on. I grabbed bottle fast and started tapping Duncan on head. He was like man we play I want lady to play with my new best toy I love lady. He is so sweet as a pup.

Fuck cutting any vets a break that is trump supporters

This is how I operate from here on out. We may work together or pass in life. If you support trump after 1/6/2021 were done. I wash my hands of you ignorant traitor racist nazi scumbags.

I am so deceitful with my wife of 34 years sitting on couch with Duncan pup and her.

My wife - My god he wreaks my dear wife mentioned as Duncan is sleeping between us.

Me -Yes I mentioned to her FURRIEST GUMP does stink.

My wife- I wonder what he ate

Me - No answer

I donít have the nerve to tell her Duncan and man split sardines crackers and mustard earlier.

Before you judge me on my deceit to quote the great Yosemite Sam from looney tunes the long eared galoot was humping my arm. As I opened the sardines as we sat on couch. And itís pack rules you gotta share.

So Boog Duncan and man split sardines.
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